Wednesday, May 9

The Wonderful Wallaby ~Finished!

Like I thought I would, I finished the wallaby last night! Yippee!

I've never really given the stats of my projects before but I like it when others do. So with that said I'll give them to you:) And *bonus for me, I can look back(in years to come) and see what I've knit and which what yarns and tools.

Start date: April 28th

End date: May 8th

Cotton Ease by lion brand
Needles: US 6 & 8

Recipient: Gabe

The wonderful Wallaby
Size: 6 (Wilhelmina Wallaby)

I had a photo shoot with him to get just the right pictures! I loved knitting it and I Loved the way it turned out! It fits him great, a bit on the big size so he can wear it well into next year too! I liked the pattern too. I had herd from some people at our knitting group that it was really wordy, I think that is why I didn't start it until now. It really wasn't too bad. I highly recommend it. I will definitely knit it again, for the girls, hubby, and for me too!

While we were out side I laid C down on a blanket. It was too sunny for her, I would talk to her and she'd smile but not open her eyes:) Too cute! So I gave her a little shade and she was happy! Once out tree gets some leaves we won't have that problem. Soon very soon! Here is G and Heather's daughter. They came over to play this morning. The kids always have fun together!

Ever since G's birthday he has been practicing writing letters. We had given him some educational toys, a Thomas & friends My wipe-off
book Spelling fun and a Vtech lap top. He loves playing with both. This morning He was practicing writing his name. I thought he did a really good job, and had to share with you all! He was also starting to write my name, mommy, thats why all the M's on there too:) Its cute though, he starts out with the AB and then asks where the G&E goes. Its so awesome watching him learn and grow!


Sue said...

The wallaby looks great, and I cant wait to see what other wonderful colors you will make it in for the girls. You finished it so quickly, and Gabe does look great in it. I love his writing, doing capitals is very good. Chloe looks cute getting some fresh air outside with the kids too.

Heather said...

I wanna make a wallaby now! You did a great job on it! Gabe's gonna be writing like crazy now! just wait till he starts to read...your little man is growing up!!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Now you can teach the Wallaby classes at the shop! :o)

Diane said...

The wallaby is so cute and I love that color on him. Great knitting!

Megan said...

The Wallaby looks fabulous!!