Thursday, July 28

Just some pictures;)

Daddy and Gabe looking at the tomato plants

Leah hanging out

here are some pictures of our garlic we just harvested!

And a close up:)

I can't wait to make some sauce with our own tomatoes and garlic....yummm!

Still here

I've really blown it now. Its almost been a week since my last post. What have i been doing, you ask?! i don't even know. Not knitting. i went to the LYS on Tuesday night for our knitting night. That was the last time i knit and before that it had been a few days.

I'm going to be going on vacation (leaving on Saturday after i get done with work) and it seems like i haven't done anything around the house for a year. or at least a week. i feel like i clean something and turn around and its messy again. i really don't want to come back to a messy house. I'm kind of obsessive about how the house looks. i can only let it go so far until i start to freak out inside and have to clean:) anyways I've been doing laundry, cooking, baking, cleaning, and re-organizing. My Aunt and Uncle (and family) are flying in on Saturday. We (my parents, little brother, one of my sisters, Aunt and Uncle... You get the picture... Are renting two lake houses for a week. Its kinda a family reunion. Not everyone can make it (sorry allena;( and fam) but it will be nice to get away for a week. Plus we will only be an hour away, so if we really need something we can come back. My uncle really wants to go to the restaurant we(hubby and i) work at. That will be fun, i LOVE eating there! Its not like working at some fast food restaurant where you never want to eat there. If i had the money I'd eat there every day, breakfast, lunch an dinner:) its so yummy, I'm drooling just thinking about it!

So that's me in a nutshell this week... Busy busy. I shouldn't even be on the computer... But i felt like i had too:) for all my bloggin buddies!

I'm looking forward to being on vacation, and not getting ready for it. i think i need extra vacation time just for preparing for it... Does that make sense?! i can't wait to just sit and knit, while hubby goes fishing and the kids are preoccupied by all the other people there:)

i should really go and continue in the chaos of cleaning and packing... I'm leaving on Saturday, hopefully I'll post at least once more before i go....

happy knitting to all!

Thursday, July 21

The little man.

Here are some pictures of Gabe...
Today was his first time playing on his new swingset! it's not fully complete, but its good enough to play on:) Also you can see that grandpa gave him a haircut tonight! He looks so cute with his little man hair cut... I've been meaning to have it cut because every time we were outside i could just see the sweat forming under his big head of hair. Poor little guy, it was about time!

i haven't knit much lately. i did however re-write the pattern so that i can understand and see it better. i guess its not uncommon to write a pattern like that. Where you have to do two or more shaping elements at the same time. i guess I'll just have to get use to it. i feel out of it. i haven't picked up the needles yesterday or today... i just been so busy, or lazy. One of the two:)

My friend Toni had her(2nd) baby girl on Tuesday!
i went to visit her(and Toni, hehe) in the hospital yesterday. Such a cutie! Now she has 2 girls and 4 boys. What an amazing woman! Leah is 4 months old now and looks like a monster compared to her. Although she was a big newborn, i think 9lb 7or8 oz. I'm not positive. Leah was 8lb 11 oz, but she still looked big next to her. i almost forgot how small they start out as... Maybe its time for #3. Ha Ha Ha not yet! i need to wait until Leah is walking then we'll see:)

Maybe i'll knit some tonight...i've just been pooped lately...

Since i did one for Gabe i have to do one for Leah...right?!

Can you tell i love pictures?

Happy knitting to all!

Tuesday, July 19


Today I got an invation to join RAOK! How cool. I was beginning to think I'd never get in. I'm excited to be a raok-er and a raok-ie!

Monday, July 18

Garden stuff...

Here are our first tomatoes!

and here is Gabe eating them. he has a big mouthful!

i thought you'd like to see a before and after. So here is the picture i showed you right after we planted the garden:

And here is one i took just a few minutes ago.

Big difference i know. Isn't God amazing?! Look at what he can do, and in such a short time too.

Ok so i promise that this wont turn into a gardening blog... But now and then i will incorporate it into my posts. And they wont be this big... I'm just a little bit excited about it right now:)

So where do i start?... i screwed up BIG time on my tank. I'm a little upset with the pattern. It says to do two different shaping at the same time. The armhole and the neckline... Its kinda confusing and i didn't do it right. So now its almost double the length it is supposed to be. i should have followed the pattern to the tee, but i wish she would have written it differently so that it was a bit easier to follow. Go check it out and let me know what you think. Maybe its just me being stupid... oh well, i get to knit more;) right?!

have a happy knitting night!

Sunday, July 17

First pick of the season!

So this is the first thing we picked this year from our garden! Three nice big zucchini! The biggest one is about 10 1/2 inches long. I love having a garden, and can't wait until everything is ready to be picked. We are starting to get some color on our tomatoes. And i bet some cucumbers will be ready tomorrow.

on the knitting front I've gotten quite far on the tank, for the little amount of time I've spent on it. I almost have the whole right cup/
side done:) i think I'll be happy with it. Although I'm a bit concerned about the low cut of it. There is a keyhole and I'm not sure if I'll be comfortable in it... But i guess I'll have to finish it to find out. i wonder if i wouldn't have ripped it out all those times if it would be finished right now... hmm. I'm giving myself a week if things go well.

We were going to go to Dairy queen tonight but when we drove by the line was so long it wasn't worth it. Maybe if they wouldn't have tore up the southside one they wouldn't have lost a customer... i was a little miffed. i was sad to see the southside one go... It was my first job... Well actually i had a paper route first, but it was my first real real job:) ahh memories. Anyways i was bummin because its super hot and humid and i could have really gone for some DQ. oh well.

Other news, friends of my younger brother moved about a week ago and left a wooden swing set at their old house. The people who are going to buy it didn't say they wanted it so our friends said we could have it! How cool is that! Its not to big or anything but it beats paying a few hundred dollars for a new one:) Today we(hubby and my dad, i sat and pretended to help) took it apart and moved it to our house. Its still in pieces but that's a project for another day. I'll be sure to post a picture when it's up and runin.

Friday, July 15

New blogger!

so much for posting every day... But i haven't given up yet.

Last night our close knit, knitting group got together to eat, talk and knit. It was fun! I didn't knit too much because Leah was there and who can knit when there is a cute little baby that wants attention?!

She did sleep for an hour or so, and i was able to get some knitting done.
This time i worked on the tank with confidence, and I'm pretty happy with is so far. Heather, one of our core members started a blog too... Go check her out! Give her a nice blog welcome:) I love our little group so much!

i need to gather together my sp's gift and send it out... i love this sp event! Its so much fun to get stuff for someone who enjoys knitting as much as i do. i only wish i could get two of everything and keep one for myself. You can never have too much yarn and knitting notions:)

So just a minute ago my hubby came in from mowing the lawn and gave me this:

How sweet is he?! That just made my day!

Tuesday, July 12

Knitting Night...

Or should I say ripping night.

I was further along on my tank before I left to go knitting than I am now. This short row thing has got me bummin. I'm not liking how it is looking. So I ripped out what I had done for a second time and looked at some books to see some different techniques. I gave up(I'm more of a visual person than a reading comprehension person) and went home a bit earlier than usual. I was upset. I'll have a go at it tomorrow, my head was starting to hurt. i think i might write the designer again and ask for some close up pictures of her tank and short row shaping. Who knows maybe I'll just keep going and in the end I'll end up liking it. Maybe its a design element:) hehehe. Well I've got to work in the morning and i should go to bed, but i think i might do some work on something simple... i think the scarf is calling my name.

Happy knitting to all and to all a good night!

Monday, July 11

2 for 1

Yes you get 2 posts in one day!

My secret pal sent me a package that i received in the mail today! What a sweetie she is!

Since i wanted to make all of my own dishcloths, she sent me some sugar'n cream yarn so i can have a nice variety! That's it, now i have to get down to business:) i think I'm going to look for some different patterns so they aren't all the same.
~Anyone out there know of any good sites to get some cool dishcloths patterns?!~
She also sent me some cool beads, because the stich marker thing is super addictive, a yummy candle that smells like strawberry shortcake(i almost want to eat it:) and a ME! bath ice cream! You put in the tub and it releases oils and stuff to pamper yourself in the tub! SP how did you know i needed to relax?! You're good! Thanks so much!

Not enough time

do you feel how i do? There is never enough time do everything you would like to do in one day. Today i have yet to shower, but on the plus side i have started laundry (five loads, two down, three to go:) made blueberry pancakes, with fresh blueberries. They were on sale 99 cents a pint! Hubby LOVES them. I've caught up on some blog reading, i can easily loose two hours by reading up on all the blogs i like to read, then there are new ones that i come across... oi. I almost need to set a timer. But what's the fun in that?! Now i decided to post on my own blog and then make some lunch. I thought you'd all like to see my progress on peek-a-boob:

Like I said before I started the two end knitting, here is a close up:

I'm not sure if I like it... And I'm not sure I'm doing the short rows correctly. I think I'll knit some more and if I don't like it I can always frog it;) I don't like the way that I'm picking up the w&t and knitting them when I come across them. It looks a bit sloppy. I'm going to ask my all knowing friend Amy. She always helps me with any knitting problems. She's the best! Thanks Amy for all your help!!! Love you girl!

Anyways I really should get off this thing and do some house work... And feed the boy. Maybe I can knit while he naps! I love nap time, Its the best!
Knit your hearts out!

Sunday, July 10


Hi all! So this is me writing for the second day in a row! Woo hoo! Today i didn't knit at all... Yet. There is always time after the kiddos go to bed:) Sunday is our only day we can count on to have off every week. And it always goes by so fast. First we went to church. In our ABF(adult bible fellowship) we are doing a study on Effective Parenting in a Defective World by Chip Ingram, its pretty interesting so far! i think i can use all the information i can to bring up my kids to love the Lord and not be corrupted by todays society. Then we went to both my parents and the in-laws, for lunch and dinner. Now hubby is bathing gabe and I'm blogging. Then its off to bed for Gabezilla, dinner then bed time for Leah! Maybe I'll knit a bit and watch a movie or something. And that's that, the day is over and done with. Talk to yall later:)
Happy Knitting!

Saturday, July 9

Just a quickie

So I've been wanting to blog on a regular basis but that hasn't happened. I'm not sure if its laziness or what... I'm going to try to blog once a day... Cross your fingers. Even if its just a quick one. Like this post.

Knitwise I'm getting quite far on my tank! I've started the two end knitting part. Also there is short row shaping, which I've never attempted before this. Its going well... i think. I've ripped it out once so far. Hey, it's something I'm going to be wearing, and i want it to be as close to perfection as i can make it:) I can't wait until its finished... This is the first thing I've made for me, besides my purse, that can wear. The next project i want to make is the hourglass sweater from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. Plus there is a KAL for it. I'll join it if its still going on when I start it.

I have two dish cloths done... Many more to go!

Gotta jet!

Tuesday, July 5

Weekend update

So much has happened in the last week... Let me start where i left off.

On Friday i signed up for Stitches Midwest! The class is Where do they get those numbers? By Edie Eckman
I'm super excited to go! Amy and i are going to go, and share a hotel room that night so we can go to the market at night and not have to worry about driving back. I'm a bit worried about leaving my little Leah... But i have been pumping and she does take the bottle well. i keep telling myself that i am a good mother and I'm not abandoning her. Plus he will be with her daddy and her grandma, two people that love her very much. I'm not horrible right?!

The other thing that happened on Friday was one of the coolest things ever! Before i gave gabe a bath i asked him if her had to go potty. And he did, he just recently started going pee pee on the potty, he stands up on a little stool. he kept saying poo poo (which for him usually means pee). After going pee i put him in the tub, and in a little bit he kept saying poo poo. So i got him out and stood him up thinking he still had to pee. Well he was patting his butt and saying poo poo, not thinking anything of it i set him on the potty. i took five steps into the kitchen to grab a washcloths came back to find him standing next to the potty, pointing in and saying poo poo. as i looked in i was so happy! My son had gone poop on the potty all by him self! i called hubby at work just to tell him, it was 8:30 (the busiest time in restaurant world) he said "cool" and hung up:) later when he got home he said that it brought a smile to his face, but he was really busy and couldn't talk. This is just one more step for us to not be buying those expensive diapers any more... Well at least not for two kids. Just so you know he hasn't done it again yet... i don't want to force anything on him.

This weekend I've felt like a social butterfly. On Saturday night hubby had off (very rare to have a sat night off, usually I'm by myself with the kids) so we went to a friends house. They also have a 2 year old and the two boys played so well. It was fun! Then on Sunday afternoon was our church picnic. It was at park and you had to bring your own meat and a dessert to pass. Later that night we went to a different friends house for a bonfire. We roasted marshmallows and ate smores. Gabe had a blast, and so did we. The only bad thing was he got to bed around 10:30 usually he is in bed by 8:30. Then yesterday was the fourth of July. We went to the parade witch it started to rain and we left early so leah wouldn't get soaked.

here is a bad picture of gabe and i, in the rain, going to the car:

she was in the stroller but that's not water proof so (after 30 mins or so) out in the rain it starts to leak through. Thankfully she was dry when we got to the car:) And of course we went to the fireworks last night, with some friends. leah was sleeping at first and woke up in the middle of them. They didn't bother her at all. This was gabes first time staying awake through them. He wasn't to excited about them... But he did like them. he kept saying arrr(star) it was cute. He again go to bed around 10:30, at least he slept in until 8:30 this morning:)

wow, i didn't think i had that much to write about... knitwise I've been making some progress on my tank. i have about 5in. Done. i really want to start something that is more intricate, but i doubt i have enough kid free time to work on something like that. We'll see. There's so much to knit and so little time to do it all in... i did make a washcloths out of Wal*marts Peaches & Cream. i realized that i had no hand knit dish cloths, and that i needed some. It went quite fast. My goal is to have no store bought dish cloths or washcloths in a few months...We'll see if that happens.

~Happy Knitting~