Friday, March 18

felted bag

Here is the picture of the felted bag i made for my mothers co-worker.

As you can see i made a change purse to match... i had some yarn left over and thought it would be a nice surprise for the lady who is buying it. i had both of them done a while ago but i needed to buy some velcro and sew it on the change purse. I finally did that tonight. I'm glad that's out of the way. I started making the elephant yesterday... its going well. I need to start a few more projects so i have a variety to choose from. But i have problems with that. Once i start one thing i have this strange need to finish it before i do anything else, its very odd. I'm sure once the baby comes... if it ever does:) ... i wont be thinking of knitting for awhile... but we'll see. Maybe that will be the thing that keeps me sane.

On the baby front... i've tried just about everything that you could think of to help this baby get out of me but no luck. I've been taking evening primrose oil for about a week, i've gone on a few long walks, i've taken a warm bath almost every night this week, and i did the castor oil thing and i don't think i want to try it again. so i guess this baby is just being stubborn. i had a stress test done on thursday and they said the baby was doing fine. So now i have a doctors appointment on monday and i'm guessing that if nothing happens by then i'll be induced on tuesday. I'm just praying that if i do have to be induced that everything will go well. I'll keep you posted, its off to bed for me... happy knitting!

Wednesday, March 16

new book!

So I tried taking castor oil last night after i got home from knitting. I was hopping that i would go into labor today... but no luck. That stuff is super gross to drink, even when you mix it with orange juice. I woke up three times durring the night having to use the bathroom. Not fun. Then this morning i was feeling a bit achy in my back and i thought it might really happen. So i did laundry and picked up around the house and i even baked cookies. I pretty much stayed on my feet and kept moving, in hopes to have something happen. As you can tell, nothing did, therefore i'm here blogging.

Last night i bought a book, some yarn, a row counter and a new pair of circular needles. I was excited about that! Maybe I'm making up for me not being able to be excited about having this baby. I would really like it to happen naturally.... but it seems more and more like I'm going to be induced. We'll see. untill then i have a cool new book and can start some new projects. The first thing i'm going to start is a cute stuffed elephant for gabe... he loves them, and when i saw the pattern for it, I knew i had to make one! well i should be going... happy knitting!

Monday, March 14

I still have the belly

Here is a picture of me a couple of weeks ago...

And I still look like this... only bigger. I'll try to have my DH take a new pix of me tonight... if i remember. I am officially over my due date. I feel good and i'm dooing pretty well. I keep telling myself that no one is pregnant forever... Maybe i'll be the first:) I've been going to the chiropractor at least once a week... if not twice, it has really helped. I'd be complaning all the time, about my back, if it wasn't for him.

I keep telling the baby that we all want to meet him/her and that he/she will be a lot happier "out here". I'm not sure if Gabe really knows whats going on... he kisses my belly and pats it while saying "beee" Its cute either way. Pretty soon he'll figure it out, when this little baby doesn't go anywhere after a few weeks. I keep hoping and praying that he will deal with this change well. And that it wont change his sweet personality. He has been so snuggly lately:

Oh i did finish the baby blanket. The baby has no reasons of staying in my belly:) I had all the ends sewn in on wednesday. I've just been lazy and havent posted any pictures of it. so here you go...

I was pleased with it! If this baby turns out to be a girl i'm planing on putting pink flowers on it, somehow... Any sugestions?

I feel good that i've blogged and posted some pictures. Oh i forgot to say that i finished the purse/bag for my mothers co-worker. It is drying now so i'll post some pix of it when its completly dry and ready to go. untill then... happy knitting!

Tuesday, March 8

Almost done!!!

I only have two more rows to go on my blanket. Which i will do right after i stop bloggin. I made some stich markers and they turned out pretty well! I haven't taken any pictures yet... i will once the blanket is finished:)

So i'm still pregnant... i would have hoped that it would have happened already. My son was 16 days early... Maybe this one is a girl... its so exciting. I can't wait to find out! Also i hope that i go into labor naturally, my doctor said that he will only let me go one week past the due date... Which is March 12th. I cant believe the time has gone by so fast. I can't wait untill i have a brand new little baby in my arms. It still hasn't kicked in yet. I know, i know... just wait untill the sleepless nights and the large and painful breasts. But there is hope, there is an end to everything. well enough babaling, I have knitting to do.

Friday, March 4


Today I went to Hobby Lobby and got some glass beads to make stich markers. I've been wanting to get some stuff to make them and i finally just went out and got it! It just so happened that the beads i got were 50% off! I was super excited! I'm so picky about getting the right things, that made me feel better so i just got a bunch of beads and wasn't so concerned about picking out "the perfect ones". Once i make some i'll post a picture!

As for my knitting i'm still working on the blanket... hopefully it should be done in a few days! I'm almost convinced that this baby won't be born untill i finish the blanket. And for that reason I've been knitting away! I'm tired and going to try taking a nap while Gabe is taking his... happy knitting:-)