Wednesday, November 26

busy as a bee

I haven't been around lately... but i have been busy... and a bit nauseous but that hasn't stopped me from being crafty!

I've knit a few things...

First of all Dawn...(my sister) If your reading this STOP.......... don't spoil your(and Chris's) Christmas presents...

I knit some socks for my sister and her fiance. He is a bronco's fan and thought these would be appropriate! Cascade 220 on size 4's, nice slipper socks!

Then i made some sleeping socks for Gabe! He loves them

I also made Leah a piggy tail hat out of my handspun! I'm not to happy with the holes, they are kind of tight to get her hair through... but I should go and rip out the little hair turtlenecks... like that's going to happen.... maybe if i really dwell on it for a bit....

then i made a hat for Chloe, but a friend at church has a newer baby that just needed a hat, and since i don't swatch it was sort of tight on Chloe so i gave it to the cute little baby.

Felted mittens, I guesstimated the pattern, then ended up hand felting them so they would shrink to my liking, Leah loves them! After felting them i picked up sts and knit a ribbed cuff in a superwash wool.

Then i made myself some mittens out of some Malabrigo chunky. This is by far the softest merino wool I've ever felt, seriously. LOVE IT! I have two more skeins and want to make a hat and scarf....

You can go to my ravelry page for more details on all these projects....

I am now knitting on a mommy snug. From interweave knits (2006 i think) I'm using Cascade Sierra because i am always hot when I'm prego... so its a cotton/wool blend(80/20). I had about 3 to 4 inches done and realized that i forgot the button holes... so i ripped it and this is where i stand.

So I'll be back with more later, also i should really be picking up Gabe's weasley sweater and finishing it and making one for Leah too.... I wanted to have a Christmas pic of them in it for Christmas cards..... we'll see. Maybe they will end up being Christmas gifts instead....

Saturday, November 8

6 years of marriage!

Its been 6 years since we said our "I do's". Sometimes it seems like forever ago. Its taken a long time to get where we are, and other times it seems like the time has flown by. Where has it gone?! Hmmm I think the kids took up some of the time =)




I'm so thankful for Joe and the life we have together. The commitment we made before God to each other is awesome. To love.... in good and bad, sickness and in health, for richer or poorer...(I don't ever think we'll be richer)... I don't think most people in the world today take those words seriously. It saddens me to see all the broken families. But on the other hand it gives me an extra bounce to my step to know that we will NEVER be one of those broken families. We took our vows seriously, and look to God when things get tough(and even when their not). We know that the D word is NOT and option. We have faced some problems and have gotten through them. Marriage isn't easy, and it shouldn't be. You have to work hard at it to keep it strong. I'm looking forward to working at our marriage for another 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36..... you get the point.... years!

Joe thanks for loving me and helping this marriage work!

My sweet husband made dinner reservations at a restaurant... as a surprise to me. I was blown away when we pulled up to The Melting Pot.

It was great! We went all out and got the full 4 course "big night out" meal. Silly me forgot to ask someone to take out picture together... oops!

Cheese fondue(we had the spinach and artichoke version, there were quite a few options to choose from). Our waitress added all the ingredients right at out table, very cool to watch! Dippings included, a variety of breads, chips, carrots, cauliflower,celery and granny smith apples.

A salad(forgot to take a pic, bad bad blogger) Joe had a portabella mushroom salad and i had the California salad(tomatoes walnuts and gorgonzola, with a raspberry vinaigrette).

The Main course: a wide selection of meets, veggies and some ravioli, cooked in a Coq au Vin(red wine, broth and yummy seasonings)

See the ceramic stove... right in the middle of the table, too cool!

And the best part... the chocolate fondue!!! we picked the turtle, chocolate, carmel and pecans. Dippings included strawberries, brownies, cheesecake, marshmallows, rice crispy bars, bananas and pound cake. MMMMMM soooo goood!!!!

Oh and our waitress lit out chocolate on fire!!! I felt silly braking out the camera while she was right there, but hey, flaming chocolate! Not the greatest pic i know.... i was under a time crunch!

So that was our night, lovely and wonderful! Thank you Joe! I Love you!

Wednesday, November 5

one WIP

I just found out that i have a wonderful WIP in the works...

I'm Pregnant!

We are super excited about this and I'm looking forward to a new addition to the family, the kids are excited too!

On Monday we went out to the yarn shop and i "cashed in" some of my hours. Because i work out there i sometimes just let the hours add up and then go shopping with "free" money. Joe thinks I'm crazy, and that its not free. But i don't feel like working out there is really work, i love it. So to me its free money, free yarn that i don't have to use our bill money on. Your know what i mean right?!

Any who I got some cascade 220 for some Christmas presents, 3 balls of Regia for some "sleeping socks" for the kids, US#4 addi turbos, and a sock mending kit. I have two pair of socks that have holes on the bottom and all you have to do is needle felt them and they are as good as new! I'm looking forward to fixing them and wearing them. Its getting chilly out! Yea for hand knit socks!

The kids picked out this yarn, Regia Softy Color, Chloe, Gabe and Leah... in respective order. It is going to make their feet super happy!

Saturday, November 1


October + socks = Socktober....

Well it really wasn't full of socks... but i did manage to finish my Socks last night and get my "O"!

I was test knitting a pattern for my sister Allena

Starknits(ravelry link)

She rocks my socks off!

What a great pattern!

Diamond Wrap Socks

I love my socks!

Project Specks

Start Date: Sep 5th
End Date:Oct 31st

Diamond Wrap Socks
Needles: US#1 addi turbos

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill (
Supersock Potluck, color~ Water)
Method: toe up, heel flap,
EZ's sewn cast off!
ipient: ME :O)

This was my first time using Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn cast off... LOVE IT! it is really stretchy! Wonderful for toe up socks! And when i googled stretchy bind offs i found this site (Stretchy Bind Offs), what a wonderful resource! I bookmarked it! you should too!