Tuesday, August 30

Busy Busy

I Finished the bag a few days ago. I haven't felted it yet. Ii still need to make a checkbook style wallet to match. I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to do that:)

The needles weren't that bad. I think I over reacted a bit. At the time it really made me mad. I just kinda filed it down using my nail and it seemed to work ok. The needle was a crystal palace us # 15. I think the bigger they are the more susceptible they are to splintering. I do want to switch to addi turbos, the transition from cord to needle is just beautiful!

I haven't been posting that often... I guess I've just been busy. With what, I don't know. Leah is probably one of the reasons. She is trying to get into everything. What a busy body she is. She can't crawl or anything but I think she wants to. I can tell she is going to be right on Gabe's heels when she gets movin. I started her on solids a few weeks ago. She has now been eating bananas in the morning and I just started her on some carrots! I make all her baby food in large quantities, buzz it up in the food processor and freeze it in ice cube trays. That way I have it for later use and I don't feel guilty giving her that stuff from a jar. Have you ever tasted that stuff?! Its no wonder why kids don't like veggies, look what they were started on. My theory is that if you give them the good stuff early on they will love it. Gabe loves his veggies! Leah does too:

At first she didn't know what to think of them but now she loves them! I'm kinda bummin because she hasn't been nursing much at all lately. She loves her solids! I think the anti-nursing will pass in a day or two.

In the garden:
Well it has been very fruitful, or should I say veggieful. *grin* hehe sorry about that. I think my husbands humor is rubbing of on me;) Anyways... I'm making our third batch of tomato sauce, right now, I keep getting up to stir it. Last night hubby brought home some fresh mozzarella from work and we had caprese. The tomatoes are tasting so good this year! Add mozz, basil, oil, and balsamic vinegar to it and your taste-buds are in heaven:) I could eat that every day for a month! We also made some cabbage from our garden. First we cooked some cut up bacon and onions, then added the cabbage and once that was cooked down we added red wine vinegar. They make that at the restaurant we work at, its so yummy! I love it.

This month has been full of birthdays. Hubbys was on the 15th, my not-so-little brother's (he is going to be a freshman in high school this year) was on the 23rd and my dad's was on the 27th. It was pretty crazy for a few weeks.

Knitting news:
I sent out my secret pals last gift. And I told her who I am. So once I find out that she received her gifts I'll let you all know who she is! I'm so excited! I've had so much fun with the SPevent. I see that SP6 is starting up and I need to go and sigh up! I love it!

At my LYS the needles i needed were back ordered... Hopefully they will be there tonight! This will be our last knitting night on Tuesday, we will be switching to Thursdays. That will be nice for me so i won't have to leave early. I work on Wednesday mornings and i don't like to say out too late. Even though i usually cant leave when i really want to, the knitting and fellowship just pulls me in and i cant leave:)

My sock is almost done! All I have to do is the toe. I'll show you a picture when its finished.

I think thats it... Happy knitting to all!

Friday, August 26

This is for you, bamboo~

Why do you have to do this to me?
You make me mad. All you are supposed to do is help me make something wonderful and yet you splinter into the yarn and poke me. I even shed some blood because of you. I spend half the time picking little pieces of you out of my yarn. The yarn doesn't like that. I bet I could have finished the bag I was working on, but because you are so spiteful I have to put it off until tomorrow. I'm going to boycott you and all you siblings. NO MORE BAMBOO!!! I hate you all. Its Addi Turbos for me, from now on!

Tuesday, August 23

Back in the swing of things

Yes today we are back to normal. Thank goodness. On Sunday morning we woke up to find our little Gabe burning up. We didn't even have the thermometer in for more than a minute and it was 102.7, and still going. Poor little guy. We gave him Gatorade and about a half an hour later we had red carpets. Not fun. Luckily the day before we had bought Bissell's little green machine from wally world. (thanks God, you must have known we were going to need it!) That thing works really well. Today he is completely back to his normal self. I hate it when you can't do anything for your kids, and I'm so thankful he is better.

Tonight is knitting night, and i can't wait! i need to buy a few things from my lys. 1: addi turbo's US#6 24 in. So i can continue on my baby hat designing=) (the right size needles would be a good thing) 2: some goodies for my SP! (sorry i can't tell you what I'm giving, don't want to ruin the surprise) 3: some yarn for a gift i need to make(also a surprise).

Question: When do we reveal who we are to our Secret Pals? This is my first SP event and I'm not sure how it works.

Oh yeah, yesterday consisted of me making zucchini bread and doing laundry. i didn't seem like a lot but it used up most of the day. Throw a kid or two in the mix and i was one busy lady! We had a lot of zucchini from the garden and i grated most of it up. I ended up with 12 cups. I froze 4 cups for a later day and used the rest. I quadrupled the recipe. Wow that's a lot of bread.Its a good thing i love to bake! I had to use 2 big bowls, 16 eggs, 12 cups of flour.... You get the picture. I'm bringing some muffins tonight to knitting, what would a knitting night be without food?!*grin*

Sunday, August 21

Where do I start?!

I don't even know. Let me see....

On the 11th i went to Stitches Midwest in O'Hare. It was really cool! We(Amy and I) took a class on designing sweaters called "Where do they get those numbers", by Edie Eckman.(her new books) I really enjoyed it. Now if i only had the time to sit down and write a pattern... After class we walked around for about 45 minutes trying to find somewhere to eat. Finally we found one at the Hyatt. I wish someone would have told us that before we took a hike around Chicago. Then there was the market preview. WOW that is all i can say. There was about 300 different booths of all different kinds of yarn. WOW! i kept telling myself not to buy anything until i looked around more so i wouldn't spend all my money on something and then find something even better later.... Well that plan didn't work out all that well. all of the sudden we heard a woman over the loud speaker "ten minutes until the marker is closed". Then there was me thinking: "AHHHH but i haven't bought anything yet!!" Then i saw the coolest basket by lantern moon,(if you go and check it out its the one on the left) and i bought my only purchase of the night. I was kicking myself the whole ride home, i wish i would have bought some yarn. Amy kept saying that she spent enough for the both of us! Go check out her and all her new habu stuff! That was by far the coolest knitting experience I've had so far! Thanks Amy! Oh yeah, we were almost out to the parking garage and realized that we didn't take any pictures... So here i am posing at the last stitches sign. (take note of the cool basket=)

Alright now i promised a picture of the t-bar shoes i made to match mabel. I have yet to attach the buttons but here is a picture anyways:)

I have to throw in a picture of Gabe and Leah, I'm sure you've all missed them. i haven't posted in two weeks, bad bad blogger.

Leah is now able to roll over from tummy to back and back to tummy. She is also able to get up on her hands and knees and rock!

And who can really rock without a good pair of shades?!hehe

Cute eh?
Ok ok, back to knitting content. I'm trying to design a really cute baby hat, but I'm running into problems. i don't really want to say much about it until i have it complete. Hopefully you'll hear more about it soon. i can say that i lost count(after 7) of how many times I've cast on for it. So i put it down once again and picked up something i haven't touched for quite a while. My Sock! i turned my first heel!!! Its not perfect but my next one will be:) *grin* Amy came over on Friday night and we has a taste test of guacamole.

The content of the packets looked quite different. One had a bunch of white powder in it and the other had lots of yummy spices and had a more natural color to it. The latter of the two tasted better(its the one on the right). As the night went on, the one on the left got brighter green and it kinda scared us=) The other one was eaten.

I think that about wraps it up, i will work on being a better blogger.
Have a happy knitting night!

Monday, August 8

I forgot one thing!

my garden, its growing like crazy. Here is a picture of the stuff i picked today, and its not even all of it, i gave some to my mom before i took the picture. Just an up-date:)

you do know that you can click on my pictures to view them in a larger size... Right?! Just in case you didn't know that, and sorry if you did.

Now on to the real post...


I'm back! I had a really good time. Here is a bunch of pictures...

And some more:)

Why do vacations go by so quickly? I hate that. I wish we could have stayed there for a month! It was so nice to not have to be anywhere...We were only an hour away from home, that was nice for driving purposes and the kids! I was a bit disappointed that the lake didn't have a beach area to go swimming from, it was all kind of sea weedy and mucky near the shore. So one of the days we rented a pontoon boat and took it into the middle of nowhere and had our own private swimming area! That was a lot of fun. The only downside was despite the fact that we loaded the sunscreen(notice the picture of the sunscreen train) on we almost all got burned. And the next day or two we didn't want to be out in the sun:( i just started pealing yesterday... That's a bummer. oh well. We had bonfires at night, and ate smores. I even went fishing! I thing I caught 4 or 5 perch, that was our dinner on Friday night! I love being with family and look forward to next time! Then the whole family can come, they will all be state-side! Now its back to real life.

Knitwise I didn't get nearly as much knitting time as I would have thought I would, but a parent is never on vacation form their kids. Plus with my aunt and uncle there it was a good reason not to knit. It is kinda weird how i use to think of them as someone who had authority over me, but now we are just equal. I'm getting to know them on different level. Pretty cool. ... Sorry back to knitting, on my next post I'll have pictures of some t-bar shoes i knit to go with mabel, very cute. And pretty soon I'll have Leah model both the dress and the shoes for yall:)