Thursday, May 22

2nd pair done!

Yep that's right. I finished the second pair one hour after the post office closed... I was bummed, i really wanted to get it in the mail but it will have to go out on Thursday morning.

I had fun knitting with this yarn, so colorful and cheery!

I am going to buy some for myself.

I love it now!

I think my knitting was a bit tighter than Wendy, the original assassin, my target, but I think it was the best i could do. If i went up a needle size it would have been off gauge. Either way I think they look great! I hope the target likes them... she doesn't have a blog or ravelry name listed so I'm unable to link to her.

I sent her a few other goodies like these stitch markers I made and some knitting note cards. Of course some chocolate... Dove, its my favorite! Mmmm chocolate... Also I remembered to send along the rest of the yarn...

which I forgot to do with my first target, oops, sorry Wendy! At least they fit and she doesn't need to alter them.

I hope my next SIP comes in a timely fashion so I could maybe get 3 pair under my belt?!! My fingers are crossed and I'm living in fear of my mail man, er-uh- mail woman......

Monday, May 19

Still Alive...

Yep I'm alive, but it has been a bumpy ride (in Sock WarsIII) so far.

I did receive my socks (of death) but the gauge happened to be off (they were beautiful, but too big to wear) and I was able to send them back to my assassin to be re-knit. She was so wonderful and willing to re-do them so I would be a happy camper! I was just thankful that she wasn't disqualified for it(thanks to the Supreme Commander aka Julie). Actually I just got word form her that she has gotten her socks, aka sock bomb, and she posted her death on the official warrior directory. Yippee, I'll live for a few more days... lets just hope the mail takes its time!

So I sent my socks to Wendy (my target) and she received them and said they fit perfectly! Now I'm anxiously awaiting my SIP's (Socks In Progress). I have conformation that they arrived at the USPS here in town early this morning.... So when the mail comes (usually around 4ish) its back to knitting like a billi-o! So don't mind if you don't here form me for a while!

Me stalking the mail carrier?!... never!... *grin* look close infront of the green house.... she''s got my SIP's!!!!! I can feel it!

Also this weekend (Thursday22nd -Saturday24th) is my LYS's Open House. So if your in the area come and check out our Sheering Days! (watch the llamas get hair cuts, and other demonstrations)

My new weapon:


Me knitting like a billi-o!

Monday, May 12

One down...

Well almost. I finished my Sock Wars socks last night and sent the package out this morning after I got done with work! I didn't reach my goal of getting them in the mail on Saturday but there were technical difficulties with the whole dossier/ getting the pattern and target. So instead of starting at 6am on Friday I started at 11am... I think I could have made it, but I'm happy with sending them out today! I can't wait to get my next socks, I'd like to have two targets under my belt.

Here is a close up of
the detonator stitch pattern:

It's called the detonator, here is the ravelry link.

It wasn't that bad or hard but some people had trouble with it... A few times I forgot which row I was on, but nothing too major!

Project Stats:

Start Date:May 9th
End Date: May 11th
Yarn: Knit Picks, sock garden, morning glory
Needles: US#1s (2 socks, on 2 circulars)
Recipient: Wendy (gwendy ravelry link)

Normally I would apologize for my obsessive need to finish these in record time, (killing Wendy) but this is WAR!!! Now I can't wait to receive her socks and get another kill under my knitting belt! They weren't kidding when they called it the bloodiest knitting tournament ever! I'm just hoping whoever has me is too busy to crank out my socks... but if they happen to be checking me out, my favorite color is pink...but I know this is war and not a swap, so I'll take what I can get!

Oh a bonus... these will be my May socks for SAM5!!! The first time i've finished a pair befor the last day of the month, er last hours of the month!

Friday, May 9

early gift!

Joe decided since I'm going to be knitting like a billy-o today and into the night, he would give me my mothers day girt early!

What a sweetie! and Ott-Lite! What a perfect gift!

I'm still waiting for my e-mail.... with the dossier... The suspense is killing me!

Thursday, May 8

More baking!

Day 129 (May 8th)

Today my mom called me up and made a request for me to make some cookies.(for my younger brother and some friends of his that were getting together to finish up some work on a project) They are competing in Rockets for Schools ( and the
past two years they have took first place!

Anyways she wanted to bring them some cookies(for
all their hard work) and knows that I love to bake... so we baked today! Tonight was also knitting so I made a bunch to take there too~!

OK so to get to the point.... Leah is my little baker, she just loves helping me make anything and e
verything! I love to bake too, can you tell?! We made the oatmeal chip cookies that are linked on my sidebar. Love these cookies, they are soooo good!

Tomorrow is the beginning of Sock Wars... I'm super pumped! I think I'll
be getting an e-mail (the dossier) with all the info on my target and the never before seen pattern around 6am... I'm going to knit my little heart out! This is going to be super challenging, I'm really excited to see if I can reach my goal. I'd like to get this pair of socks knit by early on Saturday so that I can send it in the mail before the weekend is over... I plan on pulling an all nighter, or at least as late as I can go.... maybe I'll post a progress picture, if I think I can spare the precious time;O) I might just ask Joe to take a picture, upload it and post it for me... we will see.

I am hoping to at least get one target down before i die... I'd like to g
et farther, but I don't want to be unrealistic about the whole thing. I do have 3 kids and I'm hoping that we can just watch movies and play outside in the fenced in back yard, and let the run a muck. I'll also let them graze on food, and feed them ready to eat foods, like chicken nuggets, or hot dogs, spaghettios, dry cereal and crackers and things like that. A few days on a diet like that wont hurt, will it?! I mean, this is war. *grin*

I did make sure to catch up on laundry today and I even washed the kitchen floor! In my house it doesn't happen all that often. My theory, I have 3 kids, its just going to get messy again. Don't get me wrong I like to have a clean house but the kitchen floor is a different subject. I'm a messy cook/baker and add 3 kids to the mix, I just can't be obsessive about a floor. Actually about 2 or so hours after I washed it, a bowl of pasta was flipped upside down on to it. It never fails, I clean something and it gets messy. I think its just this phase in lif
e. I need to accept it.

Yesterday Chloe thought it would be fun to sit in the flower bed and pick the flowers. She climbed right over the rocks and plopped herself down right there. I thought it was cute so I snapped away!

OK so enough ramblings, I need to get my sleep! Wish me luck!

Knit or die!

Tuesday, May 6

B-day, baking, socks and WAR!

This past Friday was Gabe's birthday, he is now 5... FIVE years old. wow. Six years ago I would have never thought I'd be a mother to a 5 year old, boy how things change(for the better... of course). I wouldn't give it up (good days or bad) for anything! This past year Gabe has grown, into a little boy, not a toddler but a kid. Questioning everything and learning everyday.

On Thursday Gabe and I had a conversation that went something like this:

Gabe "Mom, tomorrow morning I'm going to sleep in real late"
Me "OK..."
Gabe "then you are gonna get up real early and go down stairs real quietly and decorate"
Me "Oh..."
Gabe "Yeah and then when I wake up and come down the stairs you are all gonn
a say Happy Birthday to me!"

So needless to say on Thursday night after knitting I went all out and decorated for him! Then in the morning he snuck down the stairs to peek, then came into our room and said we could sleep in, as he cra
wled into our bed ;O)

Thursday, the day before his birthday I spent all day baking...

1~bread for us to eat(remember I voued ne
ver to buy store bread again?!).

2~ 30 chocolate(zucchini muffins) cupcakes for Gabe'
s class snack(I had to make the snack some what healthy).

3~ 2, 9in round cakes (one for Gabe and one for two good friends of mine, Amy was one of those friends) I took the cake on Thursday night to knitting to celebrate their birthdays! I love baking for friends!

Ok so let me back track a bit... April ended and I did finish my socks. At the last minute, like normal i finished them. I think I need to take out the BO and do a sewn BO (I knit them toe up), so the will be more stretchy.

Start Date: April 3rd
End Date: April 30th
Yarn: Faery Fiber, Superwash merino

Colourway: Pixie

Pattern: Hedera
Needles: US#1's (2 socks on 2 circulars, toe up)
Recipient: ME

One thing about this pattern is that the lace doesn't hug my leg the way I'd like... but that is why I was able to leave them short, otherwise they wouldn't have stayed up and would always be slouchy.

Chloe 5-4-08

It has finally been nice out that last few days... and the kids have been playing like crazy! I love being outside!

This one of Gabe and Leah I just love!

Day 126(May 5th)
I really like that this isn't a posed pict
ure... but just a brother and sister being just that.

Today they had fun catching bugs, mostly rollie pollies, not quite sure what the real name of them are, but that is what we call them. They kind of look like armadillos and roll into balls... pill bugs I think.

So yesterday I got a small (yet important) package in the mail... it was the ever so cool
SOCK WARS (un-official)weapon bag my sister(Allena) made! I LOVE it!!! So cool.

She is in the process of making lots more, some with and without the sock wars (un-official) badge, so go and check out her etsy site (later on this week)!!!! Ok actually she is having a contest, on her blog to win the other bag she made!!! Go and check out her blog!

Need more details on the bag?!
There's pockets inside for your neeldes, scissors or anything else you'd like to carry. The bag also has a drawstring to close with a push button stopper to hold it closed, so you don't loose your socks!

Now I'm all set, I got gauge with some yarn (knit picks sock garden, morning glory) that has been in my stash forever... and my good old US#1 addi turbos, I'm really hoping they help me knit faster;O) I seriously can not wait until Friday! Let the war begin!