Friday, February 24


My best friend...

Mr. Coffee ;o)

Well actually that is my best friend at 3 am.

Need a better picture?!

Here you go. Mmm... Sweet creamy coffee! Yummy yummy!

Now on to knitting.

Oh wait I haven't knit for a few days... I've been a bit to occupied. With this for one. This little
stinker has been getting into everything. And if she isn't getting into something she is whining for me to hold her. Some times I just don't know what to do. I just want to knit. Usually I would knit after I put the kids to bed but now with working, I go to bed too. What's a girl to do?!

I was craving some salsa, so I made a special trip to the grocery store to get the essential salsa supplies. Boy was is good! I can't wait for summer to come again and to plant our garden. I love fresh veggies! Great now I want it again... My mouth is salivating. But its a good thing when your craving veggies. Not like those darn sweets.

Ok I'll end this... Sorry for the no knitting content. Next time, I promise!

Wednesday, February 22

Past due

A few weeks ago, while my computer was MIA, I received lovely gifts form Michelle, at Pink Knits. She originally was going to send a belt, for Gabe (not pictured because when seen, he immediately had to put it on), that she had come across from when her boys were little. Not only did she send the belt but some goodies for the kiddos and me too! Among these were Opal sock Yarn( I love the colorway!), Saucy Sport %100 mercerized cotton(she suggested knitting washcloths with it) a few videos for the kids and a cute little rattle for Leah (thanks M!)...Thanks Michelle! You are so sweet! The kids loved everything and love the new videos!

I finally took some pictures of Gabe and his winter accessories. The hat was from the Knitting for Two book, same pattern as Leah's. Also the same book that my sweater is from. The mittens I just made... And did a crochet chain to attach them. I didn't want to make any more mittens. This way he can't loose them:o) I almost forgot all the info. The yarn is cascade 220( doubled on size US# 8, I wanted it to be thick and tight), black and grey. A friend of mine had some leftover grey that she let me use. That was nice because I didn't have to buy a whole skein just for the pom pom and the edge. I really like the look of it and would definitely make this hat again. I made Gabes a bit big in hopes that he can wear it next year too. Black can go with anything, right?!?

So I finished the back of my sweater and I'm not so sure about all the colors. Hubby says to wait until its finished to make up my mind about it. Of course I will, but it bugs me all the while. I also need to take into consideration that there will be some embroidery and maybe the adding of those colors all over will change my thinking. Only time will tell. Don't mind the bad/dark picture. Hubby took it and it was night time, bad lighting.

Well I need to start lunch... Then maybe do some knitting or laundry, probably both. Too bad the kids only nap once a day.

Knit happy everybody!

Saturday, February 18

As Promised

Here it is. My progress so far. I really like this yarn, its so soft compared to other cottons, I can't wait to wear it! Tonight we are having a knitting Olympic party! Even though I'm not signed up for it, nor do I intend to finish my sweater by the end of the Olympics.... It is just going to be fun. I haven't been able to knit much let alone go out knitting with friends. But what to bring for a snack.... hmm.

I have more to show... Leah's and Gabe's hats and mittens are complete, and just in time for all this snow and cold weather we are having. On Thursday we had a huge blizzard, we got at least a foot of snow. It was fun to be out and shoveling in such pretty weather. Today on the other hand was so stinking cold. When I got to work this morning it was 15 below. Berrrr. I like the snow but the bitter cold is awful.

I don't have a picture of Gabe's to show you, sorry... tomorrow, there is always tomorrow.

I want to show you some of our Valentine's Day fun. I know its over but I've been without this commuter for too long:o)

Of course
there are cookies, I love baking!

I watch my friends kids on some mourning and V-day happened to be one of those days. I painted their faces with Crayola watercolor pencils. They loved it!

Don't mind Leah's weird eating-spoon- face... I have
to show her heart too, it was super difficult to get it on her.

Oh and speaking of Leah, she is a little monkey. She climbs on anything and everything. Also she is walking like crazy! I've been quite busy:o)

Uh oh, I mentioned her and now I hear her waking up from her nap, gotta jet!

Happy knitting!

Friday, February 17

Its me!

Yes I'm back and hopefully here to stay! I just wanted to let you all know that I'm back in business and I should be blogging on a semi regular basis. I really need to get to bed so I'll leave you with the latest and greatest. This is a sweater I'm obsessing over... When I can actually knit. Which isn't much lately with the new work schedule. Rowan discontinued a bunch of their colors and I had to substitute... I really liked the colors they had originally but I like mine so far... I'll post pictures of my progress tomorrow. (sorry I haven't taken any yet) I'm using Rowans All Season Cotton(Which I really like). The pattern is from the book Knitting for Two, by Erika Knight. Yes it is a maternity sweater, but I'm not pregnant. I'm doing it for a sample for the shop and It has to be in the shop for 6 months before Rowan will reimburse the owner (of the LYS) for the cost of the yarn. We do plan on having at least one more baby... And I want to be able to wear the sweater and not have to wait for the 6 months to be done... Anyways I look forward to catching up on all of your blogs... Hope you didn't forget about me!

Feel free to click on the pics!
Say Click... Take a Pic...
Go Diego Go!

Happy Knitting!