Wednesday, January 28

tuna obsession

Yep that's what i have. I have been craving tuna for the past couple of weeks. The hard thing about this craving is that i can only have 6oz of it a week. Something about safe mercury levels... ahhh whatever... But really its hard because that means i can only eat it once maybe twice a week. Grrr. Anyways I made (and ate) the most wonderful salad involving tuna today! We (or I guess I should say they because I'm not working there anymore) make it at work. Its called the grecca salad.

The picture really doesn't do it justice, its so yummy!

Just in case you want to know whats all in it and try is one of these days:

Red Onion
Bell Pepper (preferably red... but i only had green)

Combine about equal parts of everything, except for the feta, a bit less of that.

*Season with EVOO, s&p, red wine vinegar and oregano. Serve over a bed of greens.

On a side note the other day my mom brought over her latest find:

Some maternity shirts from Wal*Mart. I guess the store had gotten in a shipment of clothing that was way to large for their sore and had to get rid of some clothes. Everything was only $1!!!

She only paid $4 for these shirts for me! How cool is that?! I like them a lot, and think they are super cute! The black and red one are the same style and the pink and white one are the same style. Its nice to get new clothes but most days i can't justify paying for it when i already have some. So this was a nice surprise:O)

And just for fun I took these a few weeks ago... but they make me smile! These kids dress up almost daily.

Tuesday, January 27

say hello to my mojo

Its back! Yeah.... It was gone for a while. From about Christmas to mid January. Some of my friends were shocked... and some knew the drill. It was my lack of craftiness in that first trimester. I've been so tired its not even funny. I just wanted to sit, sit and not use my hands for crafty goodness. But that is gone now. I'm still tired but i have my knitting mojo bake! PTL!

I should also state i have been computerless for about a month and a half. Crazy I know! I had a friend's husband look at it and he fixed it for us! Thank you Russ! It was hard being without internet access, and not fun at all. I will say this first week back on line has been hard, and a bit consuming;O) But I'm glad to be back!

I haven't been working on much just my Mommy Snug. I have the front and about 6 inches of the back done. I think its smooth sailing from here. The shaping in the front is what held me up a bit. Concentrating while prego isn't the best of matches. But i need to finish this sometime soon, it being a maternity sweater and all. For more details check out my ravelry page.

*Gabe took this picture so i think it makes me look bigger than what i really am. Although i do think that I'm finally looking prego and not just fat and chubby. Actually with this pregnancy i have felt like the moment i found out my body changed. Like it said "been there, done that" and morphed into pregnancy status. I've been wearing maternity pants for quite a while now.... and I'm only 16wks.

I have other exciting fiber news... I got my wool back from being processed into roving! I think that was early December. I haven't spun any yet... but once my mommy snug is done you bet I'll be hitting my wheel hard! It looks good and Carol the wonderful owner of Hidden Valley Farm and Woollen Mill said that I had cleaned it really well! I was nervous because that was my first time cleaning wool. I just can't wait to spin it, but I'm forcing myself to hold off until that sweater is complete...

So much has gone on in the past two months i have forgotten half of it. Isn't that sad?!

Lets see early December i was kitchen coordinator of my churches annual Ladies Christmas Brunch, feeding 410 women.

That was quite the challenge. With the help of my husband, family and many friends I rose to it! The menu consisted of quiche, a winter vegetable hash, my grandma's cranberry salad and a pumpkin cranberry muffin(not pictured).

I think we made somewhere around 35 quiches, here are just a few of the smaller ones:

I knit a white-ish elephant for my LYS's Christmas party, we did a white elephant gift exchange! It think he/she turned out cute:O)

I finished some socks for my nieces for Christmas... then the knitting block came. I just didn't want to knit. Even when I went to a knitting night at my LYS, I didn't touch my projects. Somehow I was ok with it though. I knew my love of knitting couldn't be lost forever, and it hasn't

I had a few doctor appointment and the baby is doing fine, i even had a ultrasound at my first one "just for fun" as the nurse called it. Because i was a little under 12wks they could do it themselves and didn't need an ultrasound tech. So i got to see my newest peanut, he/she even showed off a bit and was moving around and flipped over in there!

At my next appointment i had to talk to my Dr about traveling late in my pregnancy. My sister is getting married... on June 28th in CO. (I'm due on July 12th) That's about 18 hrs away from WI. But to my surprise he didn't forbid me from going. I can't go on a plane because i will be past the 36wk point that airlines allow, so we will be traveling by train! I am really excited about going, seeing CO, watching my sister get married, visiting with tons of family, I can't wait! Well i guess i can because that means that the baby would be here two weeks after. The end of June and beginning of July are going to be quite exciting!

My goodness look at me go... I'll be back soon, hope you all have been well and had a wonderful Christmas, and the start of a happy new year! Thanks for staying with me throughout my sporadicness!