Saturday, April 30


I think I finally hit the wall of exhaustion. I was doing fine until this week... I went back to work, not by choice. My boss decided to send two guys to Italy with only a weeks notice. So I, having to always please everyone, said yes when they asked if I would do a night or two. It ended up being four shifts. I just can't say no. Especially when they were so generous with the time they gave my DH off. But after working this morning I'm pooped... Don't get me wrong, I do like working but I think it was a bit too soon for me. I love all the people there, its like a big family! And being able to have adult conversations with people was pretty awesome, almost worth the exhaustion;) I'm just praying that the kiddos go to sleep and stay that way:) maybe I'll knit or even take a nap. There's an idea...

I started making a hat for leah, twice. I didn't like the way it was turning out the first time so I frogged it. We'll see how I like it this time. I'm doing a ribbed pattern of k3 p1. I should really start the dress I need to make but I really want to make this hat too. And I'm kinda werid about having more than one project at a time. I have this need to finish something before I start a new one. I should really get over it. Maybe today will be the day.

ok I forgot to mention that gabe is still sick and crabby and cranky as ever. That is part of the whole exhausted thing. If he is still sick on Monday (his 2nd birthday) I'm taking him to the doctors office. I'm not quite sure I can take it much longer... I'm hoping and praying that he starts to feel better soon. Poor little guy.

well I think tonight we're going to have an early bed time, at least for gabe... Its just one of those days...

I hope you all had a better week than I did.
happy knitting to all, and to all a good night!

Thursday, April 28


lately i've been a knitting fool! i have been knitting every chance i get... i guess it was the four or five weeks of no knitting that did it to me. plus the excitement of finishing a project... the elephant:

i was very happy with how it turned out. the pattern was fairly easy, and i learned how to do the kitchener stitch... very cool. once you get the hang of it. you see, i screwed it up somehow and it ended up being a purl row when it should have been knit. so i had to take it out carefully and re-do it. its that perfectionism in me. here is another picture, with sunlight

gabe loves it! its so nice to see my work appreciated:)

speaking of the poor little guy he as been sick all week. it started on sunday. he threw up for the first time:( it must be scary to do that and not know what's going on. i feel so bad for him. on wednesday we thought he was getting better because he actually ate a little bit. but then yesterday he was mr cranky pants. that's what real love is all about... when your kid is being a complete snot and is making a stink about everything except if its exactly what he wants to do, and yet you still love him:) i knew he had gotten up early yesterday so i figured that, and coming off being sick was the reason for mr cranky pants. then this morning when he woke up he was burning. i took his temp and it showed 101.7 . i hate it when you cant do anything to make them feel better. i just hope leah stays well. i don't need two of them to feel icky. i had to run to the store before joe went to work to get gabe some pedialyte (walgreens band, almost 1/2 the price:), i personally cant stand the salty "fruit" drink. but gabe has been drinking it, thank goodness. well i'm off to do mom stuff... happy knitting to all!

Sunday, April 24

Its an addiction

I went knitting on thursday night, and actually knit! it was at my friend amy's house. it turned out just to be the two of us, the other regulars were previously engaged, with their husbands and sisters' wedding...they were missed:(...but it was fun all the same. i was so happy to be able to knit. it was nice and relaxing. leah was a good little girl and slept so i could have my hands free! i even knit on friday and a little bit on saturday! i would have blogged but that would have taken precious knitting time away:) so i apologize for those of you who check to see if any new posts have been made... but i am making an effort to blog. it might not be every day that i do(blog), but i do think about it:) if that counts. yesterday i went out to the lys and bought some needles that i need for making that dress. i'm excited about starting it. but before i do i want to finish the elephant for my son... hopefully for his birthday... on may 2nd. i'm sure i can finish it, i only have to do the head and then sew :( it and stuff it. i don't like finishing things by sewing them, and weaving ends in... its a pain. but i guess it has to be done. oh, i also bought some yarn to make leah a new hat. i didn't like the one i made while i was preggy, oops, now i have more knitting to do:) he he he its all in the master plan! well i'm going to try an knit some more, while the kiddos are both sleeping. its like i'm addicted all over again! happy knitting to all:D

Monday, April 18

Sticks aren't movin

Ok... so i still haven't knit yet. i have gotten out and went to our knitting night, but with nursing the baby and feeding myself:) i haven't gotten to knit while i've been there. soon enough. i know i'll start up pretty soon. i have to. i'm going to make leah a dress. a traditional mabel dress, from knitting for cherished babies (i think that's the name of the book) with Jaeger Siena.(see the picture below) the best part is that i am knitting it for my lys as a sample and i don't have to pay for the yarn. it will be on display for 3 months and then i can take it home. taking that into consideration i'm going to make it 6-9 month. so by the time i finish it and get to take it home she can actually wear it.

on another note i got to sleep 5 hours in a row!!! it would have been 6 if we went to bed when leah fell asleep. but thats ok. 5 is still really good! i've only been use to 3 maybe 4, if i'm lucky. i almost freaked out when i looked at the clock and saw how long she slept for. i know its not an every night thing but even if it happens once in a while that would be so cool! so i was having a really good morning... then i changed her diaper and used this bebe creme that my sister
(starknits) sent me from germany. about 5 minutes later i looked at my soon to be 2 year old and he is covered in it. his face, hands, shirt, pants... everything. i was a little upset:) i calmed down after i got it off of him. then the baby started crying and it was time to eat again. i swear she eats every other hour... but thats what babies do, plus a few other things :) well i just wanted to start blogging again so if anyone even reads my blog you can keep visiting and hopefully i'll be a regular blogger again. happy knitting to all!

Saturday, April 2

Leah Elizabeth

Its been a while since i've blogged... I had Leah on March 19th at 8:26 pm. She was a whopping 8lb. 11oz. 20 1/2 in. long. After 6 hours of back labor they broke my water and found out that there was a little butt where her head should have been. Needless to say she was delivered by cesarian section.

here she is in daddy's arms and in a nice knitted hat, just a little bit big:) oh well i'll have to make her a new one:)

Please don't mind the spit-up. I thought this was a really cut pix of her all wide eyed.

And here is big brother gabe, admiring his little sister. He has been so good with her. He loves to give her kisses and sometimes he just lookes at her an smiles. Its so so sweet!

Ok... I havent knitted in a while, but thats ok right?! i plan on doing some knitting real soon! well i should get back to the kids... happy kintting to all!