Saturday, February 21

It's finished!

here it is all painted and pretty!

and the room view:

Look I'm already putting it to use!

Chloe helped me pick a new colorway for my next batch of rolags! She named them "Sunny Day".

and i had a custom order for some batts in my shop.

so i made a few extra for myself... or i may list them... time will tell.

Monday, February 16

DIY craft table!

Thank you Pinterest.

It all started because i finally rearranged my fiber area in the formal living room... This looks a lot better than it did but I wanted to put some sort of curtains under the table (the one in the middle under the window) so that it would hide most of my stuff...

 and here's the other side of the living room:

Well as i was searching i came across a bunch of DIY craft tables that used cubicals from Target (or the like) and i totally wanted one! I even made up a little diagram of the room and cut out the furniture to see how it'd look...

I then showed Joe and convinced him that this would be awesome. Plus i already had one of the cubicals and only needed to buy one more plus the table top and a few bits of other wood...

So on Valentine's Day Joe started making it for me, I helped too of course!

and then i shoved all my stuff under and in it....

I still need to paint the wood but i'm in love with it! I love that everything is hidden, the curtains ::swoon::....  and i now have a spot to sew in and not have to clear everything out of the way in the dining room. Love it!

check out the before and after... I really should have taken a pic before the before. It was bad. trust me.

Next up, I want to make valences for the windows...

Monday, February 9

hello blog.

I actually forgot about this blog... Ever since Ravelry took over my online life i kinda put my blog on hiatus.

anywho- here's an update.

Gabe, he's 11, almost 12. Leah is 9, almost 10. Chloe just turned 8 and Truban is 5... They were celebrating the New Year, wow can it really be 2015 already?

Actually I'm all about Instagram... it's kinda like my snapshot blog so if you want to follow me over there you can!  I usually post pictures daily, mainly about my crafting but my kiddos sneak in too!

My sister and I host a video podcast called The Weasley Sisters Podcast... it's a weeekly/bi-weekly thing and we talk about our knitting, spinning, crochet, weaving, sewing.... and life. It ties into the Ravelry group we play in, HPKCHC. Its a huge group where you knit for points, lots of fun.

Knitting... i'm working on a couple of sweaters. One is for my bestie Katie and the other is for a good friend Helga...


Pumpkin Ale:

I'm slowly working on some socks:

Spinning! I'm doing a challenge this year that's hosted on instagram- #spin15in15 Basically you spin 15 min a day, every day in 2015. Anyone can join at any time... all you need to do is use the hashtag when you post to IG. Here are a few spins i've done so far:

And then there's the weaving... I made a few scarves using some handspun.

Well, hopefully i'll be back, if not come find me in other places!