Friday, February 26

::sneaks in and looks around::

Umm... hi?! Anyone still out there? Has it really been 7 months since i've blogged. wow. sorry.

So lets see, my name is Jessica and i have 4 kids and a puppy..... here is a picture of the latest two... Truban is almost 8 months, Draco is 4 months.

Life with 4 kids has been kinda crazy... and i'm loving it. Adding a puppy to the mix was just the next step, right?! Who can let their kids grow up without a dog... That is the line that convinced Joe to go and meet the puppy... once we saw him we were hooked ;D

He is a good boy... I only find myself taking things out of his mouth every 15 mins. lol. But we love him and are glad we got him. I just can't wait till the weather is a little nicer and we can all be outside for longer periods of time.

I'm on Ravelry way too much... Mainly the HPKCHC group.... it's like my second home. And to tell you the truth that is probably why i don't blog. oops.

I've been working on a wallaby sweater for Joe and some stranded mittens for me! I'm loving the mittens... I'm getting use to holding yarn in both hands, barely.

I've done tons of other things but i'm not going to bombard the blog with all those pics... you can go to my project page and check it out if you really want to.
I'm hoping to be back soon.... If not i'll see you in a few months!