Monday, February 28

I'm still here!

Sorry to any of you who were actually reading my blog, but i'm back for good! After my dissapointment with my bag, which i still don't want to talk about, i didn't pick up any needels for almost a week. I know what your thinking... "and you call yourself a knitter"... but i was too upset. I did however sew some ends in, and finished up a few things. Then i decided to make a baby balnket. Its almost 75% done:) I can't seem to get the picture on this blog and i'm to tired to fuss with it. Scratch that... i got it to work!!

here is one more

Thats another thing... our computer froze up on us and we haven't had the internet for a while. Sometimes i really dislike these things called computers, thier so complicated. Yes its just one more excuse of mine for not blogging. You don't have to tell me... I know I've been a bad blogger. My friend Amy kept asking me if i posted any new blogs, and i sadly said no, and gave a list of reasons for neglecting my blog.

These last few weeks have been hard. I'm getting to the point where I'm not comfortable in most positions, and when I get up in the morning I don't really feel like I slept at all. Maybe thats because I toss and turn all night an get up a few times to go to the bathroom. We only have one bathroom and its downstairs, our bedroom is upstairs :) I'm usually completley awake by the time I get back upstairs. I really shouldn't complain, i had a pretty good pregnancy. I'm just anxcious to meet our new baby! I hate not knowing when or where its going to happen. Its so exciting!

Ok so i know this is a knitting blog, so i'll end on knitting. A lady at my mom's job saw my purse and said she liked it. My mom being the proud mother told her that i made it myself and then she asked if i could make her one! How cool is that?! So i bought the yarn and all i have to do is knit it, they go pretty fast. I just want to finish the blanket first so i can use it in the hospitial. Then its time to make my first item to be sold! I'm excited about it. I'll keep you posted... I got to go watch SuperNanny... what a cool show... happy knitting!

Wednesday, February 2


I did finish my bag yesterday... and i was not happy at all. Otherwise you would have seen a picture of it last night. However I did like how the colors looked felted. The shape on the other hand was a disaster. Its way to big near the top and is super baggy, and the strap, well it just plain out sucks. Sorry to be so down, but when you put a lot of time, effort and money into something, you want it to turn out the way you pictured it. I'm not sure what i'm going to do with it... Its hard to use something you hate. Here is a picture of it...

Here is a top view. See how big it is... There is no structure to it at all.

Notice the pocket I made for a book/pattern... and the little loops will be for the buttons i haven't put on yet.

Well I really need to start something else to get my mind off of this. I'm thinking of making a poncho, I just need to pick out the color and buy the yarn. I'm pretty sure of the pattern i'll use, its from Weekend Knitting. Not much else is going on. Till next time.

Tuesday, February 1

The big bad bag

I'm almost finished with my bag!! I made it a bit large...

But it will be felted and hopefully shrink a good amount. If you can't tell, I am sitting indian style, and have my bag streached over me. It was ammusing at the time. My DH and i had a good laugh.

I finished one of the pockets and made the strap. I need to attach the snaps and put one more pocket on it. Then it will be ready to be felted! hopefully by tonight!! And if not, it should be finished by tomarrow. I'll keep you posted...