Wednesday, March 26

I'm hosting a KAL!

Join us in April as we knit a elisa’s nest tote together!

In the month of April knit this re-usable tote and have a chance to win a prize! Post pictures, ask questions, and share your knitting experience!

Who wouldn't want a chance to win yarn, a flicker Pro Account, or Moo Cards or a Blog Re-design!!!

Come and check out the Elisa’s Nest Tote KAL, join up and have fun! Its a great item to knit while getting ready for all the nice weather that is to come! Just think of all the things you could carry in it; yarn, fruit, veggies, books, yarn, snacks, bottles of water, yarn, or anything else you can think of…. Enjoy this tote time and time again, its earth friendly!

e-mail: guotski4(at)yahoo(dot)com
message me on ravelry: naturallyknitty
with the following info:

in the subject please put- Join Tote KAL
your name- as you would like on the side bar
your blog address- to be linked to on the side bar
your e-mail address- so I can send you an invite!

Fun Fun Fun! I can't wait to start!

Saturday, March 22

When there is no knitting content...

Blog about your kids. That is my fall back plan.

Day 82 (March 22nd)

Leah decided to dress herself while she should have been
sleeping.... she came down the stairs looking like this!

It reminded me of that friends episode where Joey put on all of Chandlers clothes.

Please don't look at the mess behind her... called my life;O) Actually its not really that bad, I've been keeping up with things.

I need to go through the kids toys, but I don't even know where to start. They have so many, and I want to weed them out. Toys are always all over the place and sometimes I don't even think they play with them. They just dump and dump and play with one or t
wo things. They do clean up with some encouragement but I'm just sick of the mass of it all. Anyone have any tips on how to get started?! We'd like to put our house up for sale and upgrade a bit(all 3 are in the same room), so I'd like to clear out now, rather than when it is for sale. I'm always a last minute type of person, as you can tell with my SAM5 kal, but I'd like to at least try and change.

Friday, March 21

Its been a while...

Two weeks to be exact. I'm in a blogging funk i guess you could say. I just don't have much to blog about.

I could tell you all about the sickness that has been lumming around me and my family for what seems like months... The flu, colds, strep throat, sinus infections.... I and most of my family have had all of these, within the last month or so. ugh!

Where are you spring?!

that's my question. I'm sick of being sick and being couped up in the house, and so are the kids.

Actually yesterday we got outside and played with some chalk! It was sunny and wonderful.

then today.... more snow.

yes that is snow covering our lovely chalk drawings. That's it, I draw the line there.

I'm just plain done.

As for knitting I'm working on some socks for my M for march in the sam5 kal. Also I have thousands of ends calling to me to be woven in but I just don't want to. I have no motivation. There is also a surprise project that I can't speak of on this blog... All I can say is that is is for a long time friend who is a fan of this blog.... you people that are on ravelry can go and check it out...

I'll try to have more to say soon... Hopefully I'll be in the mood when I'm healthy.... if that ever happens.

Oh if your interested in the picture a day... go check them out on Flickr.

Friday, March 7

Day 67 & a FO

Day 67 (March 7th)

This is my new tea pot! I paid under $7 for it. I'm starting a new diet and you are to drink lots of different teas. I've never really drank much tea before so I never had a tea pot... So here it is, in all its cheapness ;o) I figure if i really like tea that much I can buy a nicer one, if i happen to cross that road.

While on my trip two weeks ago I completed a project.

Project stats:

Start Date: February
End Date:
February 17th
Yarn: Lion Brand Lion Cotton Print
Needles: US 8, (straits) US 5 (double points)
Pattern: Elisa Nest tote

I made this for my LYS as a sample, it went rather quickly. Hurray for car knitting!

Thursday, March 6

Days 48-66

Wow I was quite behind schedule....

Day 66 (march 6th) The start of my March socks... I need to get going on them!

Day 65 (march 5th) Gabe grabbed a few items to dress up his"kitty". I thought it was really cute!

Day 64 (march 4th) I've finished knitting a sweater I've had in my UFO pile for 2 years... but now I need to "sew in any yarn ends." HA! ANY....there are thousands of them!!! Its going to take me forever....

Day 63 (march 3rd)
Today was pajama day at school, he loved it! Afterwards he wanted me to take his picture... this is his cool face. I really don't know where he got it.

Day 62 (march 2nd)
This is the inside of the sleeve I knit, I just thought it was interesting, don't mind all those ends, gerrr.

Day 61 (march 1st) I did it! I finished my socks around 10ish pm!

Day 60 (Feb 29th) This is my view for the day.... finishing my socks for the SAM5 KAL. I'm really not sure if I can finish them but I'm going to try! I'm currently decreasing for the gussets and just have to finish the foot and toe..... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... There is a venison stew in the crock pot for dinner and the kids are eating lunch.... here I go, wish me luck... I'm going to need it!

Day 59 (Feb 28th) I took this fabric home from my grandmas. She already had some squares cut out. I (some day) want to make a quilt with it... I think that is what she had planned with it. Not that it is the prettiest but I like it, and will always think of my grandma when I see it!

Day 58 (Feb 27th) This is the Noro silk garden that I purchased from my sister's LYS(day 55, I think). I plan on making the famous "noro scarf" The two balls on the left are #87, the top right is #8 and the bottom right is #211. I had the hardest time picking colors and hope they go well together in the end.

Day 57 (Feb 26th) This is actually a cool plastic basket that I scored from my grandma, well one of two. After doing mountains of laundry the socks ended up in it.... and so did Chloe. Who needs toys?!

Day 56 (Feb 25th) Just an hour after arriving home on sunday I started to feel sick... I got the flu, just like the rest of the family did. Monday night I realized that I hadn't taken a picture, so this is what I got. My kids feet, while they were curled up next to me on the couch. Shortly afterwards I did some nail trimming :O)

Day 55(Feb 24th)
On the way back home... I was able to knit on a few things, one of them being my February Charade socks!

Day 54(Feb 24th) Coffee! These are the coffee mugs I drank out of the second half of the week, my sister got them from Poland.

Day 53(Feb 24th) This was taken after going kitting at my sister (starknits) LYS. Such a cute little shop! Lots of yummy yarn, I came home with some noro, silk garden!

Day 52(Feb 24th) I started the sleeves for my hoody... My goal is to finish this UFO in the next few weeks. I started this over 2 years ago... Its about time I finished it!

Day 51(Feb 24th)
My grandma's house, where we stayed for the first half of our trip. This was right before we left on Wednesday

Day 50(Feb 24th)
Joe loves old war stuff, so when we saw this he pulled over and went to sit on it. I just had to take a few pictures and told him that I would use it as my picture of the day.

Day 49(Feb 24th) Chloe hit the jack pot at grandma's house. She had fun playing with these and banging them around. What more could a little girl ask for?!

Day 48(Feb 24th) We drove about half way on Saturday and ended up in Ohio in a hotel, the kids thought it was the coolest thing! Gabe kept jumping back and fourth on the beds. I let him go to town because I knew we'd be in the van for another 8 hours that day... It really is the simple things that put a smile on a kids face:O)

Saturday, March 1

the proper post

I finished my socks with a few hours to spare! Love em!

Start Date: Feb~first week or so
End Date: Feb 29th

Yarn: Knit Picks dye-your-own (kool aid
Pattern: Charade (Ravelry link)

Needles: Addi Turbo US#1 (2 circulars, 2 socks at a time)
ecipient: ME!

Day 61(March 1st)