Monday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

I decided to make the little girl I babysit for some felted slipper socks for Christmas. I just used what I had and I think they turned out really cute! They kint up in just a few hours. I think the weaving in of ends took almost as long as they did to knit.

Last sunday morning the kids were dressed up all
nice and I tried to take some cute pictures of them. These were some of the ones I liked. I might use the one on the left to send out some late Christmas cards... but probably not. I figure I'll just send out announcements when baby #3 is born. Which is getting pretty close. Only a little ove a month to go. I can't believe its crept up on me that fast.

For the past month I've known that my sister Allena and her family were comming to visit for Christmas. Yet I had to keep it a secret from my parents... On the 23rd they showed up around dinner time at my parents house. My mom and dad were so surprised. Allena posted about it on her blog. You can go check it out there for more info. She also made the kids some really cute toys... I feel like a naughty aunt, no hand made crafts for her kids, sorry :) Here is Leah and Bella playing with Leah's new princess tea party set.

My little brother had a drum set and Gabe always loves to go down to the basement to play with him. So guess what he got Gabe... yes his very own durm set! He loves it and I love the fact that it is staying at grandma and grandpa's house. Down in the basement with uncle Trevors. Here is a pic of him in action, and the little girls watching and groving to the beat!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! And if I don't post before... Have a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 14

Flash your tree!

I'm going to copy my sister and flash my tree. I love having out tree all lit up! It just brings a nice warm cozy feeling to the house. It kids are constantly taking ornaments off and I'm always the one to put them back on. Well actually Gabe does too, but then they all end up in a foot diameter all crammed together. Then I have to do it anyways:) Most of the ornaments are mine from my childhood and then there are ones that we have received as gifts. Gabe has his first 3 years of ornaments and shamefully I have to say that we forgot to get Leah one last year... I'll just have to get her two this year. Sorry baby! She'll forgive me, right?! She has really been diggin on my first ornament, Its a little baby in a bassinet. "bebe bebe bebe" that's what I've been hearing for the past few days.

We received a package from my sister Dawn, and clearly on the front Do not open until Christmas! is stated in red print. My initial reaction was a scream and then dang, that sucks! Its so much fun to get packages but to not be able to open them is really hard. Gabe keeps asking if its Christmas time yet, its kinda cute. I keep telling him, no but it's getting closer. He is at a really fun age this time of year! I love it!

A few days ago I was checking all the blogs I read (when I get the chance) and my sister had made some ginger snap cookies. Yummy yummy! I just had to make them, they turned out really well. I have to say I've never made those before.

Today is Thursday, and that means knitting at the yarn shop! But tonight is our Christmas potluck knitting party! So I decided to make some chocolate chip tea cakes. First of all the usually are just rolled into balls and baked like that. Well I had to roll out the dough and use a tiny star cookie cutter(which really hurt my fingers). Then I wanted to drizzle red and green dyed white chocolate over them but they didn't turn out quite like I had planned. They are pink and green, and the chocolate wasn't draping the cookies the way I would have liked. Some even broke right off the cookies when I moved them. Next time I'll just use a powder sugar frosting. Oh yeah, if you'd please draw you attention to the big blob of green chocolate... I going for cheap and was using little plastic baggies to pipe the chocolate onto the cookies and mid-drizzle the seam ripped open making a huge blob on a few cookies. Next time I'm positive they will look a lot better, and not so home made.

None of that matters because I'm excited to get out tonight! It should be fun, lots of food and maybe some knitting thrown in for fun! Hope your all having a good week! Take care:)

Friday, December 8

Overdue update

Its been forever since I posted. Oops! My family is pretty much all better, there's a few runny noses, but its winter, what can you expect?!

Oooh, One really exciting thing did happen, I went out on black Friday! Hubby and I decided that we would buy our Christmas present early, because of the sales. I braved the crowded stores to buy a new camera! I was so happy to finally have a camera again! Its loads cooler than our old one. Its an Olympus SP-320, if that means anything to you. 7.1 megapixel 3x optical zoom, and to top it off it has lots of different settings including image stabilization. I love it!

On the spinning front:
The first Tuesday of the month is always spinning night out at the yarn shop. I really enjoy going out and talking with other spinners. I have made some progress. I've plyed 3 hanks and I'm almost ready to ply 3 more. I just love spinning! It really is relaxing. My prego belly is starting to get in the way a bit, it just makes it a little awkward. I sort of feel like a penguin swaying back and forth.

On the knitting front:
I finished a pair of socks for a Christmas present. They are going to be received early, and soon. So I'll post a picture, hoping that I don't spoil the surprise. I just won't reveal who they are for. The yarn stripes very oddly and I didn't know if I'd be able to make them match, so I did a mis match pair. I really like them, they knit up really fast on us #1's. The best thing about these socks?! The yarn has been in my stash for over a year or two, and It was on sale when I bought it(I think %50). It feels good to use up yarn you've been holding on to for a while. I said to myself "see I told you so, I'd use it someday".

This is a picture of Gabe modeling a hat for my oldest sisters boyfriend. Just a little big on him:) Its just a black and blue 3x1 ribbed hat.

I've also been knitting on some socks for myself, but they often get thrown to the back burner. The yarn I bought on our anniversary. Its really pretty yarn and I can't wait to see them finished!

Last Sunday we went and cut our own Christmas tree down. It was so cold, but the kids had a blast! Its a cute modestly sized tree (the one on the left, behind hubby and the kids), We don't have that much room in our living room, it was hard enough making room for this one.

I made cut-out Christmas cookies on Wednesday. The kids helped me make the dough and Gabe helped with the cookie cutter part of it. They had fun and made a mess, I was just excited to be able to eat them. I've had such a sweet tooth lately... Then I started to frost them, it got really old really fast. But I stuck it out and did them all, eating plenty in the process.

On Thursday night I had the girls over to knit. It was so much fun. It was just the four of us (the ones who sucked me into this world of all things knit). We hadn't all gotten together for a long time, it was overdue, and a blast! It was like old times, staying at each others houses until midnight or 1am. Eating, laughing, talking and knitting. I can't wait until we can do it again!

All in all its been a pretty good week. I love the Christmas season, and all the music and lights outside. I hope you all are having a good week, cramming in all the last minute knitting gifts, don't get too stressed!

I realize there are lots of pictures in this post, bear with me and my new camera syndrome.