Friday, February 29

They are done!

I post for real tomorrow.... when I can get some good pics!

Yes, its the end of the month again...

Day 60(Feb 29th)

This is my veiw for the day.... finishing my socks for the SAM5 KAL. I'm really not sure if I can finish them but I'm going to try! I'm curently decreasing for the guessets and just have to finish the foot and toe..... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

There is a venison stew in the crock pot for dinner and the kids are eating lunch.... here I go, wish me luck... I'm going to need it!

I'll update you all on my trip and all the knitting I did tomorrow or the next day.... I'm off to knit like the wind!

Saturday, February 16

Leaving Early!

Yes we are heading out tonight to try and beat the storm!

Day 47 (feb16th)
We are leaving to visit my grandma in MD and my sister in PA!!! We decided to leave early because of a storm coming in the morning.... So you might not see me for a week!

Day 46 (feb15th)

tools of the trade! Addi Turbo's mmmm love em!

Thursday, February 14

To button or Not to button

that is the question. Also if To button, how many?! 1, 3.... please share your input! If i do decide to put buttons I will have to go and buy some... how big? hmmm to many options. I am the most indecive person ever! seriously, I am. I do know that if when I do button the cardigan I will only put them near the top, for I have made it a little to narrow for her little round tummy.

Ok anyways I give project stats, because as far as i'm concerned its a FO! Also one checked of my top 10stash project kal!!!! Woo Hoo! *me doing a little dance!*

Start Date: August 2007

End Date: February 12th 2008
yarn: Bernat Cottontots
Pattern: my own, inspired from the anthropologie-in
spired capelet. top down shaping...
Needles: US #7's (#8 on arms, I knit tighter in the round)
Recipient: Leah, boy she has gotten a lot of handknits lately...

Anyways, I think it turned out really cute and as for the stripes... I didn't have enough purple in my stash so I decided to do stripes, I wasn't so sure about the at first but now I adore them!

Now on to the picture a day...

Day 44 (Feb 13th)
So I didn't find this
"heart" but they were sent to me, a gift from God! The little loves of my life!

Wishing all of you a Happy Valentine's Day !

Day 45 (feb 14th)
More snow.... I think we have enough. And thats coming from a girl who likes snow.

Tuesday, February 12

Days 39-43

Day 39 (Feb 8th) This is the start of my February socks, for SAM5. I'm making myself start now so I don't have to cram it into the last week of the month. I dyed it using kool aid and thought the colors would go well this month with v-day comming up and all. Oh the pattern is Charade... its linked on my ravelry page.

ay 40 (Feb 9th) So I had a craving today and took it as a perfect oppertuinity to do a theme shot! Salsa... mmmm I love it! Its not from scratch but from a packet, all you need is tomatoes, a little red onion and some tortilla chips! So good! Are you drooling yet?! ;o)

Day 41 (Feb 10th) Some frost formed on the inside of my van... when I scraped it away I had little bits of snow inside of my van. It has been in the negative digits here, burr!

Day 42 (Feb11th)

Have you ever seen the insidedes of a bean bag chair?!

Well I have. Lea
h had snuck upstairs and unzipped it, srtipped down to her birthday suit (why I'm not sure) and was covered in these tiny little foam balls, head to toe, some were even inside her nose. The static in them makes a big hard mess to clean up. They stick to everything and anything. The vaccume... it melts them and makes a hard mass out of them inside of it. We spent the better part of the night trying to clean them up and fixing our vaccume.

Day 43 (Feb 12th)

No fun story, just some good old baby blocks, I like the shapes and color....

Thursday, February 7

More FO's!!!

I made Leah a calorimetry(ravelry link)... so cute and a scarf(ravelry link) to match!

One more thing of my top 10 stash projects list. Now all that is left are the "bigger projects" I have a list on my side bar if your interested... ;O)

These both knit up super quick! She loves them, most days, until she hears Gabe saying that his hat it itchy... gerr older brothers.... then hers is too.

So it was my baby girls birthday on the 5th... I can't believe she is one year old, seriously I feel like I just had her, this year went by too fast!

I opted to make cupcakes rather than one big one. Leah picked out the color of frosting, which isn't at all suprising that she picked purple, she just loves it! Chloe did too!

And speaking of loving things, my dad told me he loved his socks! and they fit! I was a bit worried because I had hubby try them on for my photo shoot for el blogo and they actually fit him, maybe a bit snugly but still they fit him. He has a shoe size 12 and I think my dad is a 10 or 11, so I was a bit worried that they would be too big. but they weren't thank goodness! Hubby said that if they didn't fit that he'd keep them and I could just knit my dad another pair, HA! not that i wouldnt love to knit my dad another pair, but I busted my bum to finish them and I'd be a bit upset if they didn't go to thier proper owner. So here they are being enjoyed by thier rightful owner! I made him take his slippers off!

Anyways now that I've rambled on for a good while i'll stop and wish you all a good weekend!

days 31-38

Ok something wasnt working with blogger last night... here are the pics:

Day 31 (Jan 31st)
A plate of oranges, we went through 4 of these plates after lunch... The kids just love them, even Chloe, I just had to cut off the rind for her. I love the color of them, so vibrant :o)

Day 32 (Feb1st)
I finished these socks on Jan 31st , at 11:30 pm... just in the nick of time to have them count for my January socks for the SAM 5 KAL! Of course finishing that late at night there is no good lighting... hence they are my feb 1st pic of the day.

Day 33 (Feb 2nd)

Gabe and Leah had a birthday party to got to at this really cool place. Gabe was one of the only boys, but he didn't seem to mind;o) I liked this picture because of how some of the kids are a blur... What fun to be a kid!

Day 34 (Feb 3rd)
This is a close up of Leah's Calorimetry... a bulky wool with a bit of glitter thrown in for fun! I really like these colors together too:O(

Day 35 (Feb 4th)
I cast on for a new project, a sample for my LYS.

Day 36 (Feb 5th)

Chloe's 1st birthday! Here she is with her gift... It was either news paper or christmas wrapping paper. I opted for the news paper:O) I really can't believe its been a whole year since having her.... wow, they sure grow fast!

Day 37 (Feb 6th)

It has been snowing since I got up(3:30am I'm a baker) and hasn't stopped. they say when its all said and done tonight that we are suposed to have 20 inches. Yesterday it was all rainy and slushy... now we have this beautiful snowy blanket! I love it! This picture was taken at 6ish pm.

Day 38 (Feb 7th)

I realized I hadnt' taken a picture today, so when Joe pulled out the ibupropen for his soar throat, I snapped a few, using the light from the lamp that I knit under. Plus it didn't help that he had to shovel tons and tons of snow yesterday... poor guy! (I shoveled too, I like to, but that snow was h-e-a-v-y)

Sunday, February 3

FO allert!

Yes people we have not one but two FO's!

First up we have Hubby's fingerless mittens, with a flap. I fininshed them last night, somewhat early and decided to cast on calorimetry for Leah.

Project Stats:

Start Date: January

End Date: February 2nd

Yarn: Dalegarn Falk

Pattern: men's fingerless gloves(for guesset)

Needles: Addi Turbo's US# 3 (2 circulars, 2 mittens at one time)


I've had this yarn in mind for a hat and scarf for her but was needing to finish up a few things first. So last night when I finished the mittens I immediatley co for this... and finished it! Well I did sew the buttons on this morning but it was all knit last night. It went really quick. I think I only co 76 sts instead of 120, and did only 12 repeats of row 5...

Project Stats:
Start Date: February 2nd
End Date: February 2nd
Yarn: Moda Dea Cache

Pattern: Calorimetry

Needles: Addi Turbo's US #8

Recipient: Leah

Friday, February 1

Late but loved!

We recieved our Christmas gifts form Allena and her family... We both agreed that our gifts were going to be sent late. I think it was more fun for the kids this way. they loved getting gifts again, Christmas#2!

When gabe opened up his he yelled "finger puppets for ME!!!" he was really excited because I've knit some for others and leah got some last
year from allena. He loves having his own! This is him yelling "ahhh" the little aliens were getting him:O)

Leah got the cutest little penguin. Actually I've had the privledge of seeing all these hand crafted items, thanks to the internet! She really likes it, and has been carring it and this pink bear around for the past day and a half since opening up the presents.

Speaking of the pink bear, thier cousin(bub) who is in school, has picked out gifts for them the past few years through the school. The kids wrap them there(at school) and get to pick and give thier own gifts out to thier families. Allena always asks what they got, because she never knows. Kinda funny. Bub dose a good job picking out things for the kids, they always seem to suit them! The bear~leah, the DVD~gabe, the sippy cup~chloe.

Last but not least was chloe's gift... the monkey! so cute! She loves loves loves it! you don't have to take my word for it, just look at her face! she loves that thing!

Allena you rock, you know how to pick em! I swear I'll get your package in the mail tomorrow or at the latest, monday! I won't make my sweet little nieces wait
any longer ;O)

Allena also got them a bunch of books:

so cool, the kids love books. the ones for leah(along the bottom) all have cd's in them and go along with the books!

Oh I almost forgot, I got presents too! Look! allena knit me this beaded necklace, so pretty. I wore it out last night to dinner, I felt "put together" for once! Normally I'm just a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl but with the necklace I felt just a bit fancy, in a good way!

Also this cool knitting book! Knit Baby Blankets! there are some really cute ones in there! And I know a few people that are jus
t pregers, so i might just have enough time to knit a couple up!

On a side note, I got a new phone! a motorola razor! and the best part is.... its pink! I also treated myself to a new traveling coffee mug. I purchaced it at starbucks... its also pink! Have I said that I love pink?!

As for knitting I'm going to be working on finishing hubby's fingerless mitts with a flap. I only need to knit the thumbs and one more flap. Then I'll be able to work on my bigger ticket items(from my top 10 stash project list). Hope your all having a wonderful week!

Knit happy!