Sunday, January 30


A lot of progress has been made on the knitting bag. I finished the main part and started on the inside pocket.... So i've been second guessing the color choices i made... but what can you do?! not much, but finish it and hope for the best. I can always chuck it up to experiance and make a new one later:-) Its always good to have an excuse to knit more stuff. Speaking of which, i sometimes wish that i would have found out the sex of our soon to be baby. Only for the fact that i would be able to start working on a whole new wardrobe:) But other than that i'm happy with our decision. It will make it that much more exciting. Except for the whole naming thing... don't even get me started on it. I have no clue what we are going to do. I keep thinking it will just come to me, but who knows. The past few days have been kinda painful in the baby department. I swear it has a foot permanently lodged up under the right side of my rib cage. Thats partially why i didn't post yesterday... i cant even sit normally. Half the time I am keeping constant pressure on my ribs, with my fist and the other I have my arm up over my head and I'm leaning to my left. Either way I look quite silly. Well not much has been going on here so till next time... happy knitting!

Friday, January 28

Can you say "ribbit"

Yes... i've been froggin lately. On tuesday i started a bag. i had gotten pretty far on it and decided that the colors and stripes were looking a bit too Autin Powers for me. I think it was the green. There was a good deal of it knit, 5 to 6 inches tall, and i decided that i would be happier in the long run if i ripped it now and started over. Otherwise i would be angry at it the whole time i'd be knitting it. Who knows if it would have turned out looking ok after felting... but i wasn't going to possibly waste my time and find out. "U-G-L-Y you don't have an alaby you ugly uhh uhh you Ugly!!"

So tonight was knitting at the lys! That always fun. I worked hard on the bag and i am pleased with how its comming along. I'm still trying to decide what kind of straps i want to have on it. i've been concidering one, big, thick one going across it, diagonaly. But who knows we'll see when i get there.

I want to get some felting books....(I'm jelous of my sister, she has a bunch of the books i want:) i'd like to make my little man some felted mittens. They'd be nice and toasty! plus he loves wearing mittens. weird... i know, and of course a hat to match. He's not too fond of scarfs so i'll skip that:-) He had some mittens of for almost 1/2 an hour the other day, inside. Then i had to take them off. He's such a cuttie!

Tuesday, January 25

What a day

Let me start by saying yesterday after work i thought for sure i had a chiopractor appointment. I was freaking out and running around only to find out when looking at the calander that its going to be next monday. Yesterday i also noticed that i was going to have a doctors appt today at 9:45. I did make a mental note. But for some reason the morning went by without me making an apperiance at the doctors office. It was about 11 when i realized i had missed it. A little later at lunch, i was making good old mac & cheese for my DS and nephew. All was going well.... then half the box spilled all over the floor. I should be happy that it wasn't cooked, but somehow that dosen't make a difference. I know this seemes like small potatoes, but when your preggy even stupid comercials can make you cry. I'm over it now and the rest of the day went well. My DH has tonight off, which is always nice! Oh, and I got some more cascade 220, a few different colors, to make myself another felted bag. This one i'm going to experiment with and do some pockets on the inside. If all goes well, it'll be my new knitting bag. well like i said my hubby is off tonight so i better get off this blog... Happy knitting...

Saturday, January 22


I finally figured it out!! It took me a while but it worked! Here are some of my recent works... enjoy

felted bag Posted by Hello

The pic. my DH took of me. Posted by Hello

Baby girl hat, my first cables! Posted by Hello

Me wearing the hat I made for my big brother, Jared Posted by Hello

The time

I just wanted to say that my blog time is off... it says 9:20 but its really 11:20. i'm not sure how to fix it. Just so you know.

A snow filled day

This moning my DH was out shoveling for at least an hour. poor thing. I wish i could have helped him but he wouldnt hear of it, me being prego and all. What a sweetie:) So i made him some nice hot coffee that was waiting for him when he came in. Then he had to go off to work, he works a douple shift today:-( We got at least a half a foot by and by the time he left, there was an inch or two more. Enough with the bad... its a great day for doing lots of laundry and lots of knitting! Today i woke up and looked at my new felted bag and was for the most part pleased. I wasn't quite sure i was going to like it when i was knitting it but in the end i'm happy with it. It went so quick... i feel like i could make 37 more! lol. But i do have a bunch of yarn left over so i think i'm going to experiment with it and create my own bag. That should be fun. Alright my little man is getting restless, mommy's on the computer again.... Happy knitting to all!

Finally felting!

So i've been knitting away since tuesday and i finished my bag! At this very moment i am felting it! so exciting. i don't think the pattern was the exact same as the bag in the picture of the book... i think it lied to me. gerrr:( It has made me realize that from now on i'll read the pattern and then make alterations to what i think it should be... got to go check on the felting process.... be back in a sec...

I'm thinking everything is going to be ok. Its looking pretty good! I'm so happy to finally have felted something! now i really need to get my pictures going! Amy, your gonna have to come over to help me out!! real soon. and yes i do have a digital camera:)

Thursday, January 20

Speedy Computer

I got my computer back today!! The guy came over on monday night to fix it, after an hour of working on it, he decided that it needed to go home with him to be completely fixed. It was finished later on tuesday night but my little guy was already in bed and i couldn't go and get it. So I picked it up after work today! Its so nice to be using it and not have it freeze up on me.

Tuesday I was at my lys and got some yarn to make that bag i was talking about... the felted one! I'm super excited about it. I decided on brown and pink for the colors. I hope it turns out nice.... We'll see. I'm about 25% done with it. Its so hard to put down a new project. I love finishing things. I love feeling like i acomplished something! Once i figure out how the picture thing works i'll be posting lots of photos! Then this blog will be more visually stimulating:) Untill then i'll stick with my cheap little sideways smiles! lol Tonight my DH took a pic of me knitting, my bag, and said "this is your life now... all you do is knit...i might as well have a picture of you doing it." He was joking of course... well at least i hope he He cant complain because i've knitted him a fair share of winter aperal, and he still has a small list for me... but i don't mind at all!

Monday, January 17


I decided to try something new. I haven't done cables yet so i thought it was time to master another skill in the land of knitting. I'm making a baby hat, for my soon to be little one. Its pink, even though we don't know if its going to be a girl or a boy. I'm just going to make two. The next one will be blue. I know... so original. but I didn't want to make a nutral one, greens and yellows arn't the prettiest. Plus this way i get an excuse to knit more! I'm getting more anxious... less than 8 weeks to go! I think it will be fun to find out the old fashion way. The only bad thing is that we have to come up with 2 names. To me that is the hardest part of having children... deciding on a name. And its not just one, you have to come up with a middle name too... that sounds good with the first one. Ahhh!!! i've been putting it off for a while but i'm running out of time. I'm sure everything will be fine in the end but getting there is the hard part. Its getting late and i work in the morning.... so happy knitting!

Friday, January 14

what colors

I'm home from my knitting group.... and I brought something home with me! I got the book Stich N' -----. I know the name of the book isn't the best but there is so much cool stuff in it! There is a really fun felted bag that i want to make...scratch that.. that I'm going to make:) But i need to get all the materials and i'm not quite sure what color to make it. In the book its pink and orange, and i like it... but does it matter if its going to go with my wardrobe?! I'm pretty sure most of my stuff doesn't match anyways so i'm thinking i'll do it in those colors. I'm horrible at making decisions. When i was little i could never choose what i wanted at McDonalds... there are 5 kids in my family and even after they all picked what they wanted i still didn't know. In the end i ended up getting the chicken nugget happy meal... every time. Thats probably why i havent knit anything for myself. I should just get over it and go with my gut and make the bag pink and orange. Plus i really want to felt something. My sister, Allena, has been fleting some clogs that perked my interst in it. She has a blog you can check out called Starknits. She is more hip with computers so she got links and pics. and other stuff. I'm working on mine but my computer is all funky right now and it keeps freezing up on me. its getting quite annoying. I'm having a guy come over to fix it on monday and maybe he can show me how to put stuff on this blog to make it cooler. lol... your thinking how much cooler can it get!? Just Ok its getting late, i'm getting wacky, its time for bed.

Thursday, January 13

Thursdays :)

Thursdays are my knitting nights. I love thursdays! Its at our local yarn shop . We call ourselfs Chix with Stix. Everyone there is so much fun to be with. I can't wait to go.

I've been knitting for 7 months now and havent made myself anything. Untill two weeks ago I decided to make myself a pair of fingerless gloves from Weekend Knitting. I had a beautiful yarn stashed away for such an occasion. From Reynolds yarns, Odyssey 100% merino wool. Its mostly an olive tone with some gold and blue thrown in for fun. Its so pretty! Once I figure out how to post pctures it'll be up asap. Anyways I finished them today and decided I don't like them.. for me. This was the second time I acutually followed a pattern. the fingers didn't fit me the way I had hoped. Guess you could say I'm a perfectionist:) For example: I see a mistake 5 to 6 rows down... i'm froggin without hesitation. Its quite the curse. lol. Well its time to make dinner... then off to the shop. Happy Knitting!

my first blog

My friend Amy is an avid blogger, but i never really knew what they were... untill my sister e-mailed me her new blog and told me to check it out. since then i'v been searching around and reading various knitting blogs. Every day i look at more and more and i realised that i wanted one of my own. So here i am writhing my very own first blog! I hope i'm doing this all right I'm not the greatest with computers so wish me luck!