Monday, July 30

knitter kindness

Last week I was amazed at the kindness of a fellow knitter. She is a regular at the knitting group I attend out at out LYS. She sent me and e-mail stating that she had some yarn that she didn't want anymore. She offered it to me free of charge, to knit something for the kids perhaps... Anyways the yarn is cascade 220 superwash. Which is awesome because I don't have to worry about hand washing, hand washing is not kid friendly, at least for me it isn't. I'm not sure what it will become but there are 5 balls equalling 1100 yds. Hopefully something will come to mind or I'll see something that pops out at me and says use that superwash! Thanks so much!!!

On a down side of things I started knitting the second sock of this kool-aid dyed yarn. I knit a good part into the foot and realised that it looked a bit bigger than the first one. I looked all over in my notes and knitting stuff to see if I ever wrote down the size of needles I knit the first sock with. I even looked back on my old blog posts. No such luck. I think I used 0's and was using 1's on the second one, so... a frogging I went. I managed to re knit the toe on 0's and one repeat of the lace pattern. It looks much better. The funny thing is I don't remember owning 0's back when I knit the first sock. Which was in January of 2006. Talk about a UFO. Its about time I finish these! Thanks Sock a Month 4 KAL! Way to get my needles in gear!

In Hogwarts business I'm trying to be patient while I wait for the sock yarn I ordered.... I did just order it last week Tuesday so hopefully it should be here soon. I really
really want to start my pals' socks!

In the garden....

We must have over looked this.

Or it grew out of nowhere! Isn't it huge?! I guess
its time to make some zucchini bread! That's about all those big ones are good for. That or stuffed zucchini, oh the decisions I have to make!

Usually we try to pick them while they don't have that big of a seed column.... I think its that time of summer that I have to check closely everyday to make sure things don't overgrow!

Thursday, July 26

I'm a joiner!

So I joined the Sock a Month KAL! I'm really enjoying knitting socks but I need some motivation to get some done. The best part is that it is a low pressure KAL. If you don't finish a pair that month its no big deal, but if you do you might win a prise! How fun is that?!

I have acquired a good amount of sock yarn over the past year or two and would like to see them as socks. Don't get me wrong the balls/skeins are pretty by themselves but I hear them at
night whispering to me that they long to be knit! Plus I feel guilty when I see some sock yarn and want to buy it but I have some at home that isn't being made into socks. With this KAL I'll be able to buy more yarn!

Because of my new KAL and sock swap I've wanted to get a cute little sock knitting project bag. I've seen a few around blogland but right now I don't have the funds to purchase one. A few weeks ago I cut off some jeans and made them into capri's. I didn't want to toss out the bottom part of the leg because I knew it could be used for something.

Yesterday it came to me! I'll make that extra denim into a sock bag! So I gathered my supplies and on the way to the zoo, I made this! Sure its not the cutest but I like it, and for no money, what can be better than that?! I cut little holes in the hem and weaved a shoe lace through for a drawstring!

I've been working on G's buddy bag, its coming along. I did decide to do one thing differently. So I wouldn't have to seam up the bottom later I did the first two rows in a k1 sl1 and then transferred the sts to the correct needles and started knitting in the round. Now I have one less seam to do! I was quite excited about that!

Monday, July 23

Buddy Bag

I was inspired by annypsurls. She designed/knit these cute little buddy bags. The pdf download is only $6, for four different "buddies". Go and check them out!

Oh my goodness I fell in love instantly! I
just had to make one, well actually I have to make two. Here is a pic of the first one. L's favorite color is purple so I had to make hers in.... purple of course.

We went to the store and bought some cheap washable stuff, aka, acrylic = kid friendly. The kids loved it though and they got to help me pick it out. Actually it was me giving them a choice between two colors that I liked. But they will
never know because they got to choose!

I think this cute picot edge was my favorite detail of the whole thing! These bags are adorable and go super quick!

and just for fun...

Also in Hogwarts news:
I received message from my owl that my sock pal is in the wonderful house of Ravenclaw! How fun! Now I know what colors I get to knit with! I love the Ravenclaw colors too, Blue and Silver! I almost wish they were my house colors. I think I have the perfect pattern picked out too! Now all I need is the yarn....

Saturday, July 21

Baby gift... Check!

Well almost.

I just need to put buttons on it. I need to go to the store and buy some otherwise they would already be on. (which I'm going to do right after I finish posting...) So with that said, I'm counting it as a FO.

Project Stats:

Start date: July 17th
End date: July 20th
Yarn: Bernat Softee Baby
Pattern: Seamless Yoked Baby Sweater
Needles: US 3 circulars (it called for 4's but I don't have any...)
Recipient: A friends soon to be baby girl!

Modeled by the lovely C. Its a bit snug on her but who cares.

We did some picking out in the garden today.

This is the most tomato picking so far!

I can't wait until the red ones start to ripen. Although these little orange ones are so so so yummy. There are about half left thanks to the kids and hubby, but that enough for me and my salad for lunch today!

I'm also working on some socks that I dyed with Kool-Aid a looong time ago. Pictures to come!

**Here it is with the buttons and all.

So dose anyone know if you need to block
acrylic?! Seriously, should I wash it before gifting it or leave it as is?

Friday, July 20

More pink?!

You'd think I liked the color or something....

I have a soon to be baby girl to knit for. Well I could go out and buy something but I'd rather use up some stash and use my talents. I love that I can make something out of a piece of string, and no one else will have that exact item.... Knitting Rocks! Anyways this is what I had as of yesterday, Last night (at knitting night) I finished one arm. But I think it is too short. The pattern doesn't give a length so I guessed. I think I'll end up ripping it out and adding an inch or so. I tried it on C and it didn't go down to her wrists. This pattern was super easy to follow, excluding the passive arm measurements. Its a seamless yoked baby sweater. No seams! Did I ever say that seaming is the least fun thing about knitting?!

Also today is Heathers birthday! So I with the suggestion from Amy, decided to make her cupcakes for knitting last night. Her favorite colors are brown, and pink. Hence the color of the frosting and sprinkles! I love making cupcakes...

L was a bit upset last night that I didn't let her eat one... but it was the best way to convince her to finish he breakfast this morning. Finish your eggs and you can have a cupcake... It worked, they both ate all of their eggs. I cut one in half and gave it to them... Nothing like a little sugar in the morning! That's not bad right?! I almost think its better than them having it after dinner right before going to bed.

The other night I was giving the older two a bath and C was
sitting in her bouncy seat right by the doorway. C loves baths, and seemed disappointed that she wasn't getting one two. I know she is only 5 months and is too young to seem disappointed about not getting one but i swear she was. Anyways... I thought why not throw her in too?! So I did, no I actually put her in and held her in place... ;0) She just laughed uncontrollably. She had a blast, having playmates in the tub! I love the sound of a baby gut laughing, too cute. I managed to get a picture while still holding her safely. Not the best pic but I was alone with 3 kids in the tub. Talk about multi-tasking! I love how all thee of them interact. Sure they (G & L) fight about not sharing all day long, but when you get down to it they really love each other, I love seeing them grow up together and bond the way they do!

Ok so C is 5 1/2 months old, when did that happen?! She is now rolling
over both form tummy to back and from back to tummy. She is sitting with support and is starting to balance by herself at times. She is eating some solids, baby cereal and fresh ripened bananas are her all time favorite! We've made apples too and I've started carrots at dinner time. She isn't too sure about the carrots. I make our own baby food, just cook whatever down till its super soft and then blend it up, put it into ice cube trays and voila, single servings of homemade baby food! A wonderful woman from my knitting group borrowed me some of her old cookbooks for making baby food! They are great and I can't wait to dig through them and get some new ideas! Of course C's got a while to go, one new food at a time...

Take care all,
knit happy!

Tuesday, July 17

Hogwarts Sock Swap!

Hogwarts Sock Swap Questionnaire

1. What Hogwarts house have you been sorted into?


2. Shoe size?

US 8

3. Foot Length?

9 ½ in.

4. Foot Circumference?

9 in.

5. List your three favorite double-point needle brands, including size and length.

a.I’ve only used Crystal Palace DPts (larger sizes)

b.I currently use Addi Turbo circulars.(I have 0’s, 1’s, 2’s and 3’s)

6. Would you like to try a new brand needle? If so, which brand? Size? Length?

I’d like to try:

a.Lantern Moon’s rosewood

b.Addi Turbos

c.Any bamboo

(all DPts, US 2, 6in)

7. If you are a RAVENCLAW, do you prefer the colors in the film or the book? Do you have a strong preference?


8. Allergies? Do you have any? Will your knitting be exposed to smoke or animals?

No and no :o)

9. Are you an international participant (outside US)? Are you willing to have an international Hogwarts Sock Pal?

No, I’m in the US. Sure if she speaks English :o)

That's it there is my questionnaire! If your interested in joining sign-ups started on July 14 and will go until 150 participants is reached... which should be soon! Go and check it out, Hogwarts sock swap 2 !

I've been wanting to join a sock swap for a few years now, I'm so excited~!

Friday, July 13

Pretty in Pink Socks!

I looove these socks! They were so much fun! Easy and fast! I really like how the stripes turned out too, Thanks Paulette!

Start date: July 10th
End date: July 12th

Yarn: Cascade fixation
Pattern: a combination from here and here
Needles: US 3, circulars
Recipient: ME!!

I really like the heel flap too! I actually think I did the turning of the heel part a bit wrong on the first one and noticed how to do it correctly on the second. But to make them the same I purposely did the second one wrong too. Did that make sense to you or am I totally screwie?! Oh well. I'm loving the sock making and want to join in a swap. I'm not sure what one or if
any are currently open to sign ups. I had done the secret pal swap two times before and had fun with them, but I think it would be fun knitting something for someone else who will really appreciate it.

Also I found these:

I know they are ugly shoes but they are comfy and I had a normal pair from last year that I now wear to work. Now those ones are dirty and scuffed up(i will still use them for working). I saw these ones, mary jane style, and thought they were a super cute version of them. So It was payday today and I went out and got them!

On a fun knitting note....

I was blog hopping today after catching up on my bloglines and found that there is a fun contest like game, knitting bingo, on Woven-N-spun. Go check it out and play along!

Also Shelly over at kitten knits yarn is having a fun contest for some pretty stitch markers! Go check it out, its at the end of the post ;O)

Wednesday, July 11

Fresh veggie goodness!

What can you make with all of these fresh home grown veggies?!

Well you can add all these things together and make a yummy pasta dish!

Here is the garlic, red onion(sorry not pictured) yellow squash and the zucchini doing a happy dance with some olive oil in the pan :o)

Add the tomato (one can buzzed up in a blender, the other whole), blanched broccoli and hit it with some parmesan cheese and you have yourself some fresh veggie goodness! Don't forget the fresh baked millet and cracked wheat bread!

That was our lunch today! I love it that I can go outside with the kids and show them where vegetables come from, not just from the store. We plant them, water them, hope they get a bunch of sunshine, pick them, prep them and then finally, eat them!

One of our little sugarsun(little orange) tomatoes are almost ripe... That means that soon we will be overflowing with tomatoes! I can't wait!

Last night I cast on for my pink socks! I decided to do a heel flap. I've never done one before... so I found this and tried my best. I'm still not done with the gusset, but i decided to blog while the kids are napping. I can knit later when they are in bed, after I clean the house. Also I did a Eye Of Partridge Heel Flap Do the ckicky thing to see where I got the pattern :0) Very cool, I like it a bunch. I'm thinkin that this heel will fit better than a short row heel, like I've done in the past. Its always fun to try something new, and further you knowledge in the knitting world!

Tuesday, July 10

Wow, 3 years....

This past Sunday was my 3rd knitaversary! Yes folks three years ago on Sunday(July 8th 2004) I Went to my first yarn shop, attended my first ever knitting night (chix with stix) and started my first swatch (out of Rowans wool cotton, on US 8's, i think). I learned how to knit and purl that night!(that ones for you Heather;o)

And I owe it all to Amy! Around that time I didn't really have many friends. I was a fairly new mother, G was one. I was, and am, younger than other mothers typically are but I didn't really feel like I was, just a bit out of place. Anyways I'm getting off the subject. Because of you, Amy, I've made a lot of close knit friendships! Thank you! If it wasn't for you asking me, even though I was a bit hesitant, and telling me (not offering) that you would come by and pick me up on that Thursday to take me out to this shop. I would have never known the joy of knitting and more importantly I would have never made such good friends! God used you to help me, so thanks for sharing your passion with me!

OK enough with the mushy gushy!

Hubby wanted something to put his MP3 player in so.... this is what I made. I used some left over sock yarn! Which is good cause I never know what to make with all the little balls left over. I'm going to attach it to some elastic so he can wear it around his arm while riding his bike to work... I tried knitting a band that was ribbed but it wasn't elastic enough to stay in place. The only thing I could think of using was fixation... but i figure that for him elastic is just fine :o) Then I'll make one for me so I can wear it while running. I have just been tucking it in under my bra strap, that not too weird is it?! It worked...

So a blogless friend of mine decided to gift me with present. it was unexpected but very welcomed!

While she was on vacation she saw this and thought of me! I do love all things pink! I have been wanting to start a pair of socks! What better way of d
oing that then with this yummy pink sock yarn?!

Does any one know a good pattern for socks out of fixation?

So I just found this KAL.... I think I might join!

Ok bummer, so I just read that she isn't accepting new signups anymore... but to feel free to grab the button... so i did!

I Rock, U Rock

Yep, I was nominated (twice)!

Thanks Kindred Hearts and Anne!

Now I get to nominate 5 bloggers.....

What can I say, she's my sister! If I rock than she must! I wish we lived closer so we could rock out together, miss you ;o)
This one is the reason I knit(3 years ago)! She also introduced me to the bloggin community!
What a great friend! (we need to ask hubby what he thinks of her... the reason for two of my addictions *grin*)
She is new to blogland, but i'm so thankful she is my friend!
I love her blog, she makes me laugh and has two adorable girls!
This woman is a knitting machine! there are always beautiful FO's to look at!

Oh how the list could go on....


Friday, July 6

I'm Published!

Today I received a package in the mail and I had no clue who it would be from. So I opened it and saw this! The Knitting Pattern a Day (2008) Calender!

I didn't order it so I must have got one of my patterns accepted!

I paged through to find my Baby Pixy Hat pattern staring right at me. How cool is that?!

My sister also got a pattern published but I'll let her tell you about that!

It is really cool to see a pattern you wrote (however simple it is) be printed up on a shiny page of a calendar. I even have a few other patterns that I'm going to submit for the 2009 calendar. If you have any patterns (knit or crochet) you can go here and submit your own patterns!

On to other things.

I finished the aqua baby set for the shop. I've started the yellow. These things just fly off the needles!

Last night was knitting night out at the shop. I decided to bring my Mable dress home.

I tried it on C, its a bit big, but all that time I spent on it makes me want to have her wear it all the time! I made booties to match, L's feet were too big for her to wear them and they just barely fit C. I think I might put some elastic in them to keep them on. I also want to get a ball of the yarn and make a diaper cover to match. I know that the dye lot wont be the same but I'm sure it wont be that big of a difference.

We picked our first cucumber and yellow squash form our garden! I love fresh veggies!

I hope you all (in the states) had a wonderful Fourth of July! Ours was pretty good. We did the parade thing, then tried to nap, that didn't work out. then we went to a picnic where they had a big swimming pool. The kids love the water. We put some water wings on them and they were fearless. I really need to get them in some swimming lessons, quick!

From there we went to the fire works! I took a few pics and thought this one turned out pretty.

I think that about sums up our weekend...

Knit happy!