Saturday, June 18

It's finished!

Well almost... Everything is seamed up and all the ends were weaved in by 1:57 this afternoon! All I have to do is buy some buttons to match... I'm not so sure its going to be easy. I didn't have any luck today. Sometimes I really hate shopping. I was really getting sick of not finding what I was looking for.

I was also looking for a skirt for me, leah is being dedicated in church tomorrow, I thought it'd be a good idea to look nice. Not gonna happen. Since having leah I've gone up a size
or two(to be expected when having a child...) and I don't have much that fits me. I also Don't want to go hog wild and buy lots of new stuff because I am planning on getting back in shape;) so far I haven't been helping myself do that. I must be an addict if I think: why exercise when there's knitting to be done?! I think I need to buy a machine that will allow (a.) knitting and (b.) exercise.

OK, back to knitting. Here is a close up of the mabel dress:

I'm so happy with it! I think it is the best thing I've made yet. It was definitely the project I put the most time into. And it was well worth it. I just wish that I would have finished it sooner. I hadn't posted until now because I couldn't bare to say that mabel wasn't finished. I almost felt like a failure.... Not really but I did want to finish before posting, and it gave me that little extra push. Along with hubby and my mom telling me to get it done and out of the way. Well that's that.

now I can focus on my peek-a-boob tank! I've swatched for it, and my gauge is dead on. Then I read that you have to do two end knitting. Its kinda like fair isle, where you have two strands in one hand but you only knit with one at a time. Anyways I can get gauge on that. And it doesn't look the same as Stst. I think I'm going to write the designer and ask her some questions.

I'm still working on my sock... mabel took priority, and its summer now and I don't wear socks unless its cold out. So I should really do peek-a-boob first.

I bought some yarn to knit with the pep my sister sent me. I'm going to make a scarf... But again its summer...(see above) I did start it though, just because I was excited to see how it will turn out:

that can be my idiot knitting, when I really want to watch something with hubby, but still have the need for knitting:)

ok enough is enough, I'll post pictures (of course;) of leah in her cute dress tomorrow. oh yeah, Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there!!

~happy knitting~


Stricken madchen said...

The dress turned out really cute! I hope you find the buttons without too much trouble.

Allena said...

oh that dress is so beautiful! yeah for you! LOL i'm still trying to get into shape.... anyways i have heard that the bike you sit down on and bike (leaning back kinda) is great for knitting!
not that i'm going to get dh to get me one b/c i've got a treadmill and millions of pilates dvd's ahh i guess i just have to get to the working out instead of talking about it....HMMM.
gotta jet TTYL

Katie said...

I love the dress. Where did you get the pattern ? I have two little girls and I would lokve to knit them each a dress or jumper. I sew also and I have made them dresses before.

Kimberly said...

Gorgeous dress!! I love it. Where did you get the pattern? You do great work too, your knitting looks so even. That's just my color!