Tuesday, June 28

Side bar

Please take a look at my side bar:) My friend and I finally found time in our busy mommy schedules to work on my blog. I now know how to put buttons on properly, without stealing them and link pictures to my finished projects! We have been trying to work on it for months but when were together something always comes up, usually the kiddos. I was so excited to finally have a respectable blog, or at least I think so:)

I've been working on some seed stitch shoes (from Baby Knits for beginners by Debbie Bliss) to go with mabel, but 1.) I made them too big, and 2.) they didn't seam up like I thought they would. I hate it when the finished product looks nothing like the picture in the book. I'm almost 100% sure that I followed the pattern correctly... But you never know. That is why I started another pair for my mothers friend (to match the hat I made for her) I had left over yarn and thought, why not?! So now I am making 2 pair of shoes that I don't even know if they will turn out... hmmm. Actually I'm going to rip out the first ones and make them a smaller size. That's 3 pair. I'm crazy. Question... Why do books give different sizes but skip one in the middle? They have a 3-6month, a 9-12month and a 12-18month. Where is the 6-9month?! That the one I want. Its just not my luck. Maybe I'm not supposed to make them after all.

I've swatched for peek-a-boob. What a weird thing two end knitting is. For Stst I used US #6 and for the two end I had to go all the way up to US #10 1/2. I'm not liking how the two swatches look nothing alike...

but I don't know what else to do. I am excited about this, but I'm a bit worried that it will look messy... Any suggestions?

on my sock, I'm about to start the heel... But other things have taken priority... I'll get to it soon...

oh my, I forgot to tell you all about the coolest thing ever... I ordered it from patternworks(link on side bar) its a port-a -pocket.

For sock knitting or small projects. It can go around your arm so you can even knit while walking. Its got little pockets on the outside for knitting tools. I love it!

I'll leave you with a picture of chub muffin and mr cranky pants:

Happy Knitting to all!


Allena said...

wow lovely!
the pix of the kiddos is super cute! LMK when you need the next set of clothing!
i just figured out how to put percentage bars on my blog! looking spiff!
well ttyl

Journey Queen said...

Hey! I finally checked your blog. Wow, I have a lot of catching up reading to do! It is so cool seeing all the pix! How did you get the side bar to work with your paragraph about you? I tried to do mine but couldn't. Talk to you soon!