Thursday, June 30

Addi Turbos!

I haven't been able to post until now, but on Tuesday night i bought my first pair of addi turbos! I'm using them on peek-a-boob. They are the best circular needles ever. The transition from the cord onto the needle is almost un-noticeable. I love them! i really do think I'm knitting faster with them... But who knows.

I wasn't able to knit much yesterday, but i hoping that this tank won't take long. I'm now working on Wednesdays and Saturdays. i start at 7:00am and get off around 12:00 to 1:00pm.(depending on how much bread i have to bake) its not bad at all and we definitely need the money. I'm trying to stay positive about it. i do love baking and working while i am there, but the night before I'm not thrilled about it. as long as the kiddos are corporative and sleep a good amount of the night, I'm happy. But for the rest of the day i' m just exhausted. Plus there is always the household chores, laundry and cleaning and such... I've got to hand it to all the mothers out there who work full time(or even part time) and come home and keep working. Being a parent is a full time job in its self. Having time to knit is sometimes hard to do but i find if i make the time, even just 30 minutes a day, I'm a happier mother and wife.

So i don't know where all that just came from... I was just going to post about my new needles, and it just turned into a whole mom and working thing...

Speaking of mothers my mom just stopped by with a coupon for the bank(she works there). We are going to open up saving accounts for the kids, and the coupon give us 5 bucks! Free money! Is that an oxy-moron?! Free and money...You usually don't hear those words together:)

Ok well the kiddos are sleeping so I'm going to knit a bit to relax for the day:)
Happy Knitting to all!

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Journey Queen said...

I am so glad knitting keeps you calm. That is like reading for me! Hey, my roommate Laura saw the picture of the purse you knitted and she wants to buy/order one from you. She wants it for winter... is that enough time with all your other projects? How much do you charge for it? What colors can you get it in? ~ dawn