Tuesday, June 14

Oh my.

well where do I start...

I ripped my sock out, again.

I decided to add a few more stiches around. I think it will fit a lot nicer.

And this is where I am now. Its going well.

I went shopping for my SP5... Its really hard shopping for someone you barely even know. I hope she like what I got. I made her some stich markers... I wish I could post a picture of them... The turned out really well. I love posting pictures... Could you tell?! LOL. But I want to keep my identity hidden, so no pictures. Maybe when the secret is out I'll show you them then.

I haven't been knitting much lately. Having nice weather, we are outside most of the time and gabe doesn't do well playing by himself yet... I don't mind though, its fun to be a kid again and play with him. I love drawing with chalk, and making pretty pictures, its lots of fun!

I've also been in the garden, watering and weeding. or should I say de-weeding. We already have 10 little green tomatoes ... Its so exciting! I love watching things grow, from little to big. Its kinda like kids, they get bigger every time you see them. I swear leah gained a pound the other day, she just looked really big all of the sudden.

how cute is this:

he fell asleep while eating. Playing hard really takes it out of a little guy!

oh, I can show you these:

I didn't send these to my sp5 because I made a lot more than that.(they look nothing like these) I didn't want her to feel overwhelmed by stich markers:) they are so much fun to make. Sometimes I wish I had nothing but time, so I could knit and do other crafty things like this:)

.... Happy knitting~

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Allena said...

LOL HEY you're supposed to draw manyl pictures for Gabe not pretty ones! LOL

those stich markers are great.
as for you and your frogging....HMM you know that book you got me? buy one for yourself. it's made all the sock work easy! it does all the calcs for you!

and yes i'm enabeling you! sorry! LOL