Wednesday, June 22

My SP's first strike!

So how excited was I to receive my very first sp gift ever?!? Super excited! When I went outside to get
my mail there was a box waiting patiently for me on the porch. I was so happy, and it came on my birthday too:) when I opened it up there was a nice note from my sp5, some sock shaped point protectors(too cute), a tape measurer with a ladybug on the end(also cute:), a handy little sun shaped note holder and some sock yarn! Thank you SP5!!! What a nice gift this was!

ok now that I've properly thanked my secret pal I can backtrack to last night. I have officially finished mabel! With the help of my very talented friend Amy, there are five cute buttons on the back of it and they each have their own little loop hole.

(sorry its not the best picture)

Amy being the perfectionist that she is crocheted the loops and attached the buttons for me. Then I got to weave in all the ends. Not my favorite thing to do but if it means that its all done... Then so be it! So here is a picture of it hanging in my LYS:

Its above the yarn that I used. Jaeger Siena 4 ply, a 100% mercerised cotton. Here is a close up picture of the shaping:

now I'm done with the pictures... At least for this post. lol.

I was so happy to finish this dress! The pattern Traditional Mabel Dress was from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies . At least I think that is what the book was called, I don't own it, I just used the one pattern out of it. ok I need to go knit now... More posting later:) Happy knitting to all!


Allena said...

nice! you made out! the dress is pretty! looks lovely in the LYS! LOL i'm sure leah will look oh so cute in it too!

Allena said...

hey welcome to the christian knitters web ring! i forgot to say that!