Thursday, June 9

One down, many more projects to go

I finished the hat last night and sewed in the ends this morning. And gave it to my mothers friend just a half an hour ago. She loved it! Even though its piepin hot out... I made it big enough that she can wear it well into next year. I love rib knitting! Its very giving.

The sweetie pie, Leah beea, was kind enough to model it for you all. My goodness I can't believe she is almost three months old... Time sure does fly by. This morning I drove past an elementary school and they were marching around the school for their last day, I'm assuming it was a graduation thing. All the parents were out on the lawn watching. Anyways I almost cried, thinking that gabe will be doing that I just a few short years. I've been super emotional since having kids... Its those darn hormones.

I'm planning on blocking mabel today. Right after I get off this addictive computer, and start some laundry. There once was a time when I hated using computers... Since knitting, that is long gone:) Gotta jet, happy knitting to all!

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