Wednesday, June 8


So I know I've been slacking on my blogging lately, and I'm sorry:) But I've been really busy. Over memorial day weekend my hubby and I put in a garden:

Now I must say last year all we had was one row of tomatoes along our garage(top, left corner of the picture) ....So that must mean that we dug up the rest of the grass, with only our bodies and a couple of shovels. That is tough work. no machines were harmed in our garden.. Just us:) Alright, I think we have 18 tomatoes(all different varieties), 35 garlic, 2 peppers, 6 savoy cabbage, 4 zucchini, 2 yellow summer squash, and 4 cucumbers. Last year we only had six tomato plants.... We make our own sauce and freeze what we don't use, so we can have homemade sauce in the winter. Yummy yummy. It almost makes me drool just thinking about it. I also forgot to mention that gabe loves to eat them too. So we have a few sweet 100's just for him to pick and eat as they ripen. We also put wood around it so that next year we can have a raised bed. That was a last minute decision on my part:) it was tiring, but in the end, a good decision. Ok that's that.

There was a free fishing day, where you didn't need a license to fish, so we took a family fishing trip. Ok it really wasn't a trip we just went 15 min away from home to the local quarry. Gabe and daddy were catching little bluegill, and having a blast. I'm not too sure Gabe knew what he was doing, he seemed intrigued though.

what a cutie pie! It was the first hot day we had and he was a bit tired. But all in all we had fun!

like I said first hot day, well these past few days it has been so warm I almost can't take it. I actually put the air on. Before this we weren't sure if it was going to snow, not really, but it was anything but hot. So we have been out side a lot, and swimming:

alright,so I haven't been swimming, it's just a kiddie pool:) water balloons are fun too! Gabe is loving the water, and its good to be outside most of the day.(except for the applying sunscreen thing, I feel like I have to put it on every hour, us being fair skinned and all.) He gets to burn off some energy too. That's always a plus!

knit wise I haven't been doing too much... I'm decreasing on the baby hat, and I still need to seam the mabel dress. I did buy an iron:) now I just need to do it! When it's hot out its kinda hard to knit if your felling sticky. I know I'm making excuses... But at least I'm posting, right?! And once I get done I'm going to be finishing that hat so I can give it to my mom. Then maybe tomorrow we'll see about the dress.

until next time... Happy knitting.

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Allena said...

wow looks like fun! i want some sauce! maybe when we ge a house i'll have you come plant a garden for me! LOL i'm no green thumb. gotta jet TTYL