Thursday, June 9

Look what I got!

No, its not a package from my SP5, but from my SSS. My super sweet sister! She told me to be looking out for a package in the mail, but I just assumed that it was going to be more baby clothes. Her little girl is almost 8 months so she had been sending me her clothes when Bella moves into a new size. (which has been super nice, I haven't had to buy anything!!!)

Anyways this is what I got from her: some self striping sock yarn and some pep by Lana grossa. And the cutest card ever!

I think I know what I'll be looking for next time I need to buy note cards. How sweet! It made my day:) I have never received yarn in the mail that I didn't have to buy my self. So, thanks Allena!

I know its amazing, I posted twice in one day! But I had to when I saw what was in the mail....


Allena said...

yeah i'm glad you got it! i saw you were liking pink and i had to buy some of that fluffy stuff so i thought i'd send it to you and see what you make with it... i'm thinking a scarf or something. I also saw you were knitting socks so i thought hey i'll send you some self stripping yarn! and all from my LYS here in Germany! glad you liked it! and of course i owed you that bebe creme from forever ago! LOL sorry it took so long!

Christy said...

I haven't been able to check your site for a couple of days and I come back and wow! Look at all those posts. Glad to see you're enjoying your summer. Leah is really looking big (and cute, of course!).