Tuesday, July 5

Weekend update

So much has happened in the last week... Let me start where i left off.

On Friday i signed up for Stitches Midwest! The class is Where do they get those numbers? By Edie Eckman
I'm super excited to go! Amy and i are going to go, and share a hotel room that night so we can go to the market at night and not have to worry about driving back. I'm a bit worried about leaving my little Leah... But i have been pumping and she does take the bottle well. i keep telling myself that i am a good mother and I'm not abandoning her. Plus he will be with her daddy and her grandma, two people that love her very much. I'm not horrible right?!

The other thing that happened on Friday was one of the coolest things ever! Before i gave gabe a bath i asked him if her had to go potty. And he did, he just recently started going pee pee on the potty, he stands up on a little stool. he kept saying poo poo (which for him usually means pee). After going pee i put him in the tub, and in a little bit he kept saying poo poo. So i got him out and stood him up thinking he still had to pee. Well he was patting his butt and saying poo poo, not thinking anything of it i set him on the potty. i took five steps into the kitchen to grab a washcloths came back to find him standing next to the potty, pointing in and saying poo poo. as i looked in i was so happy! My son had gone poop on the potty all by him self! i called hubby at work just to tell him, it was 8:30 (the busiest time in restaurant world) he said "cool" and hung up:) later when he got home he said that it brought a smile to his face, but he was really busy and couldn't talk. This is just one more step for us to not be buying those expensive diapers any more... Well at least not for two kids. Just so you know he hasn't done it again yet... i don't want to force anything on him.

This weekend I've felt like a social butterfly. On Saturday night hubby had off (very rare to have a sat night off, usually I'm by myself with the kids) so we went to a friends house. They also have a 2 year old and the two boys played so well. It was fun! Then on Sunday afternoon was our church picnic. It was at park and you had to bring your own meat and a dessert to pass. Later that night we went to a different friends house for a bonfire. We roasted marshmallows and ate smores. Gabe had a blast, and so did we. The only bad thing was he got to bed around 10:30 usually he is in bed by 8:30. Then yesterday was the fourth of July. We went to the parade witch it started to rain and we left early so leah wouldn't get soaked.

here is a bad picture of gabe and i, in the rain, going to the car:

she was in the stroller but that's not water proof so (after 30 mins or so) out in the rain it starts to leak through. Thankfully she was dry when we got to the car:) And of course we went to the fireworks last night, with some friends. leah was sleeping at first and woke up in the middle of them. They didn't bother her at all. This was gabes first time staying awake through them. He wasn't to excited about them... But he did like them. he kept saying arrr(star) it was cute. He again go to bed around 10:30, at least he slept in until 8:30 this morning:)

wow, i didn't think i had that much to write about... knitwise I've been making some progress on my tank. i have about 5in. Done. i really want to start something that is more intricate, but i doubt i have enough kid free time to work on something like that. We'll see. There's so much to knit and so little time to do it all in... i did make a washcloths out of Wal*marts Peaches & Cream. i realized that i had no hand knit dish cloths, and that i needed some. It went quite fast. My goal is to have no store bought dish cloths or washcloths in a few months...We'll see if that happens.

~Happy Knitting~


Allena said...

wow sounds like you had fun!
while your knitting dishcloths why don't you go ahead and knit me up a few....LOL
go gabe he's almost there! booty was so cranky today b/c she was up all night she liked the fireworks too plus she's cutting teeth! arugh! anyways you're looking good are you doing WW again?
gotta go TTYL

Stricken madchen said...

You did have a busy weekend! I remember how exciting it was when my boys first started using the potty. I used a sticker chart with them and that seemed to speed up the potty training without 'forcing' them. They had a box of stickers to choose from every time they successfully 'deposited' something in the potty and with my younger son I promised a treat after so many stickers.

Journey Queen said...

jess - i love the pix of you and gabe sooo cute! wish i was there. also - talked to laura and told her about the yarn etc... she is just taking a while to get back with you... I think she wants the purse for winter so there is no hurry.... I will let you know soon!