Friday, July 15

New blogger!

so much for posting every day... But i haven't given up yet.

Last night our close knit, knitting group got together to eat, talk and knit. It was fun! I didn't knit too much because Leah was there and who can knit when there is a cute little baby that wants attention?!

She did sleep for an hour or so, and i was able to get some knitting done.
This time i worked on the tank with confidence, and I'm pretty happy with is so far. Heather, one of our core members started a blog too... Go check her out! Give her a nice blog welcome:) I love our little group so much!

i need to gather together my sp's gift and send it out... i love this sp event! Its so much fun to get stuff for someone who enjoys knitting as much as i do. i only wish i could get two of everything and keep one for myself. You can never have too much yarn and knitting notions:)

So just a minute ago my hubby came in from mowing the lawn and gave me this:

How sweet is he?! That just made my day!


Christy said...

That girl is getting SO BIG! Although, I shouldn't be surprised b/c I can't believe how much mine as grown either. I don't think I've told you yet how much I loved Mabel. It looks like you did an excellent job!

Allena said...

oh how sweet of your DH!
leah's getting sooo big! such a cutie! i'm sending out 2 boxes to you mon or tues full o clothes! i hope you can use them! ttyl

ps your comment on my post cracked me up