Monday, July 11

2 for 1

Yes you get 2 posts in one day!

My secret pal sent me a package that i received in the mail today! What a sweetie she is!

Since i wanted to make all of my own dishcloths, she sent me some sugar'n cream yarn so i can have a nice variety! That's it, now i have to get down to business:) i think I'm going to look for some different patterns so they aren't all the same.
~Anyone out there know of any good sites to get some cool dishcloths patterns?!~
She also sent me some cool beads, because the stich marker thing is super addictive, a yummy candle that smells like strawberry shortcake(i almost want to eat it:) and a ME! bath ice cream! You put in the tub and it releases oils and stuff to pamper yourself in the tub! SP how did you know i needed to relax?! You're good! Thanks so much!


Stricken madchen said...

What a fun package! I love knitted dishcloths. Do you have the book 'Knitters Stash'? They have my favorite dishcloth patterns. Also look at knitting.about, they have lots of free patterns. And if you ever run across Reynolds Saucy yarn, it is great for dishcloths.

Evolved Yarn said...

Here is a site that I like to use for finding dishcloth patterns