Monday, July 11

Not enough time

do you feel how i do? There is never enough time do everything you would like to do in one day. Today i have yet to shower, but on the plus side i have started laundry (five loads, two down, three to go:) made blueberry pancakes, with fresh blueberries. They were on sale 99 cents a pint! Hubby LOVES them. I've caught up on some blog reading, i can easily loose two hours by reading up on all the blogs i like to read, then there are new ones that i come across... oi. I almost need to set a timer. But what's the fun in that?! Now i decided to post on my own blog and then make some lunch. I thought you'd all like to see my progress on peek-a-boob:

Like I said before I started the two end knitting, here is a close up:

I'm not sure if I like it... And I'm not sure I'm doing the short rows correctly. I think I'll knit some more and if I don't like it I can always frog it;) I don't like the way that I'm picking up the w&t and knitting them when I come across them. It looks a bit sloppy. I'm going to ask my all knowing friend Amy. She always helps me with any knitting problems. She's the best! Thanks Amy for all your help!!! Love you girl!

Anyways I really should get off this thing and do some house work... And feed the boy. Maybe I can knit while he naps! I love nap time, Its the best!
Knit your hearts out!


Allena said...

what exactly is two ende knitting? not getting that.. short rows are pretty easy just remember to lift the stitches that are wraped first then knit them together with the one on the needle... it looks nice too!

jessica said...

two end knitting is when you hold two strands but only use one at a time. for the first stitch you use one strand then you use the second strand for the next stitch, and keep switching what strand you use every other stitch.its pretty easy once you get the hang of it.