Sunday, July 17

First pick of the season!

So this is the first thing we picked this year from our garden! Three nice big zucchini! The biggest one is about 10 1/2 inches long. I love having a garden, and can't wait until everything is ready to be picked. We are starting to get some color on our tomatoes. And i bet some cucumbers will be ready tomorrow.

on the knitting front I've gotten quite far on the tank, for the little amount of time I've spent on it. I almost have the whole right cup/
side done:) i think I'll be happy with it. Although I'm a bit concerned about the low cut of it. There is a keyhole and I'm not sure if I'll be comfortable in it... But i guess I'll have to finish it to find out. i wonder if i wouldn't have ripped it out all those times if it would be finished right now... hmm. I'm giving myself a week if things go well.

We were going to go to Dairy queen tonight but when we drove by the line was so long it wasn't worth it. Maybe if they wouldn't have tore up the southside one they wouldn't have lost a customer... i was a little miffed. i was sad to see the southside one go... It was my first job... Well actually i had a paper route first, but it was my first real real job:) ahh memories. Anyways i was bummin because its super hot and humid and i could have really gone for some DQ. oh well.

Other news, friends of my younger brother moved about a week ago and left a wooden swing set at their old house. The people who are going to buy it didn't say they wanted it so our friends said we could have it! How cool is that! Its not to big or anything but it beats paying a few hundred dollars for a new one:) Today we(hubby and my dad, i sat and pretended to help) took it apart and moved it to our house. Its still in pieces but that's a project for another day. I'll be sure to post a picture when it's up and runin.


Allena said...

wow nice! that swingset sounds great!
man that sucks!

Journey Queen said...

Love the veggies!!! Jealous of your garden but hopefully will get to reap of its "fruits" :) Can't wait till next weekend when I am flying in for the lake cabin!