Monday, July 18

Garden stuff...

Here are our first tomatoes!

and here is Gabe eating them. he has a big mouthful!

i thought you'd like to see a before and after. So here is the picture i showed you right after we planted the garden:

And here is one i took just a few minutes ago.

Big difference i know. Isn't God amazing?! Look at what he can do, and in such a short time too.

Ok so i promise that this wont turn into a gardening blog... But now and then i will incorporate it into my posts. And they wont be this big... I'm just a little bit excited about it right now:)

So where do i start?... i screwed up BIG time on my tank. I'm a little upset with the pattern. It says to do two different shaping at the same time. The armhole and the neckline... Its kinda confusing and i didn't do it right. So now its almost double the length it is supposed to be. i should have followed the pattern to the tee, but i wish she would have written it differently so that it was a bit easier to follow. Go check it out and let me know what you think. Maybe its just me being stupid... oh well, i get to knit more;) right?!

have a happy knitting night!


Allena said...

i was hoping you would figure it out and help me on it... i started reading the pattern and was completely confused.... and there's no knitting night around here with people to help me out... arugh.

Stricken madchen said...

I love the pictures of your garden. I was actually hoping you would keep posting pictures of it. And that is a cute picture of Gabe with his moouthful. ;-) I hope you figure out the pattern. I'll take a look at it later to see what I think.

BeccaU said...

What a beautiful garden! I've been lucky with a morning glory vine, but rabbits and chipmunks ate my sunflowers that I planted. I'll be lucky to get one container grown one.

Evolved Yarn said...

Your garden looks beautiful! I am so jealous LOL!!! Hopefully mine will look like that next year!!