Saturday, March 31

Something's in the air.

L got her first hair cut today! Really she just got bangs and a tiny trim all over. I have a little curl of her hair in a little baggie... My baby is growing up. She went from this to this! She did pretty good for a two year old having to sit still with sharp scissors just inches away from her face. I think she looks so much older, for a two year old...

So I had my hair cut yesterday... It had almost been a year from my last cut. Its pretty short... but I think I like it. Summer is coming and I just wanted it off my neck.

This morning we dyed eggs. The kidlets were pumped up! I figure we'll start it now and do a dozen at a time and dye eggs a bunch of times. Its pretty, and the kids like it. I always say I want to dye eggs all year round but I never end up doing it... so I thought we'd do them a few times in the next couple of weeks. That's my plan anyways.

On the knitting front I'm about half way through L's kimono. BTW the pattern is from Mason Dixon Knitting. I'm not sure if I've expressed my feelings for that book. I absolutely L-O-V-E it! Its just great to read and has fun patterns too. Whats better than that?!

Right now we're listening to Laurie Berkner. The kids, I, and Hubby all love her music. Its got a fun funky beat you can move and grove too! Its silly, fun music for kids. Just thought I'd share with you all. Sometimes if we are having a bad morning we put it on and dance like nobody is watching:)

kNiT hApPy!

Thursday, March 29

check one off the list!

The kimono is done! I thought I'd use ribbon that didn't take away form the flower... I found the closest match (to the yarn) that I could. I did a little photo shoot so here you go:

I don't think I went too over board with the embroidering, did I?

the sun just came to me, I think its pretty cute.

Of course you need to see it on C.

And the back.

I'm very happy with it and I already have about 4 in done on L's.

While I was at Michael's last night, getting the ribbon, I found some yarn on clearance! Normally $6 a ball, down to $2! They had a sample knit square and it was pretty cute. I instantly thought of making hat and mittens for L next year. The price was right and L said she liked it.

After putting the kidlets to bed last night I made some Amish Friendship Bread, in the way of
muffins. While they were baking and cooling was when I finished the kimono. I was a bit preoccupied and let them cool for too long and half of the muffins got stuck in the pan(they had chocolate chips in them and I think that's what made them stick) I mutilated at least 1/3 of them. I was planning on bringing them to knitting tonight, but now I don't have that many. I probably still will. So I can hand out some of the starter bags. Mine came all the way from my sis! It (the bag) was so full of air when I opened the package, I didn't know she was sending me that. It was pretty funny, If it would have taken one more day in the mail I'm sure it would have exploded! Also in that package was all the seasons of Alias! I'm already on the 4th season, and I'm loving it! Thanks Allena!

Watching TV series on DVD is the only way to go. Last year we started watching 24, a friend from work let us borrow the first few seasons, and we were all caught up by the time the 6th season started this year. Now waiting week to week for only ONE episode is killing me. I'd almost rather wait and buy the season on DVD. Its so much better that way!

OK its lunch time and the kidlets are hungry... kNiT hApPy!

Tuesday, March 27

This morning G decided that he wanted pancakes for breakfast. Normally I'd just make plain old round ones. Awhile ago my MIL had bought some Dino shaped pancake makers and I had totally forgotten about them. Hubby actually remembered them and decided to try them out. They worked pretty well, cute hey?! G had the T-Rex and L had the triceratops. G kept announcing which par he was eating next. "Now I'm eatin his... head... Now I'm eatin his... tail... "and so on. It was pretty cute, especially because you really couldn't tell what was what, it was all cut up. When he was all done he said "I ate it all! Now I'm gonna get big and strong, just like daddy!"

Last night I tried my hand at embroidering. It went pretty well, i think. I kinda followed a guide form a book I have Knitting for Two. I really like this book. It has a bunch of patterns I really want to make, and some I already have. I'm working on a flower on the back... I'll post a pic when its finished. I think i like the flower, its growing on me. L really liked the flower so once I finish this one I'm going to start hers so I don't loose my motivation. I still don't know if I should use a button or a ribbon, what do you think... Please let me know, either way I'll have to go out and buy something... I don't have anything in stock.

Monday, March 26

Don't Leave... It's still me!

I updated blogger and lost all my personalized stuff. So bear with me as I slowly fix my blog and get everything back on my sidebar. I thought I could use a new look too. What do you think!? I'd love to eventually get a typepad account, but who knows. I'm not sure how much that costs... and right now free = good. Someday though.

I tried the kimono on C... what do you think?

I think I'd like to embroider some flowers on it or something. Give it some color. I can't complain, its made out of peaches & cream, on a big cone from wal*mart. A good choice for a low budget. I think she would look cute in anything:) But what do I know... I'm her momma, I have to think that!

Spring is HERE! Its been like 80 out all day (compared to 40 the rest of the week)... and look, I have new growth! I think they are called grape hyishians. They are about 4 inches tall!

Hope you all have a good Monday, Knit Happy.

Saturday, March 24

2 days in a row!

Can you believe it? I hardly can...

This is one of L's new and favorite toys. It would have been a pain to blow up but my parents had an electric blower, used for blowing up air mattresses. I de-flatted two of the sides to take it home, and that wasn't to bad to re blow up. Both G + L love it. They put the balls through the holes, and they pop right out! Its a blast. I've been using it to help L learn her colors. She is pretty good at it.G is always there to help her if she does them wrong... What are big brothers for?!

C was being super smiley last night. But she is always turning her head when I try and take the picture. So this is the result. One of these days I'll get a good picture of her.

(obligated knitting content) I figured I needed some.

Here is her little kimono, it still needs buttons or a ribbon for a tie... I still haven't decided. The one I made for my friend last spring was done in garter stitch and I put ribbons on it. You can see it here. It was really easy and quick to knit... I think I might play with the pattern and make on for L. She loves to wear dresses, but so many of the ones she has are sleeveless, just tiny little straps. Its still quite cold in Wisconsin... I can't wait for spring. Green grass, beautiful colors from all types of flowers, I just can't wait! I envy all you out there who live in places where things are already blooming.

Lets see how many days in a row I can go for... I better get knitting

Friday, March 23

Yippie skippie!

Good news! We recieved a great deal on a basic cable and internet package through charter communications... $30 a month for 12 months. I just couldn't pass it up. We paid off our credit card debt and have a little bit of extra cash. So I convinced hubby to let us get back on line! I'm so excited, that means I can blog regularly again! I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month. Things have been crazy busy, I wonder why?!

My little Leah had her 2nd birthday on the 19th. she is getting so big! We sorta celebrated it for three days. With us, the in-laws and my parents. The kids loved it! Gabe didn't think it was too fair, but I kept explaining that it was her special day, and that on his birthday it would be his turn to have a special day. I think he finally got the idea, but he still wan't to thrilled with it. We bought her a tricycle, she loved it! It was even nice enough to let her ride it outside for a bit. Of course i forgot to take pictures... so you get the ones of her in the kitchen. She loved the helmet and pads so much she wore them for over an hour!

Here she is last year on her 1st birthday...
they grow so fast. What a little girly girl she is. I can't believe my little baby girl is growing up.

My 2nd little baby girl, Chloe is getting so big. Just like her sister, she got those big chubby cheekers. She has been flashing her little smile for the past couple of weeks. I caught it on camera while her cousin Lilly was holding her. Cutie pies!

I'm going to be going back to work in a week or two. They are pretty flexible, its ultimatly up to me. It will only be for two days a week, which isn't so bad, but just the thought of it makes me sad.

A few weeks ago I had started to wear my slippers thin and in some spots there were holes. What did I do?! Throw them in the washer to re-felt them... Hello? when did I forget how to use my brain... I should have used some yarn to do a patch job but i didn't. The result, even bigger holes than were there before. Bummer. I guess on the plus side its is starting to get warmer out and I will have time to knit, yet another pair, before next winter. Final note to self: Never think a hole will just felt to itself.

In the past month I've done a good amount of spinning. I forgot to take a picture of all of it before giving it to Brigitte. I still have a few "balls" of roving left to spin, but I did most of it, about 4 pounds so far.

I've also knit a baby kimono for Chloe... I just have to put the finishing touches on it... so stay tuned! thanks to all of you for being so nice and leaving such swet comments on last months post, Its always nice to hear from ya'll!

Take care. Happy knitting!