Sunday, October 15

missing you!

Is any one out there?
I'm back!

Yes i know it has been 7 months since my last post. Things have been crazy around here. We cut back on a bunch of things, one of them being the internet. I've been missing my blog and all my bolggin pals. So I'm going to try to post at least once a week. I'll be posting from my parents computer, so we'll see how it works out.

Another bummer is that just recently my digital camera broke so now I have to borrow my parents camera to take pictures to post. Because posts just arnt fun without pictures.

Oh yeah, I'm pregnant again. About 6 months along. I'm due on the 13th of Febuary, but will be delivering by C-section on the 5th because of hospitial policy.

On the knitting front I can barely even remember what I've all knit since I've been a non-blogger. Yes i do take pictures but they are mostly all on my computer, which isn't on line:( I don't rember telling you all of a woman who wanted me to knit her a sewater. Well i did and it turned out quite nice. She like it and asked if I'd knit her a lacey stole. I of course said yes. That was a few months ago, and I just started the stole last week...oops. Last month I was busy making a good friend of mine a bunch of knitted goodies for her soon to be baby girl. She is due on the 29 of October. I put it all in a cute basket and wraped it it tooling! Cute hey?! Inside the basket is 3 burp cloths, 3 bibs, a little kimino sweater (all are from mason-dixion knitting, I love that book!), and 2 bunnys. She loved the gift and said she slept with the bunnys that night;) I love making others happy with the things I've made with my own hands. Knitting Rocks!

My birthday was in June and my Hubby was so kind to organize a donation pool for a big gift for me. I was delighted to recieve my very own spinning wheel! It is a double treadle schacht. I LOVE it and have taken to spinning quite well! Last week I spun and plyed my first yarn (llama mohair blend) and will begin to knit my oh so sweet hubby some socks to keep is feet warm while hunting. I'll be sure to take pictures of it with my parnets camera so I can show it to you all!

I know there is a ton more things that i feel you need to be caught up on, but my time is running out. I will try to visit all of my old blogin frineds in the next few weeks to stop in and say hi. Miss you all and hope you didn't forget about me!

this computer is being slow and won't let me spell check. I'm a horrible speller, don't think any less of me for any errors. Thanks!


Stricken madchen said...

I was so excited to see your comment! You have been missed. And congrats on baby! I bet your 2 have grown alot too. Do we get to see pictures of them soon? I'm sure they are even more adorable now. ;-) That gift you put together is very cute. Very neat idea.

Christy said...

WELCOME BACK! So great to get an update. Good luck with your pregnancy. I second what the previous commenter said---can we see pics of your kids? I bet they are so big now. Eva sure has grown up a ton in the past few months.

Allena said...

sooo glad to see you! i'm glad you can post some I TOLD you Mom and Dad wouldn't mind!
i want to see your wheel!
OMG i just reread what i said.. how childish do i sound?? LOL sorry about that.
call me when you can girl we gotta talk!

Renee said...

Welcome back and congratulations!