Monday, March 13

New do

I've been saying for months now that I needed a hair cut. The last time I had one I was still pregnant with Leah. Her birthday is next Sunday. So if you do the math its has been at least a year. I know that's horrible, I don't do much for myself. So here it is. She took off more than 10 inches. The hair stylist tried to get enough off the initial pony tail to send it to Locks of Love but it was only about 9 in. I think they need 11in. She said she was going to try anyways.

I really like it so far, but I need to get some hair products. I didn't use much before, so its all kinda new to me. In this picture I straitened my hair, not always will I have time for that in the morning. I'd love to find something to put in it and have the messy but still stylish look to it. So I could throw it on after my shower and be good to go. Some sort of pomade cream or a moose of some sort?! When hubby gets home I think I'll run to the store to take a look and see what I can find.

I kinda feel like I'm cheating you all. This is supposed to be a knitting blog. Lately I haven't had much knitting content, I feel bad about it. But I really appreciate all of your sweet comments about me and my family, even when there isn't any knitting to speak of. I guess I'm just trying to say thanks, to all my blogging pals!

slowly but surely I'm re-knitting the back of my sweater, now it looks like an armhole should. Thank goodness;o) I'm NOT ripping it out anymore.

I have a class with 4 people in it starting tomorrow. Again just a learn to knit class, very basic. I think we'll just be knitting a scarf, one must start at the beginning, to achieve knitting greatness.

Ok blah blah blah, I should really end this... Knit happy!

Friday, March 10

This is it

I found the bag I really want. Too bad its almost $100. Ouch, that's a lot of mullah. (Note to hubby: my birthday is in June) Anyways, Here is the link. Go check it out. I found it by looking at Starsky, from knitty. I think I'd like to knit that too, if I ever had the time. It just looks like I'd have fun it I wore it. Is that silly of me?!

I forgot to mention that last night my friends introduced me to Grey's Anatomy. I think I'm hooked. We watched the first two episodes.... I think this might turn into an obsession. Only time will tell.

Oh yeah, and while I was on the computer this morning the kids got into the banana bread:o)

Knit on!

I was visited by a frog.

I noticed after completing one of the front panels of my hoody that I did the armhole shaping incorrectly. I added about 10 rows to the sweater... argh. As you can see on the picture on the left I had about 9 inches to rip out. I picked up the row I needed to rip down to and was ready to go.

Last night I went out frogging... er.. ah.. Knitting. I only got to go out for a couple of hours, so I could be back for my bed time. All in
all I purled one row. The rest of the night consisted of ripping and winding little bits of yarn into tiny balls. Bummer, I know, but it had to be done. I really want this sweater to be as close to perfect as I can make it.

Look, the frog himself made an appearance. He sure is making me work hard for this thing. Look at all those tiny balls of yarn... That is just more knitting for me, right?! I just wish I could sit and knit for a week and finish it. I have so many other things I'd love to get started, I just need the time. So is life.

So I think I'm going to start a count down for my new and upcoming job. Or rather when I get to quit the crazy job I have now. Thanks for the idea Michelle! Now I just have to find a counter!

Happy knitting to all!

Wednesday, March 8

My poor baby!

I came home from work this morning to find my little girl playing with this. An empty (thank goodness or she would have been soaked in something sticky) little green cup. She was having a good old time and then it happened. It was like slow motion. I saw the cup fly out of her hands and her falling slowly to the floor. I (of course) was all the way across the room and couldn't possibly get to her in time to save this poor little girl. Bam. Smack. Right in the middle of her forehead. An instant bruise. This is the best picture I was able to get. She moves to fast for my digital camera. About five minutes after crying she was back to her normal cheery self. Smiley and laughin!

On a good note I gave Gabe a buzz cut last night, I think I love that "style?!" on him. What a cutie pie, if I do say so myself.

I was able to work some more on the hoody! I'll finish the left front today, hopefully. Then I can start the right. After that all I have to do is the sleeves! Woohoo! I hope this goes quickly! hehe yeah right. I'm predicting by the end of March it will but hanging up in the shop. Lets see if I can make my dead line!

Knit on!


Here is one more picture of the bruise. It now has a goose egg sized bump under it. I sure hope people don't look at me funny while we go to the store this morning. Also of the kids playing under me while I blog;o)

Tuesday, March 7

Its been a while!

I can't believe I haven't posted since the 24th. It is hard enough to find the time to knit let alone to blog about it. Not to mention catching up on all my blogging buddies! Hours fly by with out even knowing it!

Good news, I do have knitting content! Yipee! I'm involved in our secret sister thing at church and have a sweet lady who is very interesting. She
(her husband too) was actually in our ABF(adult bible fellowship) the past few weeks telling our class about her time spent as a missionary! Very cool! Anyways I made her a funky scarf and I'm hoping she likes it. Here I am modeling it:o) I got the yarn a while ago and forgot about it, until a few days ago. I'm glad I had it handy, because I don't think hubby would have went for me going out to buy more yarn. I'm kinda on a yarn diet. By kinda, I mean I am on a yarn diet. Oh well I've got lots of things I want to knit and have the yarn in my stash. Just finding time is a bit difficult.

So a fabulous job opportunity came up. A friend from church is having a baby in May. She is a school teacher and really feels that she needs to be with the students she has been put with. They are the kids that have been kicked out of high school, and are labeled as "the troubled kids" She feels like God put her in that position for a reason, to be a light for these kids. Anyways they have been looking for child care for a while now and mentioned it in our ABF about a month ago. I played with the thought of doing it but didn't think much of it. Over the past week or so I really had been thinking about it seriously, and talked it over with hubby. I prayed about it and we decided together that it would be a good idea. So come this September I'll be quitting my job as a baker and be come a child care provider. I know it won't be all smooth sailing but I'll be home with my kids like I've always wanted. Both my friend and I think its an answer to prayer for both families!

Also I'll regain my knitting time after the kids go to bed! I won't be dog tired when dinner time rolls around, and hopefully the bags under my eyes will leave! Because I'll just have the baby 5 days a week during the day, no sleepless nights! Hallaluah!

I've been working slowly but surely on the hoody and I'm just starting the armhole shaping on the left front panel. I keep forgetting to keep the K2 on each side. So I end up going back every few rows to fix it. This will be where the zipper attaches. I've not said that aloud yet. That really scares me. So how do you attach a zipper to a knitted item?! Anyone? Did i mention all the ends I'm going to need to weave in? I though that it would take me a week for sure. Then Amy showed me how to weave them in as I go. Thank you thank you! Your a life saver!

I should be going the kids are up from their nap... Its mommy time!

Happy knitting!