Monday, February 16

My mommy snug!

I finished this last week on the 7th ok more like a week and a half ago:) The weather has been crappy so when it was sunny out i had Joe take some pictures so i could finally blog about it. My gauge was off a bit in the length but after washing it, it fits just perfect!

Project Stats:

Start Date: November 24th
End Date: February 7th
Pattern: Mommy Snug
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Sierra
Needles: US#6 Addi Turbo
Recipient: ME!

You can also check it out on my ravelry page :)

I don't know about any of you but when I'm pregnant I am always warm/hot. So when picking a yarn I wanted it mostly cotton with a bit of wool for some warmth and give. So I thought that this cascade sierra would do the trick, 80% cotton 20% wool.

I Started this back in November and knit about 6 inches. Then I had a few Christmas presents to whip out and once I finished those i got my first trimester loss of craftiness. I was just so tried that when i was sitting down I just wanted to sit, nothing else, just sit. It lasted a little under a month. Around mid January I picked this back up and went to town!

I still am tired but I expect that with 3 kids running around all day;)

I love the little cabling detail around the bottom, cuffs and neck, just enough detail but not a whole sweater of cables.

One thing I hate doing is seaming up, especially fitting the arms into the sides. Not fun. But I managed and I think it turned out well!

I decided to knit the arms in the round and eliminate the button plackets. To me the buttons on the cuffs made no sense except for fashion, and I could do with 0ut that. I had a bit of math to do and figure out how to increase so it looked good, but it went really well! I did them both at the same time on 2 circulars. I love knitting anything that needs to be the same length that way.

There still arent buttons on the sweater, but I like the way the sides split open. I most likely won't use the buttons but I plan on sewing them on anyways, who knows, maybe I will use them;) Either way I'm in search for the perfect buttons to use... one of these days!

Hope you are all doing well!