Friday, August 31

The Baby Boarder

(Don't mind the messy baby)

Since C has been crawling (since Sunday) she hasn't ventured out of the living room.

At first I thought nothing of it, just that she wasn't an accomplished crawler. but now I see that she cant cross the "boarder". She gets half way over the carpet into the kitchen and wont put her little knees down on the linoleum. too funny! I took a bunch of pics, what are digital cameras good for anyways?!

She is even going up on all fours, at the rate she is going I'm afraid for when she'll be able to walk.

I keep thinking that L was the crazy one who did everything quickly and was into all sorts of things.

I might just have to be on my toes with this one!

This is her favorite thing to climb on... a nursing stool that was borrowed to us from Amy.

Canning and Crafting

Yesterday I made Hot Pepper Jelly. It is so yummy! I got the link from my sister Allena. Thanks Allena!

I like it best with cream cheese and
triscuits! Something about the crunchy, creamy, sweet and hot combo is just fantastic! I used peppers from our garden (of course) and the "hot" variety came from the in-laws and a lady from my local knitting night. It only called for red and green bell peppers but we grew yellow in the garden also so I thought I'd throw that in there too. I love how it looks in the jar, the pepper bits just floating mid jelly :O)

On to the crafting. Through the SAM kal 4 I found THIS LINK to make sock blockers. Well I went to the store yesterday to 1 buy triscuit (see above) and 2 buy a place mat (for sock blockers) I came home with the triscuits, which was well worth the trip in its self. But later in the night I remembered the sock blockers. I was upset and determined this morning to find a way to make them without going to the store. Well I found a big piece of paper and some clear contact paper.... I cut up four templates and put two of them together so it was a bit thick and laminated them! yah! I have my own sock blockers! These will do until I have an extra $30 lying around ;O)

Also I put my pal's socks on them and they look wonderful! I just have to actually block them and then they'll be in the mail! I really want some wooden ones they really do make socks look good! I wasn't a believer until today!

My farmers market tote is a few inches away from seaming the sides together... Maybe I can wonk on it a bit during nap time!

Have a good week end!

Thursday, August 30

My pal's socks are done!

But I can't show you a picture yet...

They have to be blocked, packed, shipped and then I'll post a picture:O)
I was SOOOO happy last night when I weaved in the last end... I agonise over weaving in ends... It is my least favorite thing about knitting. Hubby told me that I needed to teach him how to do it and then he would weave in all my ends for me. One problem with that. I'm a perfectionists and I really don't think he knows what he trying to get himself into.

I've been working a bit more on that farmers market bag. But its not too interesting yet to post pictures about.

I can't wait to cast on for a pair of socks with my new yarn... but which one and what pattern?!!! Choices choices. I really want to get or at least see the patterns from the books More Sensational Knitted Socks and Favorite Socks. But Christmas is a while away and I don't think I can wait that long to CO for my socks. Maybe I'll see if the local library has either of them. Unfortunately my LYS doesn't carry those books.

One of my most favorite things to eat from the garden is salsa. I cheat and use a packet of salsa seasoning. That way all I need to do is cut up the tomatoes, onion and just mix in the packet. Oh its sooo sooo good! It was my lunch the other day!

Two nights ago I took some pics of the kids. Thought they were cute, so I'll share!

Oh did I say that
C is actually crawling now?! She isn't fast yet, but she is up on all fours and is going places. Its kinda cute, she has a tendency of popping up her knee and putting her foot on the ground while attempting to crawl. So she has both hands down one knee and one foot, silly little girl! She also had quite the temper on her. If she has her hands on some paper or a tissue and you take it away, she lets you know she isn't happy. This girl has a pair of lungs!

I can't believe she isn't a tiny little baby anymore, she is starting to grow up. I can't just hold her anymore(for a long time), she is such a busy body!

More knitting content to come, I promise! Have a wonderful end of the week :O)

Friday, August 24

I have been knitting

So I can actually post about some knitting!

Imagine that, on a knitting blog... *grin*

So I saw this on Karen's blog, and instantly had to start one myself. I've been wanting one of theses types of bags and just never got around to finding a pattern. So here it is, Elisa's Nest Tote. I've already messed up, I must not have did a yo somewhere in there and then didn't have enough sts, then added a yo, so now there is a bigger than normal hole in there somewhere. I really don't care, its just a bag. I know crazy, me not caring. Normally I'd rip it out and fix it but I just figure I can make more. Its goes really fast and I think I've got about half of it knit up so far.

My only problem is that between me and the kids I forget which row I was on. Its only a 4 row repeat:

Rows 1 and 3: Purl.
Row 2: K1, *yo, k2tog, repeat from * to end of row.
Row 4: *Ssk, yo, repeat from * to last stitch, k1.

I keep forgetting if I had just knit row 2 or 4.... Like I said I really don't care though:O)

I'll make more ....

I'm almost ready to do the toes on my pal's socks... I swear! If I can only stop knitting on the tote... Then I'll be able to send them out and then I'll be able to post about them.

C is still a bit on the cranky side when it comes to sleep(I'm guessing its the whole new teeth thing, slowly pushing their way up through her poor little gums), she's up a LOT at night. I can't wait to get a good nights sleep, one of these days ;O) oh and she could use it too!

Thursday, August 23


Two of them popped up, or should I say teeth. Wow C is only 6 1/2 months old and yesterday and today she got her first teeth. I don't think the other two were as little as she is when they got their teeth.

Don't mind the green on her face, its broccoli from the garden, cooked and buzzed up in the blender. She loves the stuff. I thought she might not like it but she wolfed it down, and had seconds too :O)

If you look you can see the two little dark spots in her gums. Click on the pictures if you really care, not that you have to.

Ok as promised I'll talk about the garden:

So its been raining here for like a week straight. Seriously. Anyways the garden is in full bloom, picking lots almost every day!

I made our first batch of tomato sauce a few nights ago, and froze some too! It was soooo yummy!

We used all of these big tomatoes, in both pictures.

Then we made a cucumber, red onion and tomato salad, it was also good. With the leftovers of the salad I'm adding chicken to it so I can just throw that and some spinach in a tortilla and have a quick and easy yummy lunch!

Oh yeah remember the broccoli that C was eating?! Well its the healthiest looking broccoli I've ever seen. Its so big and hearty. See!?!

Knitting update:

I still need to knit 2 inches and then the toes of my pal's socks.

Also I can't go knitting tonight because there is a meeting at church for all of the Sunday morning staff, I teach in the 2's and 3's department, so I had to choose which to go to. Even though I love knitting I thought it best to attend the meeting, I wonder if they'll mind if I knit there hmmmmm.

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, August 22

It came!!!!

Oh the beauty!

Just look at it.

This one is Cherry Tree Hill's gypsy rose. I love it. Though the picture on the site was a bit darker in color(probably a dye lot thing) I love it.

This is Cider Moon's peas and carrots. I love it too. So bright and vibrant!

When I went to the loopy ewe I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and pick something you wouldn't normally find in my knitting bag. I am thrilled I did because I L-O-V-E both yarns I picked. I think I'm hooked! I will definitely be going back there (when its in the budget, like b-days and Christmas time). Such a wonderful site, and Sheri rocks, so sweet and thoughtful!

Sheri from The Loopy Ewe also sent along some extras. What a wonderful little package she put together! Its the little things that makes you smile. I've been wanting a little way to keep track of all the different needles I have and presto, just like that I have one. Its not much, but it made my day!

I can not wait to start knitting more socks! First I have to finish my pal's socks. They are almost done a few more inches and then some toes, I think I like my tried and true short row toes best. I've done a wedge toe but wasn't thrilled with it. I've yet to do a round toe, the one kind of like the top of a hat, and I'm not quite sure what other toes are out there.

Whats your favorite toe?

Tomorrow, garden update! (We've had lots of rain!)

Monday, August 20

A trip to The Loopy Ewe

I got an unexpected late birthday gift, of money, form my MIL!

I've seen so many different sock yarns around and have been itching to try some out. Like Cherry Tree Hill, the Plucky Knitter, Cider Moon, Lornas Laces The Knittery.... the list could go on and on and on. Well with this money I decided to go and check out The Loopy Ewe. That is seriously one of the coolest places to find sock yarn! I think its almost needless to say but on Sunday night I placed my first order! I'm really excited to get my yarn... I've heard that the shipping is really fast so hopefully I'll get it on Wednesday or Thursday. I'll be sure to post pic of the yarn when it comes!

On the knitting front I've made lots of progress on my pals socks.
I've knit gussets, turned heels and I am now knitting the foot portion of the socks! I think I might be able to finish them in the next few days. Depending how much knitting time I get.

Its been raining here for 3 days... I've had a good amount of indoor time to knit but the kids chew up most of that... which is, of course expected! Speaking of kids, C has got the army crawl down pat! She can get to wherever she wants, pretty quickly. Usually its towards paper of some sort, one of the kids pictures, a book, or even some mail that has found its way to the floor. Oh and don't forget the ever impressive tag, remote control, cell phone and camera. Oh to be a baby again, how fun that would be!

She is one determined little girl!

Friday, August 17

no knitting pictures

Thanks for all the kind words about my hat! Also a special thanks to Karen for making a knit chart for the color work! That was so nice of you to take time out to help me out! So thanks! I've been working on my pal's socks... So I can't show you pics... sorry! I really really want to. You must know from reading my blog that I love pics and almost can't do a post without one. This is hard for me;O)

Wednesday was Hubby's b-day, we went to the zoo. I know we go there a lot, but we have a zoo pass and want to get our money's worth! Well it rained pretty much the whole time we were there, but we still had fun.

The night before the kids and I made peanut butter cookies, you know the ones with the
Hershey kiss squished in the middle, their hubby's favorite. The kids did all the un-wrapping of the kisses(I hate that part) and they carefully helped me squish them in too! We also made him a book, I wrote the words they colored the pics, then when they were in bed I laminated the pages and punched holes in it. He really liked it! We've read it every day so far at least three times a day!

Here are a few of the pics:

Our van. Yes it is green in real life;o)

Daddy (in orange) and the kids, reading a book. With the living room around them(the red)

Daddy(in green) putting them to bed. The kids in bed with their favorite colors G(red) L(purple)

I'll leave you with a couple pics of G & C.

Oh C is now doing the army crawl... She is only 6 months. This is crazy! She can really get to where she wants to go. I guess its time to be vacuuming every day again! Not to mention scan the floor every few minutes to make sure none of the kids choking hazards are left out!

Monday, August 13

HSS2 design contest

Not another Weasley Hat

Inspired by the Weasley family and Sophie.

The Weasley’s always have the coolest knit items. Thanks to Molly and her needles! Ron and his famous ‘R’ sweater and all the hats he wears. When I think of the twins I think of the different knitted fair isle hats they wear in Hogsmeade. I decided that Ginny needed a girly version. My HSS2 pal Sophie told me that she is absolutely nutters for argyle… Voila, this hat was born! Its worked from the top down with a cool brim that is a double layer to keep your ears nice and toasty warm!

Gauge~ 20 sts x 28 rows over 4inches



US# 6 (2circulars)

US# 10 (or similar sized needle for bind off)

Darning needle


Cascade 220 super wash

1 ball MC

1ball CC

Pom pom maker or a bit of cardboard

Getting Started:

CO 7 sts, Join for in the round.

K1 rnd

*K1 inc1(raise bar inc, tbl)* (14 sts)


*K2 inc1*


*K3 inc1*


*K4 inc1*


*K5 inc1*


*K6 inc1*


*K7 inc1*


*K8 inc1*


*K9 inc1*


*K10 inc1*


*K11 inc1*


*K12 inc1*


*K13 inc1*


*K14 inc1* (105 sts)

K7 rnds

Switch to CC and K3 rnds

With MC K2 rnds

Start Color work and follow chart:

There will be 7 pattern repeats

(if anyone knows how I can make a chart here or on Microsoft word, please let me know!) This was the best I could do.

Thanks to Karen!
You can download this chart or print it!

With MC K2 rnds, break MC

With CC K13 rnds

*K2tog yo* (this forms the picot edge where the brim folds)

K13 rnds

To Finish:

Fold your work at the picot edge wrong sides in

BO as follows:

(Use your US# 10 for the right needle)

Find the last row of the MC; it will be a row of purl bumps. With your left needle pick up the first bump and knit it and the first st on the left needle together. Pick up the next bump and k it together with the first st on the left needle. You now have two worked Sts on the right needle. Slip the right st over and off of the needle to BO. Continue in this manner until all of the Sts are BO. Pull the yarn through the last st to secure.

Weave in all ends.

Make a pom pom, whatever size you prefer, and attach it to the top of the hat. Or opt not to

make one at all.

Block you hat and Enjoy!

A note to all the Hogwarts students:
As I've said in previous posts, this was my first attempt at fair isle, I know it doesn't look the best, but If you're experienced, just think how yours will look! House colors maybe?!

Sunday, August 12

Sneek Peek!

So I finished this hat! The ends are weaved and everything... Maybe I should block it?! Thought you'd all like a little peek.....

I am a little disappointed in my fair isle abilities, but it being my first attempt I guess it's acceptable. The blocking might help, but I like the over all outcome of the pattern and design.

I'll try to type up the pattern soon (I'm hopping in a day or two) and get it posted!

Saturday, August 11


So today I'm watching my friend Heather's kids. We went out side and played in the pool and had a bunch of fun! Now when I say we I mean the kids, cause I wasn't in the pool, its just a tiny little one.

I picked veggies and now all the small one and the beans are gone, the kids gobbled them up! I'm thinking salsa tonight! But that means I have to go buy some chips...

Anyways after being outside we came in and while they picked up I made lunch then I put them down for naps. As of right now, this very minute all 5 kids in this house are asleep! So I thought I'd use this peace and quiet to blog!

On Thursday I spent the morning baking zucchini bread, in the chocolate form! Remember the giant zucchini from the garden?! We had been chipping away at it for cooking, but still had about a half left and I thought why not make bread?! Not that its healthy but I used about half wh
ole wheat flour and half unbleached flour, add the zucchini and its not that bad either!

They were all over the mini muffins once they came out of the oven! They barely had time to cool!

The kids love it!

Also I almost finished knitting my design thing for the HSS2! I can't
contain my excitement so I'm going to show you my progress! I have the pattern notes written down and just have to type it all on the computer. Ok so bear with me, this is the first time I've tried doing fair isle... all the sts are a little wonky, but I'm happy with the design! Its argyle if you can't see it that well, I love the colors and can't wait to post the pattern! Like I said its not finished yet... so don't worry about it looking too long, I have a plan!

happy knitting!