Monday, April 30

Wallaby progress

I could barely wait to cast on G's wallaby Saturday night. Its going rather quickly. Last night I finished the pouch. I'm super excited about it, I'd really like to make one for myself too. But some how I don't knit for myself that often.

Just a few minutes ago I could hear G giggling and went to see what was so funny. C was sucking on his thumb. Of course I snapped a few so I could share. He is such a sweet big brother who loves his little sisters!

On saturday I decided to wash the van because it was really nice out. I washed it at my parents house (because we don't have a driveway and didn't want the kids to be tempted to run out on the street like mommy). All is going as planned. I wash the van and then start to rinse the van. While rinsing the van the water runs down the driveway and forms a puddle on the sidewalk. Of course it being nice out the kids want to play in the water, Ok, no problem. A few seconds later I turn around to look at the kids... and G is butt naked jumping in the puddle! I had to fight back the urge to laugh and calmly explain to him that we do not take our close off outside. My parents and I got a kick out of it. I took some pics after he put his clothes back on. They were full of mud when they were done and went in to take a bath before dinner. All in all it was a good day!

Thanks to everyone and their comments about L. She is doing much better, and eating normal again. She is happy again, its good to have her back!

In spite of her being sick we continued to potty train her. It is going really well. She has a few accidents now and then but basically shes got the hang of it. We put diapers on her for naps and bed time but other than that she wears underwear and keeps them dry. I'm totally excited that I only have one in diapers! GO L!

kNiT hApPy!

Saturday, April 28

More yarn

As I was cruising blog land I saw some lovely knit wonderful wallabys. A while ago I had bought the pattern from the shop(when everybody at my knitting night was making them, ok like 3 or 4 people). Last night I decided it was time to try my hand at this wonderful pattern.

So I was off to good old Michaels. I found this. G's favorite color is red. This was the closest thing to it. Its not to girly is it? Its lion brands cotton-ease.
The color is terracotta. I figure it will be a nice sweatshirt for the cool nights in summer, and into fall. I'm going to make it a bit large, a size 6. From what I've seen the sizes run a little small.

While I was outside on this gorgeous 70 degree day I saw this and snapped a few pics. G wanted me to put a pic on this post. Cute little bumble bee! (click on the pic to see it up close) Doesn't this picture just scream summer is coming?! Ok so I'm not the type of person to have grass only in our yard. To me dandelions are just one more flower that the kids can pick:)

I love having the windows open and the fresh air all throughout the house.

This morning hubby and I went to a family life summit at our church. They had three different speakers fr
om our church family. It was really good. They knocked some hard truths into my head. Like practicing what your preach. I've always struggled with my time spent in Gods word. But it hit me, If I'm not doing it why should I expect my kids to want to(now or later in life)?! I decided that instead of putting it off to do house hold chores or even knitting *gasp*, I'm going to spend that 15-20 minutes (or whatever) reading the bible, or doing that devotional. Everything else can wait. Unless of course one of the kids are bleeding from the head and are in need of medical assistance.

Friday, April 27

One more hat.

I finished Leah's version of the the girls' hats... I just switched the order of the yarn so they weren't identical:) C's was 72 sts and L's was 88sts. Just a basic k3 p1 rib. For the ruffled edge I doubled the amount of sts I needed, k 4 rows then *K2 tog (3times) P2 tog* all the way around I think they turned out pretty cute. I couldn't get a good one of L. She is still feeling the pain from the thrush. But I think it is getting a tiny bit better. She is trying to eat a little. some things are ok but others just hurt and make her cry and stop eating... my poor little girl. After nap time today she was actually in a pretty good mood. Until I give her her next dose of medicine... arhg. Only 7 more days of it. I just can't wait until my little girl is back to her normal smiley self.

Until next time .... kNiT hApPy!

Wednesday, April 25

Where does the time go?!

I've noticed that since starting back at work the beginning of the week seems to pass me by so quickly. I don't get my blog time in as much as I'd like.

Example a.

I was going to show you this picture on the left and say that I've started C's spring hat, but now I can show you the one on the right and say that it is finished. Sorry about the crying... she really wasn't as upset as she looks, I promise. I do think its a "why are you taking my picture when I'm hungry?!!" even though she ate not even two hours ago... Silly little girl. Mommy needs her picture for the blog:) Plus, I think you need a few pictures of them crying as a baby, its cute!

I also made the smallest pair of panties for L's dolly. They went quickly and were super easy. I'll be starting either a sweater or a skirt next... The possibilities are endless. I can't wait!

Today we had some craft time, making salt dough. I borrowed a craft book form the library. It has a bunch of cool ideas. The kids played
with it for a while and then we cut out a bunch of shapes (with cookie cutters) and G even made some beads! After nap time I think we'll paint them. Sometimes I think I like doing crafts more than the kids do. I actually have something special planned for most of the shapes, but that is all I can say before I ruin the surprise!

Ok just so you don't think I'm a horrible mother here is a pic of C 2 seconds after the crying one... see she is just complaining:)

Potty training is going well with L. She does have a few accidents but that is expected. I'm excited for the day when I only have one in diapers again.

While we are on the subject of L, she has been waking from her naps and bed time with a slight fever... and yesterday we noticed some white spots on her tong. Before bed time I was trying to brush her teeth and she was giving me a harder time than usual. I looked in her mouth with a flashlight and felt horrible. she had white patches along her teeth and gums. I felt so bad, poor little thing. Needless to say I took her into the doctor this morning and she has thrush. Luckily it isn't in her throat yet. She hasn't really ate much the past two days so I went to the store and bought some pediasure... I figure get as much nutrients in her as possible on a liquid diet. I tried giving her pudding and applesauce, but she isn't eating much
. Any suggestions?! Oh and the medicine (nystatin) isn't going well either. They told me to have her put in her mouth and swish it around. yeah right, with a 2 year old. I can barely get it in her mouth. It doesn't help that it tastes bad. Argh. I just want her to feel better.

wow I guess I just had to vent, sorry for that.

I'll leave you with a pic of C and I before we went outside to play the other day. I love that the weather is getting nice out! We don't have to be couped up inside anymore!

kNiT hApPy!

Friday, April 20

Rag doll

I finished knitting the doll pieces on wednesday.

She went from looking like this:

To this, all stuffed. But I couldn't go to bed until I pieced her together.

Which looked like this:
It was 1 AM when I finally made myself go to bed. I really wanted to do her hair but I resisted the temtation.

Thursday nights are made for knitting...So Last night I went over to Heathers' house and put her hair on. It took forever!

For the next one
I'm giving her shorter hair. But I really liked the way she turned out!

It was a really easy pattern. One thing I did mess with though... It called for everything to be knit flat and then semmed up. So I just knit it all in the round. A LOT easier!

L loves her! Here is some proof!

This morning L told us she had to go potty. And she actually went! I decided to go with it! I put her in underwear and decided to not turn back. Except for at nap time and night time. She has had a few accidents today but I think she'll get the hang of it in a few days! Wish us luck!
She is such a smart little girl, I know she can do it, I really think its up to me to put the effort into it. Thats kinda how it was with G, when we(hubby and i) finally went all or nothing he was trained in a few days. I'm hoping for the best!

kNiT hApPy!

Saturday, April 14

Yarn shop trip!

Hubby had off all day today and suggested going on a little trip. To where... a yarn shop! We got up and atom bright and early, ate breakfast and loaded the kids up. It was about a 45 minute drive one way and decided that the kids might be happier if we let them watch a movie on rout. Last year we bought a portable DVD player before visiting my big sis(12 hours away) It was the best thing we ever did. So why not use it?! G and L were super excited to be able to watch a movie in the van. That worked to our advantage because then they were in really good moods in the shop and behaved very well. I was so proud of them.

Anyways to get to the point we went to a yarn shop that I visit only a few times a year. I love my LYS and I'm very loyal to it, but the shop we went to today has the yarn cotton classic, which I love! I've made tons of baby hats out of it in the past and that was also the stuff I used to embroider on the girls' kimonos. I bought the pink and purple to make the girls some spring hats. Mainly for C but i figure that Ill have enough to make one for L too.

I've always wanted a toy making book and decided to buy one. I made some mullah from spinning up that yarn over the past few months and hubby and I both decided that I could spend a little of it on my knitting addiction:) I think the baby dolls in here were really cute and I'm going to make on for L, and eventually one for C too. I couldn't decide on what color to buy for the body... I figure that she'll be carried around and get dirty, so I'm thinking the darker... What do you think?! Maybe I'll just make both of them.

I've had this first sock done for months now... On thursday I finally started the second one. I
went knitting with my friends. It was good to get out. We did miss a couple regulars I won't mention any names (Amy and Paulette) but I expect that next time I'll see you both there! JK... but we did miss you guys! My other bud Heather, just finished her bag, and needed to felt it. I saw the finished product, I love it and think I'll make one for myself. She just joined blogland a week or so ago. Why don't you stop over and welcome her to this wonderful place! Go on, here is her blog! I'll still be here when you get back:) So go! Maybe she'll post a pic of her awesome bag! And if she hasn't, she will soon.

In light of having some extra cash from my spinning, we bought a new coffee maker. Its a Mr Coffee programmable coffee maker. Its really cool and I'm lovin it! It will really come in handy on monday morning when I have to go to work early, I'll have it ready for me when I get up. I'm excited! Oh yeah, I've been wanting this one for a while and it was finally on sale, perfect timing! Hope your all having a wonderful weekend!

kNiT hApPy!

Wednesday, April 11

April snow brings...

Dead flowers? Seriously whats going to happen to my pretty little flowers.

Its snowing like crazy. here is a shot from the front door, I'm not going out. Its really wet and heavy snow and its still coming down. In fact church was canceled tonight. G is in Cubbies, part of Awana. He loves it and *bonus* it helps me memorise scripture too. The only bad part is that L throws a fit when she can't go in the class. poor little girl. They have to be three to be in it. She is going to have to wait until not this next school year but the one after that... Like i said, poor girl. She is very social, but aren't most girls?!

Actually since having C my dad has been taking him. But L still knows whats up and gets upset. At least we are at home, I don't feel as bad when she throws a fit here. Here she is in a night gown, she just started wearing them and loves it! Can you tell?!

When Hubby came home the other two were napping, so he got some qualitity one on one Chloe time. She really enjoyed that!

These are our favorite new games. Thanks to my MIL we've been playing them all day long! She got them for the kids for Easter... G likes singing the song "hungry hungry hippos, hungry hungry hippos" its rather cute.

Not much else is going on here, maybe I'll get to knit tonight... who knows.

kNiT hApPy!

Tuesday, April 10

sleep deprived

Its 4:00 and this is all i can think of to keep myself from falling asleep. I was fine right after work, we went over to Amy's to play, we always have fun when we go:) Then I tried to nap when the kids did but I think i fell asleep about 1/2 hour before they woke up. Luckily Hubby was home and let me sleep until he had to go back to work. Except for the fact that I could hear the kids whining every two minutes... needless to say I'm dead tired. I'm planning on going to bed when the kids go to bed, 8:00, I only have to make it 4 more hours! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Did i mention that I started back at work yesterday?! Yeah so that why I'm tired, two mornings of getting up at 3:3o. The good thing is that it was kinda fun to go back, I really do like baking bread, and I'm only working 2 days a week. So I'm done until next monday. So if I catch up on sleep tonight I could probably have a normal rest of the week.

On the knitting front I finished L's sweater late on saturday night, just in time so the girls could match on sunday morning. They are a little different, I gave L a butterfly on the back of hers... C has only flowers. No one got to see C's because she slept the whole time we were at church and I just left her in her car seat. It was just easier that way. Thankfully I took these pictures before hand. Oh and we can't forget the big brother of the operation. Him and daddy matched with their blue shirts(only his was light and daddy's was dark, but he didn't seem to mind). This was the best picture I could come up with... I took about 40... Thank the Lord for digital cameras! Most of them L was looking away or touching C's face and a bunch of them G look very un enthused.

After church we went to my parents and the kids found eggs until lunch was ready. They had a blast hunting for the eggs. They also found their baskets, full of candy. Actually it wasn't that much, but I did say the baskets could stay there, at grandma and grandpa's house:) We have enough chocolate at our house.

After their nap we went to it in laws and ate supper there, two big meals in one day... Both were yummy! I'm so thankful that we are close to both sets of grandparents. I love that they are able to see them on a weekly basis. Growing up we would only see our grandparents twice a year if we were lucky. Its great that they are able to have a close connection with them. Grandmas and grandpas ROCK!

On monday it snowed(you can see it if you click on the pictures) it didn't stick, but I believe they are saying some should accumulate toning. That's crazy. April snow?! The month around Christmas we had no snow, but the day after Easter we do?! What is up with the weather? I wish spring would come already.

I liked this on of L. don't mind her messy face. That girl is always dirty. Really she is. I could wipe her off and five minutes later she is a mess again. I think she was playing in the dirt and because she is still in that oral phase (when does that end?!) its on her face and probably some in her tummy too. She loves to swing, G does too!

I had to throw one in of C. Look at her getting so big, holding her head up. Her looks are changing daily. Oh she is feeling much better. Thanks for all of your concerns! She was happy the next day after her shots, that is until I had to take the band aids off... I can't believe she is two months old already, it goes by so fast.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

kNiT hApPy!

Thursday, April 5


My poor little baby went to the doctor yesterday. It was her two month check up/ shots... I hate it when they have to get shots. 1. She has never really known pain 2. The look on her little face as your holding her and saying she'll be ok while they are sticking a huge needle in her tiny little leg... She was fine after I nursed her and then she took a big nap... when she woke up she cried like I've never seen before. She would fall asleep in my arms and if I tried to stand up she'd cry, if I moved my arms or anything she would cry. I think I held her for 2 straight hours until she was deep enough in her sleep that I could finally lay her down to make dinner for the other two. When she woke up after that she was a lot better. Thank goodness because I feel horrible when you can't do anything to make them feel better. If I could I would have held her all night long... About an hour ago she woke up to eat and afterwards she must have drank a bit too much because she puked it up all over herself, me, the boppy, our sheets and her blanket she was wrapped up in. I'm just looking at it like she gave me an early start on laundry today:) I've been meaning to wash our bedding anyways.

Yesterday, if you can believe it, my friend Heather and I made cut outs. We usually make them at any chance we can get. But I haven't made them since Christmas. I can't believe I skipped Valentines day or St Patrick's day... oh well. Here are a few pics of the yummy goodness! I think my favorite this time are the tulips and the dino eggs!

Hubby has off all day today, so I better get off this silly computer and go make some breakfast. I think we might be having dino pancakes and eggs. If G could have it his way we would eat them every morning.

kNiT hApPy!

Tuesday, April 3

Craft time!

This morning my niece Lilly came over and brought along some pony beads! We had a necklace making session! They were busy for 1/2 an hour! It was loads of fun. The next time I want to keep them busy for a while I know I can pull out some beads and let them go to town!

I used to make lots of bracelets and necklaces back in my day. I have a big box of all sorts of beads at my parents house. I think I'll look around for it the next time I'm there.

Its so much fun having craft time with the kids. I wish I did it more often. They really like it and I do too.

The other day I was coloring with G. He and L picked out the same
coloring books at the store and I was using L's and he was using his. I picked out a picture with a giraffe, so did he. Then I started coloring in all the spots brown. He asked for the brown crayon when I was done, and then proceeded to color his spots brown too. Then I decided to color the rest to the giraffe pink, and from that point on he colored everything the same color that I did. It was really cute. Here is a picture of both of our completed art!

I'm still working on L's sweater.... but its the same as C's so I won't boar you with pics you've already seen. Tonight is spinning night but I have no one to watch the older two kids and don't want to pay a sitter or anything... so looks like I have to wait one more month to go.

Next monday I start back at work... I'm sure it won't be too bad, except for the fact that I'll go in at 4am... C actually slept for 6 1/2 hours last night! I couldn't believe it when I woke up at 6:45 to her fussing, usually she's up around 4 or 5 ish. I hope this continues! The other two kids only let me sleep for a few hour at a time until I stopped nursing them. This is GREAT! Keep it up C!

She is always smiling when I get her in her car seat... thought I'd share with you all!

kNiT hApPy!