Thursday, April 5


My poor little baby went to the doctor yesterday. It was her two month check up/ shots... I hate it when they have to get shots. 1. She has never really known pain 2. The look on her little face as your holding her and saying she'll be ok while they are sticking a huge needle in her tiny little leg... She was fine after I nursed her and then she took a big nap... when she woke up she cried like I've never seen before. She would fall asleep in my arms and if I tried to stand up she'd cry, if I moved my arms or anything she would cry. I think I held her for 2 straight hours until she was deep enough in her sleep that I could finally lay her down to make dinner for the other two. When she woke up after that she was a lot better. Thank goodness because I feel horrible when you can't do anything to make them feel better. If I could I would have held her all night long... About an hour ago she woke up to eat and afterwards she must have drank a bit too much because she puked it up all over herself, me, the boppy, our sheets and her blanket she was wrapped up in. I'm just looking at it like she gave me an early start on laundry today:) I've been meaning to wash our bedding anyways.

Yesterday, if you can believe it, my friend Heather and I made cut outs. We usually make them at any chance we can get. But I haven't made them since Christmas. I can't believe I skipped Valentines day or St Patrick's day... oh well. Here are a few pics of the yummy goodness! I think my favorite this time are the tulips and the dino eggs!

Hubby has off all day today, so I better get off this silly computer and go make some breakfast. I think we might be having dino pancakes and eggs. If G could have it his way we would eat them every morning.

kNiT hApPy!


Karen said...

Poor little baby, I hope she's feeling much better soon. Your cookies are fabulous - I think the carrots are my favorite, but it's hard to choose because they are all so cute. I haven't make cut-out in ages, but you've inspired me to make some today or tomorrow. :)

Unknown said...

my poor niece. i hate shots! i can't believe you made all those cookies! rock on. i couldn't make them b/c i'd eat them all! i'm already sweating easter with the chocolate you know me and chocolate!
i want some dino pancakes! where did you say you guys got that pancake maker? well i'll stop writing a book.

Sue said...

Oh its awful when they get their first needle isnt it. I remember when Lachlan had his 3rd one and he could walk by then, and after the needle he would not walk for 2 days. Thankfully they have changed the injections since then so Isabelle did not have those horrible pains from the needles. I hope C is feeling much better now. I love all the cutouts, I cant believe how many you made.

froggiemeanie said...

Awwwww, I hate needles. I hope she feels better soon.

Look at all those cookies! Wow.