Saturday, July 2

Day 1: Tour de Fleece


I'm involved in....

the annual Tour de Fleece spin-along during the Tour de France. The concept is simple, They spin, we spin. A real spinning themed spin-along.

Guidelines (NOT RULES):

  1. Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday July 2nd through Sunday July 24th. Days of rest: Monday July 11th, Monday July 18st. (Just like the actual tour)

  2. Spin something challenging Friday July 22nd. (The Tour’s toughest mountain stage over the Col du Galibier for the second time, and finishing up on Alpe d’Huez.)

  3. Take a button if you want one. Then we can use the button on our blogs in show of solidarity. Take it from here or grab a clean one from the flickr pool. Come join the flickr pool!

  4. Wear yellow on Sunday July 24th to announce victory. Why not wear yellow on any day you feel particularly successful? (Yellow is the color of the race leader in the Tour - but here we are all ‘race leaders’)

  5. Other colors if desired: Green (sprinter - think FAST), Polka-dot (climber - as in uphill), and white (rookie)

I grabbed this info off of the Ravelry group Tour de Fleece.... It's lots of fun so go check it out if you are a spinner!

Today i took the kids to a park and brought along my spindle... We packed a lunch and they played for hours while i spun standing on top of a picnic table. good times :) But it was so dang hot out... the kids were red(not from sunburn, they are just like me and don't take heat well) and sweaty....

When we got home i put Trubie down for a nap and got out the kiddie pool in the back yard. They got cooled off and i brought my wheel out for some more.... spinning. This time i spun on some Corriedale/silk blend that I'm spinning at a laceweight. It will be a 2ply eventually. Well really i hope to finish it by the end of the month. I probably have about 4 more ounces to spin and then ply it all. 8 ounces total. I'm hoping for at least 800 yards... if not more.(This is the correidale a few weeks ago, i'll update with a more recent pic another day)

The kids are in bed and I'm about to start back up but my fingers are itching to pull out some other roving and try it out.... maybe tomorrow. I need to get this laceweight done...
This is the majority of my haul that i got at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art festival.... The top left is particularly calling to me.... I've never spun a gradient dyed roving before. I have plans to make a pretty shawlette out of it...

Maybe I'll have pictures of it as singles tomorrow.... but for now i must go and SPIN!

Friday, July 1

I am a bad bad blogger.... it's been forever since i've done this. I am almost at a loss as to what to do, what to write... But fear not I have pictures! We went to the beach the other day.... The kids love it and so dose the dog....

Draco, remember the tiny puppy?! Well he's a big 97lb dog now....

here are some of the crafty things i've been up to.... knitting, spinning.... and recently i've gotten into sewing! I also have an etys shop now.... it's slow going but fun.


And here is of my handspun sock yarn.

This is a shawlette that i test crocheted for a friend....

here i am spinning at the beach!

my drop spindle.... it's my new go to project at the parks this summer.... so easy to pull this out and just spin the day away.

My handspun socks.... and some handspun that i sent to a friend.....

These are some box bags that i have up in my etys shop!

And this little guy is crocheted! I'm getting a bit better at crochet :D