Saturday, February 24


Thanks to everyone for your congratulations and sweet comments!

I'd like to introduce the newest addition to our family! Chloe Adaline, was 7lb 15oz and 20 1/2 inches long. She is such a sweetie and the kids instantly loved her!

I can barely remember life without her, and it hasn't even been 3 full weeks! Ok so I can remember, but I don't want to...

I thought I'd post a bunch of pictures, some of my favorites.

Chloe is lovin the camera even with her eyes closed! I sent out birth announcements and two days later took this picture... I wish I would have waited. Its almost too perfect of a picture.

Here is the big brother and big sister holding thier new sibling! Gabe is so proud! My mom's hand is helping Gabe and Leah hold Chloe. Leah was laughing becuase Chloe had the hicups and she thinks thats hilarious! It was really cute.

Here is one of her while she is all wide eyed! One of the few times durring the day!

And of course I have to include the hat I made for her. Even though I thought we were going to be having a boy.

Alright I'll switch modes from baby to what been happening. Since being in the hospitial I have finished 2 pair of toasty tootsies, one for my mother's co-worker and one for my mother, I thought I'd suprise her with a pair of her own!

On Vanentines Day my MIL droped off some strawberries and a package of chocolate chips. So after dinner (that hubby made) we melted the chocolate and had fresh dipped strawberries for dessert. The kids loved it! Gabes exact words were "This is GREAT!... It's like a party!" Do I have to even say that they were a mess?! Here are some pictures to go with this little story.

Since kniting the slippers I've picked up spinning a bit here and there. Leah loves to "help" me. As you can see she puts her foot right next to mine and treddels right along with me.

I hope you all are doing well, take care and Knit Happy!

Sunday, February 4

Tomorrow is baby day!

I've been spinning up a storm lately. As much as I can anyways. I think I've got half of that garbage bag left, not bad for only a few weeks. This is a picture of some of the yarn, I have about twice as much spun up (12 skeins total). This picture doesn't do it any justice. Its really black with a tiny bit of a white thrown in, it almost makes it shine.

I finally felted the purse I made when teaching the class. It turned out really cute! I used a different yarn than i normally do and it shrunk a lot more than I expected. It was made out of brown sheep nature spun, and I usually use cascade 220. Either way I really like the shape of it. I put it up at the shop as a sample.

I also started another pair of toastie tootsies for a lady that works with my mom. I'm hoping I'll finish them in the hospitial. I have to stay there for at least a few days because of the c-section. I'll see if i get any knitting time, or even if I feel like it. I can't believe it's tomorrow. It doesn't seem real yet. I guess it will kick in when I'm holding a tiny new little baby... and to be able to tell people if it is a boy of girl... I can't wait. We are all here at my parents house, and the kids are staying here over night. We have to be at the hospitial at 6 am. Surgery is at 8. We took a few pictures of us for the last time as a family of 4. this is the best one, Leah wasn't really coroperating with us. Here I am on my last day of being prego!I know I'll miss it, some of it anyways! I won't miss the bruised rib feeling. That I'll definetly say bye bye to.

My last day of babysitting was on thursday. So on friday we wanted to someting fun with the kids. We ended up going to the Above & Beyond Childrens Museum. We had a blast and ended up getting a years membership. Gabe also had his first dentist appointment and he did so well! They even let him hold "mr sucky". The dental hygenist was very impressed with his coorperation and attitude towards the whole procedure. He even got a flouride treatment, which they said they usually don't give it to kids that young. My little boy is growing up!

I'm not sure when the next time I'll be posting But I'll be sure to let you all know the news. You could check out allena's blog, maybe she'll post an update for me... I haven't asked her yet...but I'm sure she wont mind!

Lots of love and happy knitting!