Tuesday, May 29

FO's and Pictures

So I finished L's little pink shrug thing and put a button on it. It helps to keep it on. Although the next one I make I"ll put the button a bit further down. These go really quickly, I love em! I want to make L a white one and purple one (and maybe some other essential girly colors). I told my niece Lilly that I'd make her one, she wants a pink one too.

With all that has been going on this past week or so I totally forgot to make a wedding gift that needed to be done on Sunday. On Saturday morning Hubby asked if I was still planning on making the wedding gift, for the next day. Luckily I was going out to the shop for sheering days (we had them two weeks in a row)(cute llama pics below). I was able to buy the yarn and knit most of them on the down times. I made them little sweater ornaments for Christmas. I know its kinda out of season but I had done it before and the last couple really liked it, so I thought I'd do it again. This way they can think of their wedding day when they are decorating their tree every year. I also made tiny little hangers, I think they are my favorite part! Then I embroidered the date of their wedding. I also didn't feel bad not spending too much money on them because both hubby and G were standing up in the wedding, just between those two we spent over $200. Weddings are crazy expensive!

Of course being at a wedding gave us a great reason to take some family pics! By the time we did though L was totally ready for bed. I know it doesn't look it but it was 8 o-clock.

G loved having a tux on. He didn't want to get it dirty. I had to tell him that it was OK to sit down to get this pic of him and C. Like I said L was being a stink pot and didn't want to be sit down with them. too bad it would have made a really cute pic of the three of them.

Yes the girls match. Is that bad of me?! I think I'll make them match whenever I can. Secretly I've always wanted to have twins. Ok so I guess its not a secret anymore. I think that would be so much fun, except for the whole pregnancy thing. Its hard enough with one in there!

Anyways I snapped these pics before the wedding. You know, when L was still happy. The best thing about these dresses is that I found them on clearance for $7 each! Not too shabby eh?! I love a good deal!

Other than the wedding things have been kinda quiet lately. I need to get my wheel out and spin a bit, Its so relaxing. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Cute llama pics! as promised:)

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Sue said...

What a wonderful wedding present you made. I love those mini sweaters, they are just so cute. I love Gabe in tuxedo too, so adorable and handsome. The girls look gorgeous dressed in the same dresses too. How cute. I hope your family is coping okay too. Lots of love, Sue.

Karen said...

Your family looks so gorgeous. I can't believe you scored those dresses for $7 each!! What a great deal.

I've been thinking about you and your family and hoping you are doing okay.

Diane said...

Your family photo is great! The kids look adorable and I love the matching dresses (your dress too--great colors!) What a great wedding gift idea!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great! I love your pics!

You are such a good mom!

Heather said...

I agree with the previous comments... great pictures of your family!!!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures!