Friday, May 4

Wallaby and the Zoo

But I'm not sure if there were any wallabies at the zoo. Hmmm, I didn't really look.

We had tons of fun! The weather was perfect. I must say that I was a bit worried taking C along to the zoo and it becoming freezing because of some freak weather anomaly. But like I said it was perfect. It must have been 60-something because we started out with sweatshirts and ended up taking them off. The sun was shining but we weren't sweating up a storm. The kids were in Great moods and the (most of the) animals were roaming around outside!

I think this might be quite the pictureie post too, what can I say, I love taking pictures. Especially with our new camera it rocks! I think I took like 117 pictures just from the zoo, crazy I know.

One of G's birthday gifts form his grandparents was a fisher price digital camera. He was lovin taking he own pics! I even made a file on the computer just for his pics! He feels so special! He actually took some decent pictures with it. He took this one of the zebras. Not too bad eh?!

Then we sat down to eat a packed snacky lunch we brought in with us, and I swear that this peacock was going to attack us. It was literally less than a foot away from us. I pulled L close to me, she probably would have reached out to pet it. It really kind of freaked me out.

The zoo got a new giraffe exhibit last summer. They are so beautiful and elegant! I love them. Look at these two silly giraffes, aren't they cute?!

When we had seen all the animals ( I could post lots more pics of all the animals but I'll spare you:) we could we packed up the kids and not more than two minutes of driving and they were zonked out. They slept the whole way home.

The drive there and back gave me lots of wallaby knitting time! I got a lot done on the sleeves. Then last night at a friends house I finished the sleeves and was able to connect them to the body! It is actually looking like a sweater! This was taken in my back yard, aren't these violets pretty?! They pop up just when Its time to mow the lawn... So we let it go for a little bit, they're just too pretty to mow over.

BTW* I loved knitting the sleeves at the same time. When they were done I didn't have to worry about making another one or whether it would be the same length. I'll definitely do it again!

Have a great weekend! kNiT hApPy!


Amanda said...

The weather looks perfect in the pictures even, and ya'll had a great time too, thats great. Sweater is looks so cute just thrown on the violets(almost like a fabric softner commercial)Have a great weekend.

Sue said...

The zoo looks great and so does the weather too. I love the pics of the giraffes, too cute. The wallaby sweater is looking good too.