Wednesday, May 2

Happy Birthday Gabe!

Today was Gabes 4th birthday. I can't believe that its gone by this fast! Four years ago today I became a mother. It changed my life in a way I never could have imagined. You could never know the joys or pains of motherhood until you have a wonderful child of your own.

I thank God every day for the precious gifts he has given to me!

Just to warn you, its going to be quite the pictureie post... You know you'll love it!

Here he is, the birthday boy, four years ago and today... my how he's grown. He started life out a bit early at a whoopin 6 lb. 7 oz. 19 1/2 inches. I haven't actually weighed him lately but I know he is 30 somthin lbs, and some what on the tall side for his age, just like his daddy!

We started off his special day (first with presents...) by going to a bakery and letting him and L pick out a doughnut. He picked out one with sprinkles, so did L, of course:) We rarely get doughnuts and they loved it! It was so nice out, so we took home the goodies and ate them outside!

Then hubby had to go to work... :( but we stayed outside and played with chalk. He got some new tools for his chalk and wanted to try it out, I couldn't argue, I love the stuff!

I decided that it would be fun to invite some of our friends out to good old Mc Donalds... We haven't been there in a while and I thought it would be a nice birthday lunch for the kids. I figured I should bring some cupcakes, that I hadn't made yet. So inside we went... so I could make some cupcakes... from scratch! I felt like a really good old school mother! Usually I cheat and buy a cake or even use the box stuff. But not today, I was felling ambitious. Actually I think it is the lack of sleep, I had to keep moving or I think I might have passed out:)

Side note: Last night Hubby cut himself at work (his right hand, ring finger) and had to get
stitches(only four). My parents offered to come over so I could go sit with him at the hospital. We didn't get home until a little after midnight. And the kids were in our bed before 5:30. Add that to my already sleep deprived self and I'm one tired momma!

We all had a good time at lunch! Then it was home for a late nap! He had cubbies at church tonight and we brought in a birthday treat, graham cracker sandwiches! Yum Yum.

So my little man is four now. He'll be going to a pre-school this
coming up school year... Where does the time go?! I remember when he was my little one that I'd hold and snuggle, I still get to from time to time, thank goodness!

Ok so you bared through that and now you get a knitting update. I started the sleeves of G's wallaby. Yes I said sleeveS. This is a first for me! I was really excited to try something new (both sleeves at the same time on two circulars) in the wonderful land of knitting. I did it all on my own, I had read a little bit about it a good while back. But I was without Internet (at a monthly knitting group at church) when casting on. I'm quite proud of myself for figuring it out.

I'm hoping to continue knitting with the furry that I have been. I might even finish this rather soon, like in a week or two. My fingers are crossed!

Ok that was my knitting blurb. Hubby has off ALL day tomorrow and were are thinking of going to the zoo. As to continue the birthday fun. I'm sure I'll post about our adventures if we go.

And because I can't post without giving you a baby picture... Our little C can't keep her fist out of her mouth. I think I might have a thumb sucker on our hands:)

until next time... kNiT hApPy!


Dave Richards said...
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Karen said...

Happy birthday to your big boy!! I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures and hearing about his special day!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Gabe!!! Cupcakes look absolutely yummy. I love the very picturie post, I miss my boys being that little. Enjoy the weather.

Sue said...

Happy 4th birthday Gabe. Glad he had a nice day too, and I am sure you will have fun at the zoo if you go. Way to go with the knitting too, so fast. I have not knit 2 sleeves on 2 circs, may have to try that one day. C looks adorable as always too.

Unknown said...

I love the pix they're getting so big and i'm missing it. WHAAAA sob sob... ok enough of that. my neices and nephew are the CUTEST ever!

JenniferB said...

Happy belated 4th! So poignant when the oldest turns another year, isn't it? Happy yet a little sad that they are getting so "old". Your wallaby is looking mighty fine!