Wednesday, May 16


So this was one quick FO. I used one ball of peaches & creme and size 7 needles. Some how through the wonderful world of blogland I found this pattern, Anthropologie-inspired capelet from craftster. It called for thicker yarn and size 11 needles, but I took a chance and used smaller of both and it worked out perfectly! its super cute! Here is a close up of the raglan sleeve increases. I loved that I didn't have to do any seaming. You could easily do this in one day! I think I might make a few in all different colors!

L is taking a nap right now but I'll take pictures of her in it right after she wakes up. Providing she corporates. *edit* She did!

I joined a group.

I'm really excited about it. I'm glad I'm finally doing something to get back into shape! I've been doing some resistance training for the past month and have just started jogging(as most of you know).

As for the resistance training... He he he *grin* let me just say that an infomercial got hubby and I hooked. We saw the My Gym on TV one day and thought it looked pretty cool. We don't have a lot of room in our house and wanted something small.(Hubby has wanted something like this for a while now. He has always wanted the bow flex.) I looked on-line for it and it was out of our price range. Then I tried e-bay and found one for a reasonable price. This was the first time using e-bay(I know I'm behind the times) and wasn't sure what to expect. I was worried that this thing would be in crappy condition, but to my surprise it looked brand new. Still in the original box. Then I tried it. It totally made my whole body sore. I really like it and have been doing it 3 times a week since we got it.

As for the jogging, I've only been able to go for 15 minutes or so. But I feel better today than the first day. I can actually breath and feel really good afterwards. I've been going in the morning before the kids wake up. It helps get my day going! I even started some laundry before I went today. Go me! Sorry, I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but I'm j
ust excited about my lifestyle changes! Blogging about it helps me stay accountable, so I hope you don't mind:o) Maybe I'll start up a regular posting... fitness Fridays... weigh in Wednesdays... stay is shape Saturdays...hmmmm I'll have to think about it! Any ideas?!

Have a wonderful week!


I was able to snap a few pics of L! Isn't she a cutie pie?!

Also oh-so-sweet Hubby came home fom work with these in his hands for me! I lov
e lilacs! So pretty and they smell so sweet!

I love spring time!


Amanda said...

OHH the caplet is absolutely adorable!! And she models it well. Good luck with the fitness and workouts.

froggiemeanie said...

I love the little sweater and may have to make a couple for Claire once I get her Monica top done.

Toot your own horn all you want. I know all about blogging keeping us accountable. I'd have quit my Photo-A-Day project long ago if it weren't for the blog and the few comments I get about the pictures.

Christy said...

That capelet is amazing! Thanks for sharing where you got the pattern. I may have to break out some yarn and make one for Eva...or find some bulky and make one for myself!

Sue said...

Oh I love Leah's capelet, so pretty and cute. I will have to check out that pattern. Great to hear you are getting your fitness schedule going too. I need to start mine now I think.

StarKnits said...

Toot away! Go girl you're inspiring me! I may have to join that group.. if you don't mind.
ok here's the rest of the week
Mooving Mondays, do a little more.
Take Time Tuesdays instead of a structured work out take time to do soemthing physical with the kids in tow. oh you could call it TOW 'em Tuesdays
and finally i can't decide btwn Thriller Thursday. where you try soemthing new. or Thinking Thursday where you're thinking first when you take a bite...
ok dorky i know.

that caplet is great! i have it saved on a disc for making sometime.. i may just have to make some!

Karen said...

That little caplet is so cute!! How nice to have someone small to knit for - instant gratification!! It looks like she loves it too. Great idea about the fitness motivation posts. :)

Anonymous said...

Would it be a caplet or a shrug? I always thought a caplet was like a poncho that was only elbow length, or an elbow length cape.

And please share the pattern, for whatever it is, because I'm sure Iris will want one! (grin)

Heather said...

Ditto on what everyone else said!!! Beautiful girl in a beautiful knitted "cover up thing" I wanna do the weight loss thing too with you!! you are an inspiration to us all!