Thursday, November 3

Secrets revealed

It was my mothers birthday yesterday. So now i can reveal my shhh secret surprise! I made her a purse:)

Here are the before and afters. I was a bit upset with the color bleeding. i even bought those color catchers that you put in with your wash. Actually i used two of them. But i guess the white stripes just wanted to be light pink. The dye must have known I was knitting it and knew that pink had to be in the picture*grin* All in all i was happy with it. I love making that style of bag. (slightly modified from Stitch n' B) it takes about 2ish days to knit up and it's so easy! Plus there is NO seaming up, only weaving in the ends:) Gota love that!

Tonight is knitting! I love knitting nights, it is one of the few times that I'm kidless. Don't get me wrong I adore being home with my kids, but its nice to take a breather now and then.

Two days ago I saw L pushing the yellow little plastic(little tykes or something of the sort) chair in the kitchen, she was walking behind it. AHHH she is only 7 months old, she can't walk on me yet. I know i have a two year old but it seems that she is developing her motor skills too quickly. I'm not ready to have two children that can walk. I'm sure she is months away from walking, but seeing her do that scared me a bit:)

Also i mailed out the purse for my sisters roommate. I didn't send the wallet because I'm not happy with it yet. I'm going to tweak it a little before sending it. Stupid me forgot to take a picture of the purse, so I'll make sure they take one and send it my way. It was the same style as my moms, but it was black and light pink.

I think that is about it, happy knitting to all!


Christy said...

I hear you about the walking! We've got the same age of kids so I can totally relate. Big Apple hasn't started walking yet but she's been crawling for 4 months now. OUCH! I count down the hours until my husband comes home so I can have a little backup.

The bag looks great...even with the color bleeding.

The Frog calls. Gotta go.

StarKnits said...

LOL the booty did the same thing! she's walking all over now! it's crazy! that bag is great! i love it! i haven't actually made anything from my SnB book but i love it!
gotta jet TTYL