Monday, November 14


I've made some progress on my socks. Yes they are for me! I'm excited about them and I find my self wanting to have tons of hand knit socks in my wardrobe. I better get those needles movin:-)

Today was a day for laundry, lots of laundry. How much can four people make?! Even when two of them are quite small... Tons of laundry. The thing that gets me is L has so much and she is the smallest of us all. How can that be? i now have a load of pink. Between she and i there is always a load of pinks. I usually have whites, lights, darks, jeans/hubby's work pants, towels, and now pinks.... It feels good to get it all done, have a clean house, and somewhere in between cleaning and laundry(and the kids) there is knitting. L is to the point now where she goes off and plays by herself for a bit. Its nice that I don't have to entertain her at every moment of the day. She's not a little baby anymore.

I also had time to go through some of G's clothes. Let me explain. My SIL gives us her sons old clothes. It is very nice because I've not had to buy him anything lately. The bad thing is that she is a shop-aholic. Seriously... She has been giving me stuff for a while now(2yrs), and I thought that was a lot. He has plenty of clothes, enough that I wouldn't need to do laundry, for him, for at least a month. No lie. Well a few weeks ago she came over with an additional 4 boxes of clothes, plus another box of just shoes... Just shoes. The kid is a boy, not a teenage girl that needs 10 pair of shoes to go with different outfits. Then yesterday she calls me asking if I needed more?! Hello, G could wear things once and still not wear everything she gave us before he grows out of it. So I kindly told her we had plenty, and to take it to goodwill. That was another thing I was doing today, picking out my favorite outfits. The rest will eventually make their way to goodwill. I joke with her and my MIL that if they give me anything else, they better buy me a bigger house to put it all in. In reality I'm not joking.

Ok the purpose of the story was to seg-way to this:

I found some of G's old shoes. And although I wanted to keep them, I just took a picture and put them in one of the many boxes deemed for goodwill. I was proud of myself of being very clean sweepish:-) I can't stand clutter, and decided to do something about it.

here is L and a close up on her two teeth. (You know you can click on pictures to see them better:)

happy knitting everyone!


stricken madchen said...

I love those socks! And I love that you have a pink load. How fun. ;-) That is such a good idea to take a picture of the shoes and then give them away. I have a small container with my favorite old clothes of the kids that I'm saving. Leah is becoming cuter every day. That smile!

Tori said...

Hi Jessica,

The pattern for the slipper socks is from is the direct link. There's also a Fuzzy Feet KAL at They are great fun. The mittens I mentioned are also on Knitty (Broadstreet). Your two little ones sure are cute!

Unknown said...

totally cute! your socks aren't bad either! fun fun fun!
I hear you about the laundry! the smallest one in our house has the most along with her big sis! UGH!!!

froggiemeanie said...

What cute kiddos. We get hand me downs from the in-laws too but our problem is that they a)have bad taste b) don't know how to do laundry properly and send us stained stuff. We're appreciative of the gesture but you should see some of the stuff - Blech!

froggiemeanie said...

I got the pattern for the paradoxical mittens from Shelridge Farm (I got the yarn for them from there too). They are super nice people and when I shopped with them their service was fast and friendly. You can find them at and the pattern is under custom patterns. I used their soft touch ultra 100% wool fingering weight yarn in white, black and cardinal (one skein of each). They were a hoot!

Journey Queen said...

I love those socks!!!! And the fact that you have a whole load of pink! So does my roommate Laura! hahahahahaha! Leah looks so cute in the tooth picture. I can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!!!!