Wednesday, November 9


Note to Allena: I don't expect you to respond to the tag any time soon. Why, because she had just recently moved back to the states and is looking for a house. All the while living with her in-laws. I'm not sure how much on-line time she is allowed. So that being that, I don't expect anything out of her soon. Hope the house hunting is going well! Everyone else, go check out her blog and see the felted crocheted bag she is selling(finished bags and the pattern). I might have to learn how to crochet. If only I had the time:)

On to other news.

These are the wonderful things Hubby gave to me on our anniversary:

First of all is the Weekend Knitting book. I love this book and had borrowed it from a friend for a while. After returning it I wanted to own it myself. I have already started a project out of it:) Second is the Four Seasons Throw book, and a skein of Manos del Uruguay.

Isn't Manos lovely?! It is kettle dyed by women in Uruguay, no dye lots, each is unique. I can't wait to get started on this. This will be an ongoing project. I'm planning on doing one square a month and by this time next year I'll have a beautiful Manos throw to cuddle up under when its cold. I also look forward to knitting it on chilly nights during this winter.

He also got me a skein of Opal. Its a machine washable wool, I plan on making socks with it. I'm going to exchange it for a different color. Not that I don't like it, but my secret pal just gave me some pink sock yarn. I was so surprised that he bought all of this for me, I did have a wish list, but I wasn't expecting this much. What a sweetie!

Here is the gift i made for him:

A hat made out of llama. When I first started this knitting addiction of mine, he always said that he wanted something made out of llama. (Since the LYS has 36 llamas on the property.) Its on the expensive side, so I just brushed it off. Lately he has been wanting a new hat, and I thought this would be a perfect time to make him his article out of llama. It will be nice and warm this winter!

I thought I'd throw in some cute pictures of L.

Here she is "walking" and being silly. She has such a personality. This next one I love.

She was having a blast looking at me, then looking at me on the reflection of the dishwasher. It went on for a good 5 to 10 minutes. So funny.

Ok more knitting content.

This is the hat I made for my niece Lilly. She wont keep it on to long yet so I had G model it. What a good sport! I love the pink and brown look, again it is my own design. I'm hooked on the 3x1 rib and cute elf-like top.

That's it for now, happy knitting to all!


StarKnits said...

i totally want that hat pattern lily's and DH's! i don't have too much time on the net.. anyways TTYL

mama-of-purl said...

What a cute but cool girl's hat! How'd you get the bottom frilly like that? Great color choice, I agree.