Friday, November 18

Hello still won't work!

It really is making me mad. It says Network unreachable. Please check your internet connection and try again. I have no clue what that means. I think its working just fine. Oh well I'll have ot get someone experienced to come over and help me:) Or if any of you have any advise I'll gladly take it.

Well even though I can't put any pictures I'll tell you about my SP gift! I was so excited about it. She gave me Knitting on the Road By Nancy Bush. SO very cool! I'm in love with socks and cant wait to finish the socks I'm doing now and get started on a new pair. I'm almost to the heel of the second sock. Soon very soon I'll have lot of warm hand knit socks to keep me toasty this winter.

Speaking of winter... We had our first snow Wednesday...Not enough to cover the ground with a beautiful blanket of white fluffy, but it was still snow. I can't wait to see the first day of snow covered everything. It is one of the most beautiful things, to wake up in the morning and the sun coming up to a blanket of whiteness. I love it. Plus it really feels like the holiday season when there is snow everywhere. I love Christmas time!

So for the last few days to a week L has been boycotting her mashed, solid food. She use to be a "healthy" eater. Ok she was a little piggy. She would eat lots and lots. Well she has only wanted to nurse for the past few days and I couldn't figure out why. She would hit the spoon away and spit out anything I actually got into the mouth. I even gave her own spoon so she could "help". Nothing seemed to work. Today my mom (and sister) suggested to give her soft solid chunks of food. So tonight I gave her little pieces of carrots and some peas. The look on her face was priceless. I'm positive she just wanted to be a "big girl". Her little smile was so cute when I gave her food like ours. She really is growing up. I don't think she actually managed to get any down, she just chewed on it about and then it just popped out. I think she was trying to use her teeth but can't seem to figure out the closing the lips and chewing at the same time. I think I'll roast some squash in tiny little chunks tomorrow. We'll see how that goes.

On the knitting front I started a flower wash cloth form Weekend Knitting. I'm using the cotton chenille that Diane sent me. Thanks Diane! Also I'm on a yarn diet. We found out that Hubby needs some dental work done (a root canal and all his wisdom teeth need to be pulled) and we don't have dental insurance. Sometimes I really hate his job. Its a love hate relationship. Ugh. I was planning on making the in laws some felted slippers but now I just cant. Its really nice that they are interested in my knitting though. At first they teased me about it and now they are putting in orders. I think I'm going to ask MIL if she would mind paying for the yarn... We will see. That's reasonable right?!

Its nearing bath time, the kids love bath time, they're such a hoot in the tub! I love that they have each other to play with. I'm glad they can have a sibling like I did. Its a great thing to grow up with!

Knit Happy!


Unknown said...

hey guess what blogger now has their own photo hosting. you just have to make sure that your pix is small enough for the web.. then when you're typing the blog entry click the little pix up in the bar at the top and it will bring up a window with browse on it find your pix and click upload.. viola a pix in your entry!

Shrink to Fit said...

Hi, Jessica! I sent you an email last week and again just the other day. I wasn't sure you got them and I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I appreciated my stitch markers!! That was so sweet of you. They are beautiful!! You are good at making those!

I understand the yarn diet and I'm with you that MIL shouldn't mind paying for the yarn if she asked you to knit her something. Only fair. Sorry hubby needs dental work. I just had a root canal myself but have to wait til January for my crown since I've used up all my benefits.