Tuesday, November 8

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Christy. It's the 24 hour meme. You list something significant that happened in your life for each hour of the day. I'm not sure if this is the first time being tagged but this is my first time I've ever responded to being tagged. Not that many significant things has happened to me in my life so I'll just give you a rundown of my typical day, so here it goes.

12:00 am. This is usually the latest time i stay up until. Hubby works until 10:00ish so i stay up with him so he can wind down from work, we catch up on each others day:)

1:00 am. I remember back when I was in high school my brother Jared would keep me up, sometimes even later, just talking. It was great, until it was 6am and I had to get up for school. ahh the good old days:)

2:00 am. This is the time when I am usually feeding L. Yes she still gets up a few times in the night. I really need to work on that. Its so hard to let her cry it out, I just can't do it.

3:00 am. Usually I'm sleeping at this time.

4:00 am. Same as 2:00 or 3:00.

5:00 am. When I was 12 and 13 yrs old I had a paper route that had to be delivered by 7:00am, so this was when I would get up before school to do the route. (with my parents help:)

6:00 am. This is the time L & G usually gets up. (between 6 and 7) So my day starts.

7:00 am. By this time I definitely have a pot of coffee going, yummy. What a way to start the day! On days that I work I'm there by now.

8:00 am. At this time, 3 days a week, our friends are over. I watch my friends kids for an hour or so while she and her husbands work times overlap. The kids have fun and it forces me to get going:)

9:00 am. Either at 9 or 9:30 hubby leaves for work(restaurant hours)

10:00 am. I try to start laundry or the dishes or something to make me feel like I'm being productive. L is usually napping. I try to wake her up in an hour so she doesn't sleep all day and not sleep at night.

11:00 am. G usually wants to watch something by now, which is nice so I can get more done around the house.

12:00 pm. Lunch time! I start getting things together to feed the kids and myself.

1:00 pm.
At the latest G is napping by the end of the hour, if I'm lucky so is L.

2:00 pm. Hubby comes home from the lunch shift.(usually 2:30) * @ 2:09 G was born, After his head an shoulders, I pulled him out the rest of the way, my doctor was a bit shocked. I guess I watched to many birth stories on TV. Our life changed for the better once he came into it.*

3:00 pm. *Three years ago to this day, Hubby and I got married!*

4:00 pm. Hubby goes back to work for the dinner shift and I'm on my own again. By now G and L are up from their naps.

5:00 pm. I sit and play with the kids, trains, blocks, coloring, whatever G wants to do.

6:00 pm. Dinner time. It is made and ate usually during this hour. *On knitting nights I take the kids to my parents and leave by 6:30.* I Love knitting nights and getting out with the girls:)

7:00 pm. Play with the kids a bit more, winding down, read some books. Bath time starts around 7:30.

8:00 pm. I like to say that the kids are in bed by the end of this hour. * L came into our lives @ 8:36, by a C-section. I never thought I would be that woman on the table. She was stubborn from day one, being butt down and all. Little stinker;) *

9:00 pm. If the kids are cooperating by sleeping, this is the time I get to knit!

10:00 pm. Hubby comes home between now and 11:00.

11:00 pm. We go to bed between now and 12:00.

Now is the fun part, I get to tag some people. Let me see, how about Allena, Kimberly , Michelle, and Amy. Is that OK?! Am I allowed to name 4 people? Oh well:)

Being that its my anniversary today I better get off this computer and spend some time with hubby! Tomorrow I'll show you the sweet pressies he gave me. Just a hint, they are form my LYS! Also I'll show pictures of the hat I made for him out of my LYS's very own llamas!

Happy knitting!

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stricken madchen said...

Happy Anniversary! This is my first time being tagged, so I'm excited. ;-) I'm also in awe that you only sleep 6 hours a night. Aren't you tired? Ok, crazy question to ask a Mom, right?