Monday, May 2

This and that

I did it! I started the mabel dress. And I now have two whole projects going at one time! Hooray for me! Here is a picture of what I have so far...

it is being done on size 2 needles. They're so tiny. Before this I've only used size 3 and I thought they were small. I think I'm in over my head:) this is going to take me forever. But that's good..Right?!, more bang for your buck, I get to knit longer. We'll see how I feel about it in a week of two. So far so good.

today is Gabes 2nd birthday. Those two years went by so quickly. We celebrated it yesterday with both sets of grandparents. ( by the way, he is feeling better today, but still not 100%) he had a good time, not like you really know what your b-day is when your two. But he is good at opening presents... He got a bubble gun which he loves, I'm only mentioning it so I can post a picture:

must I say that he loves bubbles?! In the picture with him is cousin Mika, whom he loves! Sorry but I have to post a few more pictures... I can't help it:) we had to re-light the candles so he could blow them out again... But he kept trying to grab them. So then he thought we were yelling at him when really we just didn't want him to hurt himself.

so here he is, red eyed, with grandpa! I really like this picture... So cute.

ok now these next ones are of me and my little brother(sorry, not pictured) being creative with some m&m's.

and here is the finished product:

I know we went a little too far:) we are thinking of sending it in to the company maybe we'll get something out of it. Probably not, but its worth a try.

next time I promise more about knitting... Until then, happy knitting!

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Unknown said...

those pix are sooo cute! LOL
i like m&m's yum!
me and bella are sick...just colds but i'm like all loopy! and exhausted!